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3,5 An old favorite, now shared with my children Rasmus the orphan child shows the importance of touch and listening to children Oscar the vagabond, loveable and surprising becomes a hero in than one way. N R Man R En Barnhemspojke Med Rakt H R Som Ingen Vill Ha, D Kan Man N Stan Lika G Rna Vara D D, Anser Rasmus Men S F R Han En Lysande Id Man Kan Ge Sig Av Fr N Barnhemmet, Rymma, G Ut I V Rlden Och Ta Reda P N Gon Som Vill Ha En Om De Inte Har N Gon Annan Att V Lja P , S M Ste De Ju Ta En, Tror Rasmus Precis S Som Rasmus Hade T Nkt Blir Det Inte Han Tr Ffar I Alla Fall Paradis Oskar, Som Kallar Sig Guds R Tte G K Och G R P Luffen Han Ocks Och Det G R R Tt Bra Nd Det H Nder S Mycket N R Man G R P Luffen I accidently posted this book I didn t read it but I don t know how to get rid of it so I chose this option Be Blessed. Review below Through the many lists that I have acquired through out the years on books to read aloud to and books to let middle readers delve into, Astrid Lindgren has always been recommended There are a few titles I often see, including her heroine Pippi Longstocking, but what about for the hero inclined aka boy readers Thus, we have Rasmus.I love this cover The book itself has that soft feel and the colors and image to the cover image are very attractive Kudos Eric Palmquist For my personal book lists for my students I am a fan of the vintage classic books and it makes my heart smile when publishers republish titles that are worthwhile to be in the hands of a child Originally published in 1956 and renewed and reinvigorated with life for a new generation for 2015, Plough has this in a pretty package Even the back cover text is in attractive fonts and shades Rasamus and the Vagabond is engaging for the young reader Our hero here is about the age of nine, and my 5.5 year old daughter is not quite ready for it alone, but I plan to have him nearby for introduction within a few years I think she shall meet Pippi first I won t hesitate to read this aloud to her at this point little violence, but much like a classic old tv western but would want to wait to have her read it alone to make sure she would discuss with me any fears and situations.I d recommend this if you enjoy Pippi, or Charlie and the Chocolate Factory , or Wilbur Charlotte s Web 14 chapters of adventure that can create discussion and truly make you think.posted I received this product free for the purpose of reviewing it I received no other compensation for this review The opinions expressed in this review are my personal, honest opinions Your experience may vary Please read my full disclosure policy for details. , . I loved this book From start to finish, Astrid Lindgren had me hooked This is an excellent story to read to your children at bedtime a chapter or two each night will wisk them off to dreamland where they can travel the road with Paradise Oscar and Rasmus in search of parents for Rasmus They have many adventures during their travels and even solve a mystery Children of all ages, young and old, will enjoy this book Vaiku i dar neturiu, ta iau mano lentynose knyg jiems apstu Ir pati jas m gstu skaityti ir kaupiu savoti k bibliotek l atei iai Ir jei man s paklaust kokias knygas ten dedu, trumpiausias mano atsakymas b t visas Garnelio leidyklos knygas vaikams inoma, vis dar neturiu, ta iau kolekcij vis papildau Garnelis leid ia tas knygas, kurias pati skai iau vaikyst je Tas knygas, d l kuri mano meil literat rai vis augo ir taip i bujojo Tai Astridos Lindgren, Roal Dahl, P.L Travers, Tove Jansson, A.A Milne knygos J knygos, visos iki vienos, kupinos g rio, ilumos, tikr j vertybi , d iaugsmo Visko, k nor iau savo vaikams perduoti puslapiais Naujausias mano kolekcijos papildymas Rasmusas Klaj nas Man u tenka vien ios autor s pavard ant vir elio pamatyti, kad visos dvejon s Ar patiks i nykt.Rasmusas, kartu su b riu kit vaik gyvena na lai i prieglaudoje Be jokios ilumos augantis vaikas prisimena kiekvien kart kada j kas paglost ar geru od iu pavadino Rasmusas svajoja tur ti t vus, ta iau ino, kad jo nei sirinks niekada, mat prieglaudose mon s ie