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I loved it It gives you a great idea on everyday picking of your clothes Just such a simple thing to do But so much work goes into desiging all of the clothes we buy Also her love of one flower just about sarted a revolution for her In the sense he she added it to every piece of clothing, shoe and necklace too. Regardless if you care about style or not Chanel is your guide to everything you need to know about dressing yourself, make up and perfumes from one of the biggest influencers in fashion world. reads like marketing copy focused primarily on largerfeld vague chronology gives little sense of the evolution of the collections from year to year rather useless. The photographs in the book are wonderful, but the writing is fluffy and platitudinous The whole book flatters both Chanel and Lagerfeld, and fails to address any controversies that would have made the content interesting Worth buying for the pictures and for sitting on the coffee table, but not for reading. Chanel S Combination Of Tradition, Originality, And Style Has Always Made It The Most Seductive Of Fashion Labels Here The House Of Chanel Opens Its Private Archives, Revealing A Galaxy Of Brilliant Designs Created By Coco Chanel From Onwards Dazzling Clothes, Intricate Accessories, Beautiful Models, And Timeless Design Leave No Doubt As To The Lasting Fame Of Her Name And Embody Everything That Has Come To Symbolize The Magic Of ChanelThe Book Explores Five Central Themes The Suit, The Camellia, Jewelry, Makeup And Perfume, The Little Black Dress And Follows The Threads From Past To Present To Show How These Key Items Have Been Rediscovered And Reinvented By New Designers It Includes Many Previously Unpublished Archive Photographs And Original Drawings By Karl Lagerfeld, As Well As Glorious Images From Some Of The Greatest Names In Fashion Photography Beautiful book I just studied the pictures and skipped the fluffy writing though. In a nutshell This book describes the fashion design of Coco Chanel, accompanied by photographs of Chanel collection pieces The book is grouped into sections the suit, the camellia Chanel s signature symbol , jewelry, makeup and perfume, and the little black dress.Review After watching the film Coco Before Chanel, I wanted to find a book that displayed her fashion designs Chanel Collections and Creations perfectly fits the bill There are lots of gorgeous photographs in this coffee table sized book I particularly liked the suit and the little black dress segments I skipped the makeup and perfume section because that s not where my interest in fashion lies.While containing some interesting facts, Daniele Bott s prose annoyed me in the way it fawns over Mademoiselle and her fashion house I speculated whether access to the Chanel collections had been given to Bott on the condition that she meet a certain quota of superlatives and gushing sentences.Here s a couple of excerpts sorry I forgot to note the page numbers No two camellias are alike, not a single collection uses last season s creations Sometimes, 15 centimetres of fabric measuring 90 to 130 centimetres in width is enough to make three or four camellias what precision, what sophistication and elegance in the cutting, the mounting, the finishing The house s perfectionism is apparent in the skilful combining of fabrics in typical Chanel style, transfiguring a black evening gown into a jewel in itself Now imagine the cumulative effect of a book where every sentence is like that and maybe you ll understand my exasperation.Oh well I really do admire and appreciate Chanel for her design philosophy that prioritized comfortable, attractive clothes for women And the whole reason I picked up the book was for the pictures I was definitely coveting some of the suits and black dresses pictured. I wrote a really long review of this, and it seems to have somehow been deleted In my review I discussed the fact that the book succeeds gloriously at what it attempts to do which is a provide a good introduction to the subject without going into too much detail , conveying the 1 Ideas of Chanel 2 Aesthetic of Chanel 3 history context of Chanel b be an enjoyable reading and viewing experience wherein form meets function 1 beautiful, elegant photography 2 good selection and arrangement of topics 3 well written in that the prose is sometimes understated, and sometimes grand 4 comes off as decidedly French c bridge the gap from Coco to Karl 1 ideologically 2 stylistically 3 chronologically Bott s examination of the Chanel legacy is neatly confined into 5 subjects the suit, the little black dress, the camellia, makeup, and jewelry which gives this book a well organized presentation that serves to capture the essence of Coco Chanel I found the writing style to be quite approachable, but it was marred by the off kilter page design Textual paragraphs flow between pages, which is fine normally, but in this case become separated by images and full page spreads Doing do causes the reader to either flip quickly past the images a shame or to forget the trailing topic which makes for a disjointed thought process They would have been better served with smaller integrated photos or wholly separated text and graphics. There are women out there that I m absolutely obsessed with, and one of them is mademoiselle Coco Chanel I can relate to this woman a lot I m a Leo, an independent soul, always sure of my likes and dislikes, I m not afraid to be myself and I m not afraid of failing, I m not afraid of trying again, of being different, of trying new things, I m not easily broken, loyal to a fault, adores being different in a subtle way That s what Coco was, what Chanel is, and what I am.Beautifully written, with 159 illustrations, 101 photos and so much history and information, about Coco, about Chanel and most importantly about fashion.