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I could taste the salt on my lips, hear the creaking of rigging and the wind hitting the sails and feel the Caribbean sun warm my face as I read this wonderful book by K.A Perkins Smart, well researched and oh so very readable, this is a great tale of romance on the high seas.Leo takes to the pirate life years after watching his mother s brutal murder at the hands of a trio of ruthless pirates Gabriella flees to a ship filled with a cargo of slaves in order to escape her abusive husband They meet when the slave ship is captured by Leo, who is now the captain of his own pirate vessel But before, during and after that meeting there are battles galore, not just with other ships, but with fierce storms at sea I found myself fascinated with the nautical terminology and descriptions of maneuvers made by the various ships and the men manning them The author s impressive knowledge and love of sailing shines throughout every word.The writing is first rate as is the knowledge and research framing it Leo and Gabriella are both strong willed characters who are obviously meant to be together There are some delightful minor characters as well, several of whom I would have like to seen givenof a storyline My one complaint with this novel is that it is written in a dual first person narrative which, for me, slowed the action with a little too much introspection But that s a minor complaint I can highly recommend Dead Reckoning to anyone who loves a bit of pirate treasure. What i thought was going to be an easy read, in fact failed to be So enraptured with this story and its characters that i be became a little lost within it s pages.I m not one to write lengthy synopsis type reviews, but what I will tell you is that this was epic An epic pirate adventure An epic romance, and an epic story on vengeance Karen is so well skilled in writing a story i failed to realise how bloody long this was I was absorbed into it, into the characters lives, and into turning each page.This isn t my normal genre, but i m so glad that i read it, and look forward to the next in the series. Dead Reckoning Is A Historical Adventure Of Piracy, Love And Revenge In The Caribbean In The Seventeenth CenturyLeo Is Born In Spanish Panama InWhen He Is Twelve Years Old He Witnesses The Violent Rape And Murder Of His Mother By Three Of The Caribbean S Most Feared Pirates Tarr, Blake And Hornigold, And Swears Revenge At All CostsGabriella Is Trapped In An Abusive Marriage To A Ruthless Dutch Slave Trader, Who Is In Business With The Same English Cut Throats She Risks All To Escape With Her LifeLeo And Gabriella Meet Aboard One Of The Most Horrific Ships In The Caribbean A Slaver And Join Forces Against Their Common Enemy They Face A Number Of Challenges As They Battle Not Only The Dangers Of A Life At Sea, Including Storm, Drowning, And Being Cast Adrift In A Crippled Ship, But Also Repeated Attacks By Blake And HornigoldBut Their Biggest Threat Proves To Be Each Other Can They Reconcile Their Hearts In Time For The Fiercest Battle In Their Quest Of Revenge, And Survive The Gallows Dead Reckoning Was Long Listed In TheMslexia Novel Competition Wow, What A Fantastic Story It S A Swashbuckler With A Sweeping Narrative, Full Of Sea Battles, Drama, Revenge, And Love Ms Perkins Is A Sensational Storyteller, Knowing How To Grab Your Attention, And Hold Onto You Throughout This Is An Epic Pirate Adventure, That Is Wrought With Romance, Anguish, Fighting And RevengeI Was Immediately Drawn Into The Story Of Both Leo And Gabrielle, And Fell In Love With Both Their Horrific Stories Their Lives Eventually Collide Together And So Begins A Romance Like No Other So Enraptured With This Story And Its Characters That I Be Became A Little Lost Within It S Pages K A Perkins Takes Romance, Adventure And Historical Fractions To Create A Splendid Tale Some Might Say That It S A Bernard Cornwell Type Tale Of Adventure On The High Seas, But It Is Much Than That Rather Than Painting Pirates As The Swashbuckling Adventurers That Some Authors Do, Perkins Portrays Them As They Truly Were Violent, Bloodthirsty, Predators That Credibility Is A Large Part Of Dead Reckonings Charm Dead Reckoning Is An Excellent Read And I Look Forward To Reading The Other Books In Ms Perkins Series Dead Reckoning Is Not A Fast Read It Is A Deeply Involving Kind Of Story One Must Give It Full Attention To Get The Span Of The Plot And Appreciate The Different Characters There Are Different Plot Lines That Blend Into The Story, Each One Driving The Story Forward Toward A Satisfying Finish Dead Reckoning is a historical, action, adventure, romance set in the Caribbean in the 17th century It involves main characters Leo Santiago and Gabriella Berryngton van Ecken whose vastly different lives lead them down the same path to each other Gabriella is subject to horrendous abuse at the hands of her husband, Erik, whom she was forced to marry at just fourteen Leo witnessed the murder of his mother at the hands of Erik s men, pirates Blake and Hornigold Leo swears vengeance against those responsible for his mother s death and becomes the pirate captain of a ship himself Gabriella bravely runs away from her abusive husband with her only friend in the world, slave Klara Eventually, Leo and Gabriella s paths cross when Leo s ship commandeers a slave ship From there, Leo and Gab riella s relationship quickly blossoms into love, a love united by their quest to vanquish Erik and his men A former sailor herself, Ms Perkins has vast knowledge