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There were rules for the hanging game This is what they were It had to be highrigging rope, like I said, and you had to steal it Also it had to be an ash tree Also you had to do it willingly No one could force you to play the hanging game It couldn t be a dare or a bluff or a tease, or else it wouldn t work.This book is seriously strange and I adore it Dark and magical realism have never been so deliciously combined I ve been devouring Tor shorts lately, and so far they have yet to disappoint I was initially attracted to this through cover lust but then when I started reading it, I couldn t stop The way it was written was perfectly engaging and familiar I remember the rope rubbing rough against my neck It was a sort of chafing feeling, odd, like wearing a badly knit scarf, but it didn t hurt, not at first.Skye is only a young girl when her and three other children decide to play the hanging game Though on this particular day in bear country, the game becomes than just a game, and the consequences are absolutely horrifying.Since this read, I have also become infatuated with the other works of Helen Marshall. A riveting creepy little story. For us the hanging game was a sacred thing, the most sacred thing we knew save for one other, which I ll have to tell you about too, and that was the bears.This was a wonderful short The perfect mingling of childhood antics and darkness, for this tor a holic Skye read a bit like Scout from To Kill a Mockingbird which, from me, is a high fucking compliment I love the shit out of Scout The darkness here is played so skillfully that you can smell the fruition before it happens, but not in a way that seems trite or over sold There is a mystical element but, again, it is incredibly well done I almost wish I had been read this story while sitting around a fire at night, it has the ghost story feel to it Does anyone really forget their childhood, or the prices many of us had to pay to grow up I loved Travers, I always had, and I remembered what it was like to hold his hand out there by the tree I remembered the hanging game. The narrator s voice just didn t ring true to me And if everyone knows that killing bears requires this direct repayment that punishes theirkids, why are they doing it That was the kind of crazy we got into Bears and hangingWhat s up with those Tor short stories They re creepy, CREEPY is probably my favorite web page right now Free dark short stories HELL YES This one was very good And a little twisted at the end.I m selecting the ones with the creepiest covers so I guess you get it XDI m wondering about the things our parents leave us, the good and the bad, and whether a thing is ever truly over m is for MarshallI m wondering about the things our parents leave us, the good and the bad, and whether a thing is ever truly over I haven t been in a reading mood lately, but this evening, finding myself full on turkey and stuffing, pecan pie, black forest stout, football, and large doses of nostalgia, I decided to once again wander the world of and landed on this grit lit folktale.This author had a sort of weird rambling writing style that took some getting used to, but overall I found it added to the relevance of the story itself Though not explicitly told, the author hints at a Pacific Northwest setting redwoods, logging, bears though the tone of the story feels very Appalachian The author tells the story of Skye, a young redheaded lass with a reverence for her older brother Travers, a crush on the older, dark haired Barth, and as it seems, a lot of time on her hands And kids in the woods with lots of time on their hands play games Some games are innocent in nature Some are not Sometimes the desire for knowledge can be a razor sharp double edged sword.I enjoyed this story very much Definitely a Native American folklore y vibe resonates with the reader, and it is a story about penance and sacrifice, reverence for nature, and loss of innocence which comes in the form of knowledge and foretelling Kinda in parts reminded me of the scene in Big Fish where the bored kids in town sneak out to see the old witch and her future telling eye.This short is also one of the shortest stories I ve read on the site, and its also free to read with the link below A perfect little gem to peruse during the post holiday blues.4 stars.https 2013 03 13 the ha Sometimes A Game, Even A Sacred Game, Can Have Far Reaching Consequences In Bear Country Young Skye Learns Just How Far She Is Willing To Go To Play The Game Properly In Order Carry On The Traditions That Came Before Her And Will Most Likely Continue Long After She Is GoneAt The Publisher S Request, This Title Is Being Sold Without Digital Rights Management Software DRM Applied Creepy little story about hillbilly kids, a noose, and some sort of I think god of bears.It only takes about 5 minutes to read, but it s interesting and freeFreeeeeee 3.5Qu historia oscura Aunque con esa imagen y t tulo no se puede esperar otra cosa Es una elecci n bastante perturbadora de argumento, pero francamente atrapante El final no me result tan impactante como me hubiera gustado, pero al margen de eso est muy bien escrito Y es gratis El link est en la ficha del libro. What a queer little thing A fairy tale of sorts, and incredibly awkward The writing was gorgeous, I just felt disconnected from the piece The magical realism was perfectly constructed for such a short story, but also lost a bit because of the lack of depth It read like a really great proposal for a novel I guess the reason I am only giving it two stars is my own lack of personal connection and desire for length I m sure there are lots of you out there who will love this It s not a poorly written story at all.