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Under The Microscope, The Outer Bone Surface Is A Moonscape Of CratersIt Is The Skeleton Of A Young Girl, No Than Fourteen Years Old And Forensic Anthropologist Dr Temperance Brennan Is Struggling To Control Her EmotionsThe Coroner Is Being Evasive, Insisting The Bones Are Ancient And Of No Interest But This Doesn T Feel Right, And Tempe Is Convinced That Someone Is Hiding SomethingWorking On Instinct, Tempe Takes Matters Into Her Own Hands But Her Work Uncovers Horrors She Could Never Have Predicted, As What Started In The Lab Quickly Becomes Her Most Harrowing, And Personal, Case Yet

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    I don t know why I read these books I mean, I love the forensics, but, like Patricia Cornwell, Reichs has created a character who is just dumb dumb dumb and, in my opinion, extremely unlikable She s tough okay, whatever To illustrate that she s tough must she be pigheaded, irrational, totally ruled by her passions, putting EVERYONE s life in danger because OMG what she wants is WAY important than anything else Ego, much Why anyone takes her anywhere is beyond me Ryan the COP tells her to stay in the car Does she NO She knows it s wrong but dammit she has to know what s going on so she runs into a shootout, unarmed, because she s a freaking idiot No matter that in addition to risking her own life, she s now put the other cops at risk because they now have to protect her ass as well as their own.I didn t just spoil the book btw This happens in every single Brennan book EVER I don t understand why anyone wants to work with this person She s completely unprofessional and oversteps her role right and left Ugh ugh ugh.They do SO much better a job with her character on the show She s actually learned over the course of the seasons not to automatically run in, to stay behind Booth She oversteps a little but nothing like these books Brennan on the show has actually become very likable in my opinion Brennan in the books STFU.Again, I love the forensics but I m not sure it s worth it to me to read her books any Plus okay, I get it Not everyone speaks French But do you need to translate EVERYTHING Some of the phrases are true cognates if that s the correct wording IOW, English is totally derived from these words so we can all figure out unless you re an idiot and can t she write for the other 95% of readers who have a brain I m guessing the books are written for the English speaking world which, at least in North America has a working knowledge of French or Spanish and thus, it s workable Very annoying And for those of us with some all French, I don t want to read the same thing twice Especially when it s obvious enough from the context what s going on Do you think she s been hanging out with Dan Brown maybe That would explain it.

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    I picked this up because I am a fan of both the tv show Bones, which is inspired by this series and of the early Kay Scarpetta novels, which these often get favorably compared to First, the show is much funnier and tightly written, and the tv Temperence Bones is much interesting then the character by the same name in the books, who is flat Second, the early Kay S., a strong mix of both a classic crime novel and forensic anthropology,are of absolutely no comparison to this book which was detailed forensic anthropology then any casual reader would ever care to know.The interplay among the characters in this book was almost an afterthought I think if the author could have written the book with just Tempe Bones and Tempe Bones only she would have been very happy doing so Each chapter also ended with a badly written cliffhanger And for third time, I couldn t believe what I saw or I held my breath with anticipation Ok, those are not exact quotes, but you get the idea In a tv show, it would have been were the screen blacked out or went to commercial break, but in a book it just doesn t work because all you do is flip the fucking page I felt like I was suppose to reading the book outloud to someone and the end of the chapter was where I knew to insert a dramaticpause It was a shame the writing was bad, because the plot was decent.

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    Although I have to admit that this wasn t the strongest book in the series, it was nice to read a book that focuses on forgotten history from my Canadian home province New Brunswick Specifically, the way in which people who contracted leprosy were dealt with in the 19th and early 20th century The disappearance of young women, coupled with the finding of a female skeleton, and the added attraction of learning something from Brennan s past was a huge draw for me Once again, the story begins in Montreal and the story just spirals from there I would agree with other reviewers that Tempe s impulsiveness does grate on a reader s nerves from time to time, but it certainly makes the story line all that entertaining.

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    A new mystery excellently solved Oh, do I ever adore Reichs s novels Her novels show proof that there are no limits to one s imagination especially when the author knows what she he is talking about.Reichs sucks you in with the first sentence and doesn t let go until the very last word The mystery and forensic descriptions keep you just as glued to the pages as the characters do Again, Tempe lands herself in trouble when she does something someone asked her not to do But she can t let go of the possibility that the remains could be those of a friend that disappeared.Twists and turns and a surprising ending make the entire book worth every single one of its 406 pages A new twist with her ex husband Pete could have come at a better time, and a twist with Ryan has you feeling heartbroken for Tempe I cried right along with her, felt her heartache deeply But her sister comes to somewhat of a rescue, even if she, yet again, manages to freak Tempe out with yet another disappearing act Absolutely perfect except for something unresolved between her and Ryan I refuse to get into detail than that I don t like writing reviews with spoilers Suffice it to say that her MMP of her next novel, Devil Bones, can t come fast enough If you re a forensics csi nut as much as I am, then this series is an absolute must read I can t get enough LOL, but thanks to Reichs, I can fill in the time watching Bones