ko tik ma , garbanot mergai i Rasmusas nusprend ia nebes d ti rank sud j s, o pats susirasti sau t vus Nakt , paslap iomis, jis pab ga i prieglaudos ir atsitiktinai sutinka Oskar Oskaras keliauja nuo nam pre nam , u maist ar kelias monetas nudirb darb , padainuoja, prausiasi up je ir taip keliauja po pasaul Gera irdis klaj nas priima Rasmus po savo sparnu Ta iau ia dar toli gra u ne did iausias Rasmuso nuotykisNuostabi knyga Perskai iau per kelias valandas ir braukiau a ar A esu tokia tikra, kad jei nuo ma ens vaiku iai skaityt tokias istorijas, ir meil knygoms, ir meil mon ms, gerumas j irdel se dar labiau ve t Tai vertyb mis turtingos knygos, puosel jan ios gra iausias sielos spalvas ir tyrum Tai ne tos, kurias vaikas perskaitys, pamir ir jokio gero nepasiims Ai ku, geriau ir tokia, nei jokios, bet renkantis Astridos ar kit min t autori k rinius, gali b ti tikras, jog duodi vaikui ne tik knyg Duodi vaizduot s, jautrumo, atjautos, supratingumo pamok O kalbant konkre iai apie Rasmus klaj n , ia gausu ir nuotyki , ir pokalbi ir gilesni min i , kuriomis tikrai m gausis ir suaug s mogus Man labai patiko knygos vertimas palikta toki senesni , dabar nebe taip da nai vartojam od i Nuostabi, nuostabi, nuostabi knyga. Poor Poor Rasmus If only he had curly hair and better yet was a little girl instead of a boy with straight hair Surely if he was, the nice families would come and adopt him from the orphanage, Right While the older boys try to tell Rasmus to stop hoping for a family, he simply can t give up the dream and settle into the orphanage life, which is all he has ever known Rasmus is a pretty good boy, but he just cannot take the orphanage any and he runs away wishing for freedom and hopefully a family It turns out, freedom is scary when you are a little kid in a dark, cold and foodless world Oh, he forgot about hunger And Man, is he cold Thankfully our little friend bumps into the friendly Oscar not too long into his newfound independence A disheveled, friendly man who declares himself to be God s best friend Together Rasmus and Oscar travel the countryside in search of food They sing for their supper Oscar is a wonderful accordion player how can earn decent money when he tries and do various chores to get by The country setting makes me want to get out of the city immediately and go for a stroll down some dirt road and just enjoy the world for a bit In fact, I was jealous of it all if I am honest and can see why Oscar chose to be a wandering bum The world isn t all rosy for our friends The police suspect them of stealing all the time, and they bump into two very bad men I do not want to wreck the surprise or storyline, but this isn t just a cute story about a friendship between a lonely boy and a nice man There s action in it to keep the kids entertained Action with guns, and rolling fist fights, Jail time and secret hideouts.For a book written in 1956, Rasmus and the Vagabond sure is a timeless and wonderful read Astrid Lindgren does a fantastic job writing books that kids and adults both love There was emotion that made me want to hug poor little Rasmus and his fantasy of a mom to hug him when he is sick, and action enough that kept me reading late into the night to see what was going to happen When I closed the book I literally sighed a happy sigh and went to sleep with a big silly smile on my face I thought I knew how it would end, but I didn t guess correctly I have read a number of Lindgren books, and this one is my favorite so far I am so glad that Plough Publishing re released this story using the same illustration as the older hardback versions the book world is a better place because of it New York Book Review is releasing two other Lindgren books in May that I am eagerly awaiting so I can read them too Mio My Son, and Seacrow Island so be on the lookout for those too It has gotten to the point where I don t have to know what the book is about, if Astrid Lindgren wrote it, I m going to read it I know it s early in the year still, but for now Rasmus and the Vagabond is my favorite read of 2015 I received a copy of this book for review and its going on my favorites shelf.