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Harper s family is falling apart she needs to get away As it happens, she spends the summer in Tennessee, helping to build a house The narrative goes back and forth between HOME and HERE meaning Tennessee, where she makes new friends and begins a new romantic relationship Similar to John Green or Margo Rabb, this is not necessarily a happily ever after book, but the heroine learns something about herself and life that makes her amature, wise, and, yes, happy person Fun dialogue, believable characters and situations More casual sex than seems reasonable to this sixty seven year old, but nothing titillating or explicit I will certainly recommend to some of my high school students. Nicely crafted novel about overcoming loss, with Reinhardt mirroring loss from a natural disaster and loss from a relationship disaster She breaks the recovery process down to elemental construction steps, and ends on a note of hope with the understanding that time assists in healing, albeit slowly Time and talk.This is a Sarah Dessen John Green type novel, with intelligent teens college age kids, but not as quirky as some of Green s characters They re all on a quest of some sort, they ve all amassed bits and pieces of wisdom along their short life path, and then share it with each other, which creates the whole.I liked the glorification of Teddy s family juxtaposed with Teddy s take on them and that s a good lesson about the grass always being greener No one s perfect in this book, everyone s got at least one flaw, and that s good Kids whose blended families are subsequently torn apart by divorce might appreciate this, and I know there are many of them out there. Reinhardt, Dana 2008 How To Build A House.The third time isn t the charm Her first two novels are A Brief Chapter In My Impossible Life and Harmless It may just be time for me to dissent from public opinion and admit that Dana Reinhardt s books just aren t to my liking It might be easier on both of us Especially since her books are generally received well Her first book especially seemed to be buzz worthy.I can almost guarantee you will enjoy this one much muchthan I did I know I m in the minority in disliking it You might even love it The premise is relatively simple, a teen girl, Harper, goes away for the summer to join a team of other teens Their project is to build a house for a family whose home was destroyed in a tornado The themes are love and friendship It s easily categorized as a coming of age story A story of how this young woman heals herself and becomes older and wiser because she s learned some life lessons and had some self realizations It s a story of a broken woman beginning the journey towards becoming whole Why does she need healing Her family is broken Her father and stepmother are divorcing Her stepsister, Tess, is barely speaking to her anyHer friends with benefits, Gabriel, is treating her horribly.What didn t I like about the novel The narrator Harper She s smug She s condescending She s a bit stupid Maybe stupid isn t the best word She s a bit unwise at times when it comes to acting, thinking, and speaking She is polar opposite to everything I like She doesn t believe in wearing jeans she can t wear them She hates country music She s an atheist Well Mostly She s a nonbeliever that is obsessed with listening to Christian rock music so she can make fun of it She loves to mock their enthusiasm and passion She doesn t appreciate it on a musical or spiritual level And that s not the only thing she mocks I am not sure if it is the narrator or the author but something felt very condescending and smug about how the South was treated But perhapsannoying than even the mocking of Christianity is her obsession with lecturing every single person she meets with her environmental save the world humans are evil spiel.Did I like nothing about the novel I did like a few of the characters In particular, I liked Teddy I don t know what he saw in Harper But Teddy himself I liked Now it s not like I only love country music I love many many different types of music But there are country music phases in my life In high school particularly I lived for country music Tim McGraw, George Strait, Garth Brooks, Clay Walker, John Michael Montgomery, Brooks Dunn, etc I will be the first to admit that a few groups are dinky And sometimes it feels like the dinky ones are the ones that get the air time But I seriously doubt if this author listened to actual Christian rock music If she had, she wouldn t have found much to mock I have rarely listened to Christian radio But I m well schooled in Christian music because I buy CDs Have been listening Christian music at least twenty five years If she d called it gospel or Southern gospel or praise worship or contemporary I could understand where she s coming from a bit better But Christian rock Methinks she s clueless Becky Laney of Becky s Book Reviews Reviewed by Tasha for TeensReadToo.comHarper s life is falling apart Her father and step mother, whom she considers a mother, are getting a divorce, and her step sister best friend, Tess, won t talk to her Then there s Gabriel He s been Harper s best friend since they were twelve, but now he just uses her as his girl when he can t get anyone else Harper finally realizes that she needs to escape When she finds out about Homes for the Heart Summer Program for Teens, she knows she s found her escape route At the beginning of the summer she heads off to Bailey, Tennessee, where there was a major tornado that devastated almost the entire city Here she will join a group of teens and help build a family a house Little does she know that she will not only rebuild one family s life, but may actually start rebuilding her own She immediately starts making friends with the other volunteers and loves the aspect of helping other people Then there s Teddy, the son of the family for whom the house is being built Teddy chooses Harper He shows her how to trust and love and turns her summer into an unforgettable moment First, I have to say this surpassed and exceeded every expectation I had of this book Not only was it an amazing and heartfelt love story, but also an extremely real story of finding oneself At the beginning of the story Harper is lost, struggling like many of today s teens with the divorce of her parents She grows so much as a person that it inspires the reader to really look at their life and see if they can make themselves a better person, too