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A Romance Set In A World Where Slavery Is Government Run And Slaves Are Fitted With Microchips Savannah, Fleeing A Turbulent Relationship, Seeks Solace At Her Brother S Country Farmhouse It S There That She Meets Kayden Her Brother S Slave Who S Considered Less Than Human These Two Damaged Souls Form An Unbreakable Bond, One That S About To Be Tested, Because Kayden Is Her Brother S Property And He Will Stop At Nothing To Keep Them ApartPlease Note This Book Contains Some Sexual Scenes, Violence And Strong Language

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    Ms Abbott recently won an award, along with four other indie books authors, sponsored by Ampersand H a book design and marketing company My novel, No Heaven was also among the winners I determined to read and review all of the winning books regardless of genre.In Chains was the first of these reads and a real pleasure As a romance novel, it s one of those not my thing kind of books, but I was intrigued by the fact that one of main characters was a modern day slave Not the kind of slave that plays bondage and sado masochism sex games, but a real, government endorsed and legal slave in today s England.Savannah love the name is a city girl running from an abusive boyfriend Her hiding place of choice is at her brother s house in the country There she meets Kayden, her brother s slave Initially shocked at the fact that her brother owns a human being, her heart goes out to it and she falls in love Her feelings are mutual, and soon the couple faces a variety of challenges and obstacles her brother is naturally not in favor of a slave sleeping with his sister, and the government has very strict laws and regulatory devices to control interactions between slaves and humans.It s a nice love story, well written The sex scenes are explicit without being pornographic The ending, though foreseeable to a degree, is not quite what one would expect and leaves room for a sequel that I m relatively sure is in the works I ll read it.

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    This book deserves a triple rating Hahaha It took me a minute to put into words this book and in the end I just can t believe the journey I was taken on.Immediately I fell in love with Kayden Oh boy did I fall hard I love books with the underdogs I think fell harder for Kayden than Savannah did Okay no probably not but hey what can I say, I wasn t with him.The unspeakable torment and abuse this man was willing to take just because he loved Savannah, swoon.If you are looking for a book that is outside the box, emotional, sweet, funny and okay yes there are some hawt scenes This is the book for you I HIGHLY recommend this read and actually I have to several others I have lost count how many times I have read this book now LOL Kayden I think just shot up to 1 slot of Book Boyfriend MUST READ THIS BOOK

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    Well, I guess as I wrote it, I have to give it 5 stars don t I

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    When I read a summary, I always feel like I have a good idea what path the story will be leading me down But when the story turns out to be so much than the summary, well, fangirling doth commences In Chains is that kind of story.Wow Oh Wow What a good story So different Very dysopian in feel but not Of our world but some added harsh realities, namely slavery The slavery aspect was immediately apparent in the first chapter And though there is the lack of humanity towards those held in bondage, In Chains was above all a love story, a romance with a very Romeo and Juliet quality.Savannah is our heroine A kind of down on her luck gal who just recently moved in with her brother, Simon to escape the abuse of her live in boyfriend And though hard times were upon her, Savannah is still a very strong minded, opinionated woman who values right from wrong Savannah also still believes in real love A love that changes and embraces you wholly Then we have Kayden, Simon s slave Basically in the eyes of Simon and everyone else, except Savannah, the bottom of the food chain, not human, and not even worth having a name, he has a number that he is referred by.Kayden is sweet and kind He does what he needs to do to survive Not knowing from anything else as he was born bred a slave The author goes in to that explanation in great detail and the understanding is there for the reader how and who these slaves are Now, even though Kayden is a slave and treated harshly on a daily, he still makes a life for himself consisting of friends and hobbies Very simple things, but simple things that make his daily life worth going on.When Savannah and Kayden meet, there is instant chemistry A chemistry as a reader you feel and believe But their love is forbidden and looked down upon Simon will not accept his sister with a slave and does everything he possibly can to the point of brutalizing Kayden The author is so visual in her story telling, that you are immediately embarrassed and ashamed for the humans.There is lots of drama and hard ship in the story, but mostly there is love A love you truly believe and want for yourself The characterizations of Savannah and Kayden are so well written and believable, they were real to me and I thought about them long after the story was over.The ending was a humdinger and had my adrenaline pumping Thank goodness book 2 will be released in September I couldn t get enough of these two and their struggles But mostly it was the love they had for one another against all odds that I loved.And for a little self promotingStop by Fandom Fanatic June 10th for my spotlight with Michelle Abbott for the Indie Self Publishing Author Event going on the entire month of June.Hosted by Say It With BooksThere will be guest posts, interviews, book reviews, and giveaways on the hosted site as well as all the participating bloggers There are 19 book bloggers participating ARC was received directly from the author in exchange for a fair review In Chains banner by Artwork Unfinished

