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Let s be clear, this is a exhibition book , not a glossy coffee table book These types of books published in conjunction with museum exhibits are never what u hope for They tend to bemuseum style writing and pictures of the clothes are a lot of backs or closeups That said, this is truly a wonderful peek into a time when couture was at its most beautiful and truly changed the world of fashion There are amazing pictures Well worth it. The Ambassador Has Been Described As Probably The Most Daring And Enterprising Trade Magazine Ever Conceived With The Motto Export Or Die , The Magazine Was Renowned For Its Innovative Design And Adventurous Editorial Approach In Promoting British Manufacturing In The Post WWII Period This Book Takes A Detailed Look At The Background And Impact Of The Ambassador Driven By The Vision Of Founder Hans Juda And His Wife, Elsbeth, Who Was Responsible For Much Of The Magazine S Striking Photography, The Magazine Created Ambitious Photo Shoots To Showcasing The Latest Couture Fashions, Promoted Fine Art As An Inspiration For Design, And Commissioned Artists Such As John Piper And Henry Moore For Their Covers The Ambassador Magazine Brings This Trove Of Art, Textiles, And Fashion To A New Generation As interesting as this book could have ben, I found it impossibly dull to read The quality and pacing of the writing is so drab and unremarkable that I quit reading after only 60 pages and decided to just look at the photographs The couture dresses are pretty much the whole point of a coffee table book like this so I don t feel bad at all The exhibition is currently being held in Bendigo, Australia, which I was luckily enough to attend today It s on until March, so anyone who s nearby don t miss out On arelated front, this book is a great companion to the exhibition, but I ll have adetailed review when I ve perused it thoroughly. This lavishly illustrated book is a series of essays about haute couture from 1947 1957 the year Dior died These tell of the fashion houses of the period, of the people who wore the clothes, the fabric, the photography and magazines that displayed them to the general public The book was published to complement the Victoria and Albert Museum s extensive holding of couture clothing. Looked at the photos Interesting liked it The author works at the VA museum in London I didn t know that The New Look was related to havingor less fabric for use, because of restrictions during WWII Ok, so I read some of the text Great little introduction to the world of Couture back then I particularly like the chapter on the textile manufactures and their place in the system It s not discussed often so it was great to read those insights Hurt your feelings fucking painfully good highly structural clothes make you cry out from inspiration I have always loved this time in fashion The pictures are beautiful I found the writing to be informative and interesting. I saw this exhibitionfabulous I want the book because you couldn t take pictures of the fabulousness.