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Dear Reader, If You Have Just Picked Up This Book, Then It Is Not Too Late To Put It Back Down Like The Previous Books In A SERIES OF UNFORTUNATE EVENTS, There Is Nothing To Be Found In These Pages But Misery, Despair, And Discomfort, And You Still Have Time To Choose Something Else To ReadWithin The Chapters Of This Story, Violet, Klaus And Sunny Baudelaire Encounter A Darkened Staircase, A Red Herring, Some Friends In A Dire Situation, Three Mysterious Initials, A Liar With An Evil Scheme, A Secret Passageway, And Parsley SodaI Have Sworn To Write Down These Tales Of The Baudelaire Orphans So The General Public Will Know Each Terrible Thing That Has Happened To Them, But If You Decide To Read Something Else Instead, You Will Save Yourself From A Heapful Of Horror And Woe With All Due Respect, Lemony Snicket

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    We took a break after book five again, and it felt great to get back into the series This installment turned out to be one of our favorites yet.We begin with the Baudelaires who are now being delivered by Mr Poe to their new guardians the Squalors at 667 Dark Avenue After meeting Jerome and Esm Squalor, it seems that everything might finally work out and the children will actually have a safe place to stay in this massive, 71 room penthouse apartment Jerome Squalor is kind and has sympathy for the children while Esm , on the other hand, seems to be a bit strange The children learn quickly that life on Dark Avenue is all about what s in and out and luckily, orphans during this time are in along with aqueous martinis, pinstripe suits, and parsley soda.The Baudelaires can t help but wonder about the predicament the Quagmires are in In the last book, the Quagmires risked everything to try to help the Baudelaire children before being whisked away by Count Olaf, the furtune hunter He s discovered treasure and plans to steal the Quagmire sapphires as well The Baudelaires must find a way to save their friends, but they have to find out where Count Olaf is hiding them first Where are they, and what does Olaf plan to do with them This book was really satisfying with a thicker plot, comedy, new villains, and action The narrative is totally unpredictable and just when you think you have it figured out, you realize you don t The adults that you think might actually help always seem to fall short the majority if not all of them make you shake your head in disbelief We found it comical at times and perhaps the best aspect is that Count Olaf works in the background throughout much of the narrative while the Baudelaires devise plans to locate their friends and save them, and themselves It s difficult to figure out what Count Olaf has in store for all of them.I ve said in my previous reviews of the books in this series that I love the themes, especially the loving, family relationship the Baudelaires have with each other, which is portrayed even stronger in this installment They stick together and remain brave throughout everything It s inspiring and I appreciate their perseverance with the way they stand up for what s right never giving up no matter what It s truly the light in the darkness of these books.Overall, this installment kept us interested from beginning to end We re looking forward to moving on with book seven.5

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    OH HELL YEAH BABY.OH HELL YEAH.I love this series which, in case you live under a rock or have been up to this point blessed enough to have a Goodreads feed untouched by my screaming, is my favorite in the world for so many reasons.These reasons include the characters the world the language the precision of the secrecy the mystery EVERYTHING, BASICALLY.And this book is standout in all of those categories even in the realm of this series Like, can you believe Lemony Snicket really out here blessing us in ways we didn t know we needed.The characters introduced here are so fun, and the Baudelaires and Olaf and his troupe are at some of their respective fun peaks The settings, including the city and the auction and the endless apartment and its building, are particularly AMAZING And everything else is as always better and better, BECAUSE BASICALLY THIS SERIES JUST GETS BETTER AS IT GOES ALONG EVEN WHEN YOU DIDN T THINK IT WAS POSSIBLE WITH VERY FEW BLIPS AT ALL.Bottom line I love it

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    Still doing my reread in before I watch the Netflix show Season 2 Ah this is like a waltz down memory lane Although I think this is the book where Lemony Snicket realised he could add in 50 x words if he just rambles aimlessly FOR PAGES and I still find that frustrating but also quirky I don t even know.Things I Love About This One I love that Sunny has a bigger part to play Olaf s constant cultural appropriation is another reason to realise he s so evil VFD S PLOT BEGINS TO THICKEN did Olaf put the Quagmires in a tuba case and how does that work Jerome could ve been such a nice guardian smh how did they not all die after eating at Cafe Salmonella im personally concerned with how little good food the Baudelaire s get how can they grow they need to be protected my children

