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FIRST CHAPTERS AVAILABLE ON WATTPAD, FULL BOOK UNPUBLISHEDDo You Believe In Fate Kayleigh Brown Does She Believes That Everything Happens For A Reason, That Our Lives Are Mapped Out For Us Before Were Even Born She Believes In Fate So Much That When She Meets The Incredible Guy At The Bar, She Knows It S Not Meant To Be This Guy Can T Be Meant For Her Because He S On His Stag Night He S Promising Himself To Another Woman, Taking Himself Off The Market And Committing To Someone ElseFate Was Just Messing With Her This Time If He Was The One She Was Meant To Be With Then There Would Be Some Signs To Show That He Wouldn T Be That Easy To Cut Out Of Her Life But Even When The Signs Start Appearing, Kayleigh Chooses To Ignore Them, Going Against Everything She S Ever Believed In Her Life Instead, She Tells Herself That Fate Is What You Make It, Fate Is About Choices, And She Chooses Not To Be With Him But Is It Really Going To Be That Easy

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    Wow the first 12 chapters was awesome Though I wish I never read them I can t stand that it s not out yet Please hurry Love the dramatic and tangled story line

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    So far so good I m on Kay side, I see Cale point, hate Leticia, her dad is an ass and he and her mom ar but wrong, theyare jerks, focus on their lives that they see Kay.and well I think something is going on ther maybe Phill and Juliana or Juliana and geez I forget Kay s father name Oh Danny id cute, and Erin a great but slutty friend.When is the release Please I need top know.

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    love it through chapter 12 and now just waiting to read the rest

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    When it will be released I can t wait to read it

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    Read the first 12 chapters and I want I need to know what happens next

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    I ve read the first 12 chapters and can t wait for the rest

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    Okay so this book is just too muchfirst of all the main character is a fucking idiot that i want to bitch slap and second of all im getting wayy too stressed from this book Im on the 10th chapter and I dont even know if i have the strength to finish it If anything ill finish it just to know how it ends

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    Up to chapter 12 and I am hooked can t wait for

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    I m unbelievably ready for this book to be completed I m so scared she s stopped writing it I really would love to read the rest the first twelve were great

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