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This was a fun book I saw many similarities between Earthlight and the Expanse series The galaxy was mostly colonized and Mars and the Moon were at odds with Earth Tensions rise and Earth threatens to withdraw its valuable resources and war begins This was a very easy read from Clarke I love how he can take hard science and turn it into something understandable Great book The Time Years After Man S First Landing On The Moon There Are Permanent Populations Established On The Moon, Venus And Mars Outer Space Inhabitants Have Formed A New Political Entity, The Federation, And Between The Federation And Earth A Growing Rivalry Has Developed EARTHLIGHT Is The Story Of This Emerging Conflict I haven t got around to reading much Arthur C Clarke yet, which is surprising, since he has been on my to read list for decades The only works of his I remember reading are 2001 and a couple of the sequels Possibly I read some short stories and novels of his when I was reading all the SF I could find in the school library in the early 70s I didn t have a reading journal or goodreads to keep track of my reading back then.This would have been a great read in my early teens, but is a little boring compared to the modern SF that I have been reading. In this early novel by Clarke, Bertram Sadler, a CIA operative, is sent to the Moon to investigate a suspected spy and prevent an interplanetary war It s a short novel at 158 pages and straightforward plot, with imaginative descriptions of life on the moon, some of which still seem visionary, and some ludicrously dated Punch card computers Photographic film Typewriters It was published in 1955, well before the first unmanned probes explored the moon, let alone manned landings Still enjoyable on the whole, and Clarke s optimism for the human future shines Not what I d recommend as an introduction for him I d recommend A Fall of Moondust, Childhood s End, The City and the Stars, 2001 A Space Odyssey film or novel or a collection of his short stories over this one. By modern standards this is a very slim novel, only 158 pages in total First published in 1955 in many ways the ideas are dated They reflect the times in which they were written Set two hundred years into the future a computer needs to be fed punched tape in order to work and scientists have to wait for the developing fluid to dry before they can see the photographic images taken by their telescopes Those scientists are all male, the few women working with them are glorified clerks.In many other ways the ideas are fresh and at times almost revolutionary At the beginning of the story there is a colony on the moon and humans are in the process of colonising the planets of the solar system There is tension between Earth and the colonies over the allocation of resources and this leads to the possibility of war.The main character in this story, Bertram Sadler, has been sent to the Moon as a spy in order to find out if there is a traitor in the colony The examination of people s character, the reasons why some would side with the mother planet and some with the colonies is what stands the test of time Even when a wry smile is raised simply because the way science has developed since the writing of the book means the ideas are outdated the central conceit of the story still holds true. Earthlight is a classic golden age SciFi story of the kind I grew up with in the 50s and 60s It ends so optimistically which was the general world view back them I took to the novel like the proverbial duck to water and felt like I was back in time Clarke is an excellent wordsmith and the prose flows off one s tongue There is sufficient characterization to make for interesting characters The novel does qualify as hard Sci Fi for the period when written I suspect many today would laugh at some of the science explained What I found most interesting was his description of the moon s milieu I could see it and feel it My edition has a preface by Clarke written in Nov 1971 He explains some updates to the novel s science due to advancement made since 1941 when the novel was started Atomic and hydrogen bombs as well as lasers had to be considered, eg Some things he did not change, like the direction of sunrise He also tells of Jim Irwin and Dave Scott s naming a crater Earthlight during the Apollo 15 mission to Clarke s delight 8 of 10 stars As per usual, Clarke has interesting ideas and a book as exciting as bending cardboard. The story tells us that even if we live on Moon or Mars, we are the same people as before.The author believes that history will be repeatedThe coolest thing about this book for me was describing the separation of the moon and the earth to the Separation of Britain and America. This is a really fine science fiction spy novel set on the Moon Though not a masterpiece of mid 50 s scifi, it is what is to be expected by early Clarke Intelligent, clever, inventive, efficiently executed, and as always, optimistic I enjoyed this than expected Full of wild speculations of what the Moon might be like, once reached.The novel, in parts, reminded me of Heinlein s, The Moon is a Hard Mistress , yet it isn t anything close to that calibre, however, one can almost make a case that Heinlein might have read this and thought Not bad, my good friend But this story line Hmm Yet, with a little mustard stirred into the plot