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NOT for me I want to read about Victoria being queen I couldn t care less about her aunt s indigestion or the palace decorations I was so put off by the first few pages, I moved on to something else. A great way to learn about Queen Victoria and study history through her eyes. I really enjoyed this book, which is written in the style of a fictionalized autobiography by Queen Victoria herself The author was pretty true to what we know of Victoria s writing style except for all the underlining and it felt pretty plausible as a narrative It drags a bit at the end, but the story of her early life and relationship with Albert was very good. The most beautiful and powerful love story you have ever read Romeo and Juliet was fictional This is the real story of Romeo and Juliet s love This book was GREAT Sometimes I forgot someone besides Queen Victoria wrote this book It really is the autobiography Queen Victoria would have written I thoroughly enjoyed it and would highly recommend it. This is set up as a journal written by Queen Victoria during her last year She writes of her entire life interspered with comments about the political and family happenings of the day the Boer War, etc I found it to be an interesting book with of the humor than one typically thinks of in relation to Victoria One of the most frightening pictures I have ever seen is of Victoria as an old lady smiling The life of Victoria lends itself well to this treatment as she lived such a long and public life. This book is out of print I originally got it at the library but wanted a copy of my own, which I found online Everyone I ve loaned this book to has loved it It s the story of Queen Victoria s life, written as if it were an autobiography. An enjoyable read, and plausible as an autobiography It did get a bit draggy near the end where the focus shifted to national events and away from family life, but overall well written and enjoyable. One of the better historical fictions on Queen Victorianot the best that I ve read, but not the worst either It was easy to put down, and that type of a book can be nice during busy times.The story is told from old Victoria s point of view and mainly encompasses her life with Albert, which is fine with me I don t quite find Victoria very interesting after Albert dies to be honest, but that feels rather wrong to say. The Last Truly Great Monarch To Rule An Imperial England, Queen Victoria Has Become An Icon Of Colonial Power At Its Height Covering Her Life From Her Tortured Childhood As A Pawn In The Line Of Royal Succession To Her Long, Lonely Position As Ruler Of The British Empire, This Autobiography Tells The Empathetic Story Of Victoria, As Woman, Wife, Mother, And Queen