Harper s character is beautifully created and hard to forget She is very honest and so real that she s hard not to love And then there is Teddy Whew He sounds like the ultimate boyfriend There s everything to love about him and it drives me crazy that he s not real I mean, who wouldn t want a guy who wants to make your life better and really wants to know everything about you Besides the characters, Dana Reinhardt s writing style was one of a kind I really enjoyed how the story kept flipping from Harper s current life in Tennessee and then back to what her home life was like Overall, this was a stunning novel that I highly recommend I completely loved it and will definitely read it over and over again Why on earth didn t I get to this sooner And why wasn t it brought up in Printz discussions as far as I remember, I mean I don t know that it would have knocked off any of the winners, because they were so good, but this book is great I honestly wish it had been longer and I don t say that often Reinhardt captures both the messy home life and the atmosphere of a teen summer program perfectly And I mean, I like Sarah Dessen, but if you read Sarah Dessen books and enjoy them but feel a little empty afterward You re going to love this. Harper s comfortable existence in California has been turned upside down ever since her father and stepmom announced their divorce, alienating Harper from her stepsister and best friend, Tess Meanwhile, her friendship turned romance with Gabriel is also on the rocks In order to escape her crazy situation, and to put her environmentalist philosophy into practice, Harper signs up to spend the summer volunteering for a charitable organization She ends up in Bailey, Tennessee, constructing a home for the Wright family, whose lives have also been upended, in their case by a tornado In the progress of rebuilding a home, Harper is also rebuilding a life her own The narrative alternates between present time in Tennesee, and the past year in California, exploring the figurative tornado that flattened Harper s life, and the process of physical and emotional reconstruction taking place during that healing summer Harper s voice is authentic, and the portrayals of her friendships in Tennessee especially well drawn Her oh so perfect Tennessee boyfriend Teddy may extend past the realm of realism, but he s such a likable character that I ll allow it Overall this book was an engaging and thoroughly enjoyable read. A sweet, simple story about making a difference in the most tangible of ways It s complicated, relationships are complicated Life is long, and sometimes marriages feel even longer, and people get lazy, and worse, they get indifferent, and sometimes you start to think maybe you ve lost some part of yourself, that you don t even remember who you are and what it felt like to be somebody not married to this person, and then some days you love this very same personthan you are able to explain You ll be driving in your car at dusk and a wave of warmth will envelop you just because this person exists in the world, but the next day that warmth will vanish again, and the last thing I want to do is say too much, which I m afraid, at this point, I ve already done Have fun tonight Remember every detail so we can overanalyze everything later when you come home Do you think we caused the tornado I ask him You and me No, I mean humanity Are we to blame, or do you think it was just a run of the mill natural disaster Linus scratches his beard Actually, the definition of a natural disaster is when a hazard meets human vulnerability, which pretty much accounts for all tragedies. I love Dana Reinhardt books Harmless and A Brief Chapter in My Impossible Life And How to Build a House does not disappoint Harper lost her mother at age 2 but then her father married Jane and Harper had Tess as a sister for many years In chapters called HERE and HOME Harper tells us why she is running away from the divorce that has shattered her life to build a house for a family in Tennessee You just love Harper, you ache for her loss of family, especially Tess they lived in the same room for years and now they just pass each other in the halls at school The friends she meets as they build this house in hot, hot Tennessee are real, funny, and THEY ALL REALLY want to help a family that has suffered from a tornado, lost some friends in the tornado, and help them rebuild and remain in Tennessee Harper has love interests but boy does she have some issues Gabriel is home and Teddy is in Tennessee You see real growth during the time Harper spends building the home Harper s confusion about love and loss is developed wonderfully and she is able to verbalize which she didn t do before and forgive and move forward Loved, Loved, this book It may be my fault, but I did not really get this one It could be because the beginning of school stress, but I felt like it failed to capture my attention I only read a few pages at a time until I eventually finished it The plot was original a girl named Harper volunteers to rebuild a house over the summer to escape her broken family However, while the book touched on a lot of good themes, like making an effort to rebuild friendships or solve misunderstandings, I do not think it fully explored everything that occurred An example would be Harper s relationship with her father both are stubborn individuals who refuse to change their ways which goes against the book s overall theme It could have been trying to communicate that some things cannot be changed, but it felt pointless.The characters were okay too None of them really reached out and grabbed me For such a character driven novel, that disappoints me.Overall, a good read Something to read when you are looking for something different, but not excellent. HARPER S DAD IS Getting A Divorce From Her Beloved Stepmother, Jane Even Worse, Harper Has Lost Her Stepsister, Tess The Divorce Divides Them Harper Decides To Escape By Joining A Volunteer Program To Build A House For A Family In Tennessee Who Lost Their Home In A Tornado Not That She Knows A Thing About Construction Soon She S Living In A Funky Motel And Working Long Days In Blazing Heat With A Group Of Kids From All Over The Country At The Site, She Works Alongside Teddy, The Son Of The Family For Whom They Are Building The House Their Partnership Turns Into A Summer Romance, Complete With Power Tools Learning To Trust And Love Teddy Isn T Easy For Harper, But It S The First Step Toward Finding Her Way Back Home