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    In Chains has much depth than an ordinary romance, which is why I liked it Michelle Abbott manages to subtly weave in important issues, while still making it an enjoyable, easy read.It has a touch of sci fi, although it is merely a backdrop to the main story of forbidden love Set in the near future, the main difference is in society, where people who are discovered to have Neanderthal DNA are deemed as not being human and are treated as slaves Not entirely implausible, since fairly recently scientists showed that we retain aomewhere between 1 and 7% Neanderthal DNA But this is where the forbidden love stakes are upped, since the main protagonist, Savannah, falls in love with not only a slave, but a non human.I liked the fact that Savannah wasn t a glam, Hollywood type, but rather an ordinary woman, so I think a lot of readers will relate to her issues in life I also liked the mirroring character of her ex, who treats her almost like a slave The irony is that the only person who really treats Savannah well, is the slave.There is a bit of fairly graphic sex, to which one pathetic troll has written off the book solely on that basis The sex actually is, strangely enough, an important part of the story without love, sex has never been fulfilling for Savannah how she can be made to feel beautiful and valued, instead of just an object and finally the manner in which it is controlled in the slaves, repressing their desires The troll made no mention of the violence, what, violence is ok, but sex is a no no which is also a very relevant part of the story and certainly not gratuitous.A great story about the lengths someone will go to for love.

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    2.5 Stars ARC kindly provided by author in return for an honest review

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    My Rant In chains is a wonderful story It almost made me feel as if I was reading Romeo and Juliet again Two hearts that could not be together because of the way the world was Savannah and Kayden touched me on so many levels This story poured all the love it adorn in to me Savannah was a character I could admire and respect She had a good heart I wanted with every fiber of my bones for her to be happy You just don t have people around that have that halo effect on you Kayden was sweet and endearing just the type of man that every women dreams about in fairytale love stories.This is not an easy story to read The objectives of the story are harsh but real and that s what made me work through it Kayden is a slave that savannah falls in love with But according to societies standard slaves were objects and not people Kayden was not allowed to love freely without being punished for it It is so hard to write this review because I am completely emotional I laughed, I cried and felt despair but what shocked me the most is that I felt the love between the characters in the midst of their trails and tribulations They loved each other with everything they had to offer one another but life was cruel especially in this book I was ashamed of some of the events that have taken place in this story and to think in real life people look at other human beings as less than human The author places that reality in your face There is nowhere to run and hide from it All you can do is face it dead on with Savannah and Kayden.I hate Simon and Ben At this point I am done with both of the characters Its not so much what they did to Kayden it was how Simon knew his sister love Kayden and he still subjected her to those twisted extremities and not once did he try to hear her out or make it right by her Ms Abbot, I hope somewhere in this book Ben gets what s coming to him because he was such an arse The biggest I have scene I hope that Simons conscious eats away at him until savannah and Kayden are set free Savannah You loved Christina don t you How would you feel, if tried to keep you apart How would you feel if I attacked her every time you went near her Simon He sighs and shakes his head.From the beginning this story kept me entrapped in Savannahs world, the author s writing was amazing The way she told the story was like i was witnessing it as a true to life event and through this story she completely worked me over emotionally and just when I thought she was done she tugged at the base of my heart sending shocks through my entire body This love story is not the easiest love story to work through and that s what makes it so soul searchingly touching I am sad that I had to leave Kayden and Savannah behind These two characters just touched my heart and affect me so much that I am going to be thinking about them often until book 2 is released.My Recommendation This beautifully written story is definitely going on my favorite list I rated this book 5 out of 5 purple rant hearts I would recommend this book to anyone that loves an unrelenting love story FTC Disclaimer I received this book for free from the author, editor, publisher, or Promo Host This is my honest opinion about this book and I did not receive any monetary compensation for writing this review nor was I obligated to write a positive one.Happy Ranting and Raving Crystals Random Thoughts dot com