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    Dear Count Olaf,

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    I m slowly catching up with the reviews on ASoUE Currently I m reading book 12 of 13 to Celyn.The story formula is eroding by book 6 and some welcome variety twists are introduced.More surreal adventure, amusement for the adults in the translation of Sunny s bon mots More skulduggery from Count Olaf and friends Very few questions answered and lots posed.Whilst the absurdity doesn t scale the heights of Sunny s teeth vs sword duel in book 4 we do get to see Sunny scale the heights of an 88 story building using just her teeth We re also treated to schemes designed to make a physicist weep this one at least yes, it s a children s story for fun but why not take a moment to make sense Violet is an inventor a great role model for the young girls reading Excellent But couldn t her inventions contain an ounce of sense Witness Invention to burn through the bars of a cage Welding torches How are they made By heating cooking tongs in an oven i It s nonsense to say the oven reaches a temperature high enough to melt metal Even if it did it would melt itself.ii The tongs would melt.iii We see the tongs shade as they heat up but in the wrong order They go through yellow and orange before reaching red hot surely any adult and most children know red is the lowest temperature when dealing with glowing metal and white hot is the hottest iv The tongs would cool down during the 88 story descent to the cage.v The tongs even if white hot and having a much higher melting point than cage bars would not hold enough heat to melt the bars they would simply heat up the bar a bit.Yes, this is science pedantry, but it s also incredibly basic obvious and Violet would be a far interesting and compelling role model if her inventions weren t nonsense.Anyway, the story was pretty good, Celyn enjoyed it, and we moved sharply on to book 7.Join my 3 emails a year newsletter prizes.

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    Another one I really loved This time the kids are living with Mr and Mrs Squalor at the top of the penthouse at 667 Dark Avenue Creepy There is no elevator so they have to climb the stairs to go in and out and what a climbit is Mrs Squalor isn t nice at all and we find out she s a schemer The kids also get information on their friends they met in the other book And of course there is Olaf

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    4.5 OMG OMG THIS KEEPS GETTING BETTER AND BETTER I think this may be the best entry to the series as far as the first 6 books are concerned A lot of revelations were revealed, especially with regards to the Quagmire twins I knew there was something fishy going on with Esm Squalor as soon as she was introduced in this book As for Jerome Squalorwhy Just why would he abandon and give away the Baudelaires I feel like he would be a really great guardian for them Oh well, I understand his decisions since he really wanted to protect them..Despite all that, I love seeing the Baudelaires overcome their adversities under the evil, good for nothing Count Olaf Overall, I enjoyed this one the most I couldn t stop reading until I m finished with it There s always a secret waiting to be exposed in this book Loved it Anyway, I decided to take a short break from this series I ll read maybe a couple of books before I could continue with it again It was a great journey so far Til we meet again, ASOUE

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    I m getting tired and bored of this Nothing new happens The same things happen again and again and again and again Had it not been for the author s pleasant and playful style I would have threw this out the window URGH Spoilers ahead Seriously now Halfway through I know what is going to happen the Baulderies will find out a way to stop Count Olaf who will be revealed in the end with Mr Poe assisting, appearing from nowhere at all, coming from the mountains in a random place and managing to escape THROUGH A FURIOUS CROWD Now, now I am aware of the fact that this book is targeted to a rather naive public, but seriously now I expect some intriguing action, something to keep me in a stew, left me wonder What will they do next.Step 1 find a human sterotype and turn him into a guardianStep 2 make Count Olaf appear in a very random wayStep 3 find out his planStep 4 Reveal him in publicStep 5 let Count Olaf escape easilyThe End.I have to admit that I love Lemony s style.It is indeed simply addictive but it s worth nothing if he can t make some original stories I mean, the first book was amaizing but having to re read it 6 times because basically all the books seem the same it s simply torture.Now that I ve started the series I am going to torture myself until the end I hope it s worth it.Never shall one compare this to the masterpice Harry Potter series Never What I admire most is the idea of misfortune , that the good characters don t always win This is interesting, appealing and all.As a conclusion I would have better just watched the movie, I hear Jim Carrie is in it.

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    The Ersatz Elevator A Series of Unfortunate Events 6 , Lemony Snicket The Ersatz Elevator is the sixth novel of the children s novel series A Series of Unfortunate Events by Lemony Snicket The Baudelaires are sent to live with the wealthy Esm and Jerome Squalor 2004 1383 186 9649333304 6 9789647948418 1386 1387 1388 1389 .

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    No matter how many times I read this book, I always come to the same conclusion Esme is my least favourite character that we are introduced to throughout this series Other than Count Olaf, of course She s just so self absorbed and so nasty to the Baudelaires, it s incredible I particularly enjoy the series starting with this book, it starts getting a lot intricate what with V.F.D and the secret tunnel being revealed and I love the layers that these elements add to the plot