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    Devoured this in a day since this novel and Margaret Maron s Hard Row are two of the books I ve most looked forward to this year, it s unsurprising And I honestly think that this could have been Reichs best Bones novel aside from my growing irritation at her reluctance to finish Tempe s relationship with Andrew Ryan one way or the other once and for all, this book has a first rate, complex mystery, an ongoing appearance by Tempe s sister Harry who I adore , and LEPROSY Leprosy, people Leprosy is a plot point It s kind of amazing, for reals.But.The problem was.The whole book is full of.Sentence fragments masquerading.As full paragraphs.And it just about drove me.Completely round the bend.Maybe this is always a problem of Reichs writing and I ve just never noticed it before, but it marred an otherwise excellent page turner of a mystery frankly, by the time I got halfway through, I wanted to beat someone to death with those sentence fragments and be done with it Still gets four stars because the mystery was so first rate, but Jesus, Kathy Reichs s editor, DO SOMETHING about the sentence fragments before the next book or I m going to have to choke a bitch.

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    This is the 10th book in the Tempe Brennan series.How to explain my rating I love this series I do I m always eager to get my hands on the next one, and I always plow through them quickly But Kathy Reichs has a big, big flaw that has persisted throughout the series she gets an idea in her head and is determined to write about it, even if it means tying together cases that shouldn t be related and creating completely unplausible coincidences that make me want to stab myself in the eye.Bottom line I enjoyed reading it, but I can t believe she s still doing such amateurish stuff this late in the game.

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    I m not sure if I ve become critical since the last Kathy Reichs book I read, or if this book is simply less stellar I certainly enjoyed many parts of it, and overall it was an interesting forensic investigation, but it has a few significant weaknesses My main complaint is that Reichs is inconsistent with her target audience There s enough science in the book to suggest the reader is intelligent and interested in the scientific details and explanations a fair assumption, given the genre and gimmick of the main character I can appreciate the explanations, even if it seems hokey that every time Brennan talks to another expert for test results, they give her a crash course on their specialty In real life, do they do that Does the anthropologist really care Okay, so the reader has a few brains Then why the heck does Reichs summarize the case so often Once or twice in the first quarter of the book makes sense, but it seemed to happen often here My annoyance came particularly from Brennan s relentless rhetorical questions every time she had a moment to herself What happened to those girls Who was the female skeleton Where was Harry on and on The supposed smart reader already knows that these are questions and is asking them on their own there s no need for Brennan to reiterate them The reader knows they ll be answered by the end of the book Stop filling pages with them These questions suggest the reader is not intelligent well, which type of reader is the publisher expecting The expected intelligence of the reader is inconsistent, but so in Dr Brennan s intelligence She s supposed to be this amazing bone specialist and is often quite brilliant at her job Often she makes excellent connections between clues, of the type you expect the heroine in a murder mystery to make Yet other times she is really dense and silly It takes way too long to notice Basterage s slip up, for example It s hard to like a character that maddens you sometimes.Ryan is a fairly flat character here yes, there is something going on under his surface, but it s never given much voice and he does not seem to have much of a role in this book than cop Harry is useful to Brennan s investigation than Ryan.I read another review about this book on Goodreads, and that person I forget who said the tv version of Brennan Bones is a better character I agree 100% Ryan is better, too.

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    Bones to Ashes was a lot better than the previous book of this series HOWEVER, I still don t understand why Pete, her ex husband, is still in the picture I get that they aren t together and everything. but him being around is ruining things for her and Ryan It s also frustrating to read.Okay, so this book is the tenth installment of the series Again, I liked this one because we got to see of Temperance s sister Harry Not quite sure how to spell her name. so go with it We also get to know about her niece in this book because she s in trouble Seems like a change of pace because usually it s temperance in trouble Lots of trouble.Don t worry, this girl still finds herself in some sticky situations Luckily, she has detective Ryan to help her out this time around AGAIN, I m so happy that they sort of reconnected in this book That make out sesh was good but I m hoping to get from them I just want to be happy and I want them to be happy.As for the murders, or I guess the villain of this book, it was okay Not really something worthy to mention in my eyes. but in the end, I still enjoyed this audio I m hoping the next book, and the ones way after that, will keep me interested PS I m already on the last episode of season 1 of bones and I m ecstatic to be back in that world teambooth

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    This is the second book in this series that I ve read I m reading them out of order Just picking one off the shelf at the library.The first book I read was set in South Carolina, this one is set in Canada The back story is set in the US, but the current mystery takes place totally in Canada There is a mystery about the disappearance of Temperance s childhood friend, and that mystery gets tangled in a mystery about young teenaged girls who have been going missing, or turning up as bodies in local waterways for several decades.I got to learn about Temperance s childhood and family in this book, and to meet a very interesting group of people that she works with in Canada, and to meet her Canadian love interest as well.A very good read and I ll be picking up of them over the next few months.