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    Thank you to the author, Michelle Abbott, for gifting me with a copy of In Chains in exchange for an honest review.This is one of those books that I m just not sure what to rate it I decided to go with 4 stars because it was a good solid book with a good plot, decent world building, and very fast, addictive pace Just let it be known, this kind of book isn t for everyone.I only had one complaint about this book but it s a rather large issue in my eyes which is why it s worth a whole star to me World building This is, if not the most important, one of the most important factors in whether or not a book is excellent or just good While I was reading, I didn t really understand what world I was in Modern day world where things turned out a bit differently In the future where this may come to pass In a completely different world than our own I really have no idea which left me kind of disoriented throughout the book Perhaps it will be remedied in the next book.Other than that minor well kind of major glitch, everything was spot on.Overall, this was such a compelling book I settled down on the couch one Saturday to read some RR s and I couldn t put this one down Not even to eat lunch or go get some water or something I needed to know how it ended it was that suspenseful To that effect, it was a very intense love story that at first bordered on insta love but as you get further in, it s anything but.The author did a very good job of separating the two voices of Savannah and Kayden I ve seen slightly better although this author had it harder, having to portray the truth about Kayden and whether or not the Neanderthal gene truly affects him or not as the government says.The Final Verdict All in all, a well done book although the world building leaves something to be desired It was very addictive, suspenseful, intense, and intriguing 4 starsQuotes Again, because I m so organized, I neglected to highlight my favorite quotes so I ll be going back and reading this book again to find the quotes I ll update this when I find them all

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    Dystopian Romance how intriguing I d describe it as romance with an interesting twist The story is primarily told from Savannah s point of view In the first chapter, she witnesses the execution of a slave not graphic , which really sets the stage well for the story to come She has fled an abusive boyfriend and temporarily moves in with her brother What she doesn t know is that her brother now owns a slave one to which she is very attracted.From my perspective, the romance is generally what you would expect What I find most fascinating about the story is the concept of a certain type of individual being identified as a slave or at least the way that occurs in this story The methods of controlling the slaves are futuristic and yet, barbaric at the same time However, in comparison to our history or even in our daily lives, there is a certain amount of truth in the manner in which certain types of people are treated The writing style is little different than here in the US the author is UK based , but I didn t find it disruptive to the story For me, the one thing that did feel out of place was the ease with which the slave, Kayden, called Savannah Baby Might just be me, but it felt out of place.Regardless, this is an interesting and enjoyable story Definitely worth a read.

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    Originally published at The Rookie Romance Blog.In Chains is quite hard to categorize it s sort of dystopia, and definitely romance It s the world as we know it, with one pretty huge exception There are slaves The slaves aren t considered human, and certainly aren t treated well Their harsh reality is acknowledged at the beginning of the book, when our heroine, Savannah, helplessly sees a slave callously put down.I wasn t really sure what I was expecting when I started this book, but I was definitely pleasantly surprised Savannah and Kayden have a passionate and forbidden love that neither can deny.Savannah s such a sweetheart, she s recently ended an abusive relationship and has retreated to her brother s house She s a really kind person, with pretty low self esteem and plenty of confidence issues.Kayden is a great hero he s a complete underdog but he s also very protective and loving His strength despite everything stacked against him was so admirable.The story is told in first person from Savannah s persepective for the majority of the book I don t love reading books in first person, but Michelle Abbott makes it work I knew how Kayden felt, and his perspective came across I loved the sections that were told from Kayden s view you really felt how much he loved Savannah, and how devoted he was to her I wish there had been details on the slavery and how it all worked There was information filtered throughout, but I was so curious about it Slaves are people with Neanderthal DNA, and I wanted to know about how they came to be separated from ordinary humans in the past.This next point is a personal thing other people may not even notice, but Kayden constantly calls her baby I don t like baby as an endearment anyway, but during the love scenes it did make me cringe a little bit.The ending definitely made my heart stutter Everything comes to a collision when Savannah s ex returns Not only their love, but Kayden s life is in jeopardy and Savannah s the only one who can save him I was very satisfied with the outcome, and it left us with a happy for now I ll just have to see what book 2 brings Overall, if you re a fan of forbidden romances, particularly with an underdog hero, then this is for you It captivated my imagination, and pulled at my emotions I was given a copy of the book by the author, in exchange for my honest opinion.