of sailing In fact, I found myself awed by her knowledge, beautiful storytelling, and knack for wonderful, period appropriate dialogue All of the characters in Dead Reckoning were wonderfully developed and it was clear that a lot of attention was paid to detail I particularly enjoyed Gabriella s transformation from a battered, meek woman to a fearless pirate captain who commands respect from her crew On top of the sweet romance that develops between Leo and Gabriella, Dead Reckoning is rife with action and suspense There are numerous battle scenes, both on land and at sea, and between other pirates and the elements Each battle is action packed, full of suspense and leaves you at the edge of your seat, a feat that isn t as easy to pull off as it sounds.Overall, Dead Reckoning is an excellent read and I look forward to reading the other books in Ms Perkins series. I like a book that grabs my attention from the beginning and doesn t let go Dead reckoning is one of those books Some might say that it s a Bernard Cornwell type tale of adventure on the high seas, but it is muchthan that Rather than painting pirates as the swashbuckling adventurers that some authors do, Perkins portrays them as they truly were violent, bloodthirsty, predators That credibility is a large part of Dead Reckonings charm The action takes place in the Carribbees Caribbean , and the accounts of the high seas engagements between ships are action packed and detailed, the battles bloody and realistic The author has obviously done her research, but also has a natural flair for recounting the action with precision and a passion that can only be borne of someone with the sea in their veins.The story begins with young Spaniard Leo witnessing the savage rape and murder of his mother at the hands of three English pirates, a Captain Richard Tarr and two of his crew, Blake and Hornigold Leo is too young to help his stricken mother, but he remembers the names and the faces of the men who brutalized her and vows to take revenge He is taken in by the family of his childhood friend Magdalena, who he eventually marries On the island of Sayba Saba , Gabriella van Ecken has grown tired of the abuse and arrogance of her husband Erik van Ecken, who owns and operates the ships crewed by the murderers of Leo s mother She plots to escape with her friend Klara and her young son on a night when Van Ecken is at sea When Van Ecken returns early however, the two women are forced to leave the young son of Klara behind, barely escaping themselves by boarding one of her husband s ships disguised as men.The paths of Gabriella and Leo are bound to cross, but until they do each is immersed in their own set of adventures Leo is marooned on a tropical island after being pitched overboard during a fight with Captain Tarr and his crew, who have kidnapped Magdalena A year later after being rescued by surviving members of his crew, Leo chases them down, killing captain Tarr, but losing Magdalena to a pirates bullet in the rescue attempt When Leo captures one of Van Ecken s ships and finds Gabriella and Klara aboard, the adventure accelerates Gabriella rises to become commander of her own vessel, a Capitana, and the two combine forces to seek revenge against the man that has taken so much from each of them This was a good read, an action packed and entertaining story that equally illustrates the power of both love and hate Chart a course for Dead Reckoning it s a move you won t regret. Let me say Gabriella is one foolishly stubborn character I love the story line the characters and the conclusion of book two and am looking forward to the third book in 2013 I had a hard time following the ships linguistics but enjoyed the storyline nevertheless I was on the edge of my seatthan once All emotions played out for me in this story Anger Sadness Surprise Happiness and loss And even those can t begin to express my inner turmoil KA Perkins plays with our emotions with these strong characters. Set in the Caribbean of the 17th century, peopled by slavers and pirates, Dead Reckoning is classified by the author as historical fiction Gabriella and Leo, the star crossed lovers who are the main characters in the novel, each have personal tragedies that propel them into life as pirates and motivate them to seek revenge against the men who wronged them so horribly They give the story it s humanity, and both are likeable characters Most of the narrative, however, deals with sailing pirate ships and sea battles It s immediately obvious that there was a massive amount of meticulous research that went into writing Dead Reckoning, as well as a thorough knowledge of sailing The cargoes, the ships, the ports all are described in a way that makes the settings shine For readers who enjoy historical fiction, I think that kind of injection of real history is vital Where Dead Reckoning falls down a bit is in the very passages that are otherwise one of its strengths lengthy descriptions of sailing and sea battles No matter how much a reader loves sailing and I do it still breaks up the flow of the story to get so much detail that fully understanding some of the maneuvers might require doing diagrams I would have appreciatedtime spent on some of the human elements, like conditions on the slave ship, including some idea of how Gabriella and Klara were able to escape notice Also, Leo and, especially, Gabriella don t quite seem to have what it takes to be pirate captains Having a bad temper isn t the same as having force of personality Let s face it, pirates were not nice people, and