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Industry After Industry Is Becoming Technology Driven As Software Rapidly Eats The World As It Spreads, So Do Complexity And Opportunity There Are Clear Signs That The Traditional BB Business Model Designed Years Ago As A Simple Make, Sell, Ship Approach For Early Manufacturing Companies Is No Longer Capable Of Delivering The Full Potential Of High Tech And Near Tech Solutions BB Seeks To Frame What Is Possible In An Age Where Suppliers Are Connected To Their Customers In Real Time The Traditional World Of BB Was Designed To Sell Things To Customers, Whereas The New BB Model Will Be About Delivering Outcomes For Customers It S A Whole New Ballgame Using Powerful Models And Specific Examples, BB Envisions A Next Generation Tech Industry Where Suppliers Play An Active, Ongoing Role In Helping Business Customers Achieve Unparalleled Value From Their Technology Investments

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    This book was a bit of a revelation for me as I was kind of fixed in my idea of B2B or B2C commerce and Wood demonstrates here that the new economy is moving even beyond that I won t spoil it for you but suffice it to say that social networks, big data, and cloud all play big parts and he does a good job of showing the big picture and its medium and long term implications.

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    Mandatory reading for anyone in IT Others that care about their job should also get on it Easy fast read.

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    Well crafted, refreshingly concise and thought provoking and resisting the temptation to repeat messages many times over the authors back their assertions with great industry insight and significant data from companies feeling the full force of the phenomena they are explaining many practical steps laid out and explained to help plan the clearly challenging migration from a Level 12 B2B provider to a Level 3 and 4 partner with trusted advisor status Oh and personally I was blissfully unaware how much impact NCR had had on the world of equipment selling Thoroughly recommend and great to see an organisation behind it.

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    Innovative thinking,well described concepts of modern tech company services,but somehow the main idea is a bit blurred.Transformation from Level 1 2 to Level 3 4 is natural and the market is ready ,although the end users are not.Every modern services company is like Titanic you could have 1st class or 3rd class support depending on how much you pay And as every big ship it takes time to make a turn.I would recommend the book to everyone who is in the Services and wants to know how the company operates.

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    Business Outcomes and Tech ServicesThis is an easy read and the story of how tech services are changing remains relevant The key points should help decision makers think through the complex options facing them The change required to move from basic services to outcomes is significantly complex and costly The book does a reasonable job of discussing trade offs to manage the change and it highlights new capabilities to build to enable a successful shift There is a lot to learn for older businesses understand change to newer operating model It s worth a read.

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    It was pretty interesting, as both a history and a challenge to rethink the frame of reference.The fundamental premise makes sense, but this model, as proposed, shifts so much of all risk onto the seller that it is a no brainer for the buyer The problem is that carried too far, the buyer will have troubles, because the vendor will spend too much to sustain the business With all of the data in cloud, that is a dicey proposition for the buyer I think of recent cloud failures, like Homejoy, Zumbox and other failures that leave the customers data at shit I don t know.

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    The authors put into words what so many entrepreneurs, business leaders, and product managers are seeing transform their businesses Great insights into building a framework to shift from being a commodity to driving real value for customers Highly recommend this for people trying to lead and drive change in a SaaS or value focused product.

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    Boa introdu o ao tema da mudan a revolu o da forma de comprar IT Perspectiva de fabricantes, mas igualmente revelador para integradores de IT e MSPs.

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    A Must Read for executivesOne of the best business books I have read in years I frequently apply the principles in this book in my job.

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    very interesting