neither of the main characters has the wiles or ruthlessness of a Jack Sparrow In the end, that makes Dead Reckoning a bit schizophrenic, with elements that were very real coexisting with some improbabilities The writing style and editing are very good, though, and I highly recommend Dead Reckoning to readers who want to feel like they re going to sea on a pirate vessel I received a free copy of Dead Reckoning in exchange for an honest review. This has a shocking start, which immediately drew me into both Leo and Gabriella s world from the off It accurately reflects the realities of living in C17th Caribbean and at sea, yet is heartwarming in the way the two main characters never stop fighting for a better life of freedom and happiness It s a very emotional book the characters and reader go through sadness, grief, ecstasy, fear, frustration, exhilaration, anger, and much , and it was impossible to put down.The ship board action in Dead Reckoning is well researched and well described I could almost feel the spray on my face, and hear the creak of rigging, and found it quite easy to follow I have no hesitation in recommending Dead Reckoning to any fan of historical fiction and especially of pirates and the sea. Full of action, with well rounded,interesting characters, Dead Reckoning grips from the beginning Leo and Gabriella are ordinary people living in a difficult period of history They both have very difficult starts in life, yet are determined to improve their lot This is made harder when they try to do it together, and they can only forget the past and forge a future for themselves once the men who have terrorised and destroyed their early lives are dead They face tremendous challenges just to survive, and the book builds to a horrific climax where both their lives hang in the balance you ll have to read it to find out what happens My Review Dead Reckoning is a challenging read It is the story of a woman, in a bad marriage, and a boy who watched his mother s rape and vowed vengeance on the men who killed her Gabriella suffers great humiliation in her marriage to a pirate named Erik She gathers enough courage one day to save herself and her maid friend, Klara from the madness of her husband s estate We re thrust into a wild adventure through the jungle with their escape It was very easy to get involved with Gabriella s struggle for freedom I wanted her to make it to the shores, at the same time terrified that her husband s men would get a hold of her and Klara It was challenging to read the struggles and the humiliation she faced with her husband The descriptions are vivid, gritty and leave nothing to the imagination In a way, they draw you right in to Gabriella s emotional state and cement the reasons why she must leave her husband.Leo s introduction comes in a later chapter We meet him on the run with his best friend Magdalene hiding in the forest from pirates who are pillaging his village He leaves Magdalene in a safe place and returns back home to rescue his mother He finds the pirates already in his house, and to his horror and mine, the young boy watches the pirates rape and murder his mother I understood his need for vengeance.Leo and Gabriella thrust us into the world of pirates and the harsh seas, vast oceans and vivid battles set in the seventeenth century The settings were authentic and engaging The battles harrowing, at times challenging to get through, but nevertheless the description gave the wins and losses color Leo and Gabriella face contend with life and death situations that eventually lead to a stunning love affair.Dead Reckoning also tackles real life issues Carefully portraying the struggle for equality, between men and women,The man I had saved ignored me as he kept an eye on what he seemed to think was the only threat aboard the small boat, and I felt rage knot my stomach How dare he dismiss me and Klara Assume we were of no consequence and that a threat was enough to subdue us I had lived enough of my life like that and I determined I was not going to let it happen againit also tackles difficult situations like ownership of slaves and the difference of skin color,Aboard pirate ships, everyone is equal Black stands shoulder to shoulder with white The color of a man s skin does not dictate his position on these decksI found this part to be really well done, as it blended right in to the scenes and settings of the story.I began this review with the word Challenging I use this word because Dead Reckoning is not a fast, forgettable read It is a deeply involving kind of story One that demands full attention to get the span of the plot and appreciate the different characters There are different plot lines that blend into the story, each one driving the story forward toward a satisfying finish.Dead Reckoning is deliciously full of pirate action Favorite QuotesAboard pirate ships, everyone is equal Black stands shoulder to shoulder with white The color of a man s skin does not dictate his position on these decks I had seen enough storms to know the sea can turn in an instant You could not forget her power, or her viciousness The difference was that her brutality was avoidable it could be harnessed If she did hurt me, at least it would not be personal, or out of hate A sailor s life was to live on the edge and never be fully in control, to never know what would come next Living at sea, I would be living in the midst of a squall, yet free from the torturous chains of my marriage K A Perkins Dead Reckoning Kindle Locations 2383 2384 LionheART Publishing House.