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This Captivating Little Pictorial Autobiography For Adults, A Life Told Through Clothes, Features Beckerman S Brightly Colored Drawings Of The Vestments She Wore At Different Times In Her Life, Accompanied By Diarylike Entries She Grew Up In Manhattan In The S And S, And We See Her Elementary School Outfit, Ballet Costume, Prom Dress, Etc After Her Mother Died, Her Grandparents, Not Wanting Her To Live With Her Father, Took In Ilene And Her Sister She Never Saw Her Father Again In , At , She Married Her Year Old Sociology Professor In Boston They Soon Divorced, And In Her Second Marriage, Which Also Ended In Divorce, She Had Six Children, Losing One In Infancy She Is Now V P Of An Advertising Agency Beckerman S Extremely Reticent Text Never Illuminates These Events, But Her Minimalist Self Portrait Is A Wry Commentary On The Pressures Women Constantly Face To Look Good PW

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    This book makes me wish that I had a better fashion sense This is the type of memoir that I can appreciatea time capsule of a life based on what and when she wore outfits Bravo

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    I came across Ilene Beckerman s quirky autobiography, Love, Loss, and What I Wore when browsing through my Goodreads homepage I had never heard of the book, or of its author, before, but was immediately intrigued, and set off to find myself a copy Here, Beckerman s memories are woven in with her own illustrations of what she wore at a particular time of her life, or for a special occasion We see her Brownie uniform, rag curls, a ballet outfit, her confirmation dress, a circle skirt which she made with a friend, typical underwear which she often wore on dates, the bridesmaid s dress for her best friend s wedding, and a dress she wore during each of her six pregnancies, amongst many others I loved the approach which Beckerman makes here, with a short body of text and an accompanying illustration for each essay I found it a really interesting, and quite unusual, way in which to present a memoir Along with her own outfits at given points in time, she focuses upon the people who shaped her too what her elder sister wore to a wedding, for example, and her grandmother s chosen hairstyle Love, Loss, and What I Wore is quite a quick read, but a very thoughtful one, and I appreciated the dry humour which Beckerman has sprinkled in.

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    I met Ilene Beckerman at the Erma Bombeck Writers Workshop at the University of Dayton Ilene is a striking older woman in a sparkling headscarf that complements her diamond nose jewel Her gypsy countenance is hard to miss It was after we struck up a friendly banter that I discovered she is the author of the subtly moving Love, Loss, and What I Wore, which was made into an off Broadway play by sisters Nora Ephron and Delia Ephron Ilene spoke at one of the workshop lunches, and her understated charm matched that of her book Through declarative sentences, Ilene describes the dresses many sewn by her mother she lost when she was twelve she wore during the chapters of her life Her sprightly drawings of herself capture her alluring, heavy lidded eyes and the striking fashions she wore This book shimmers with sweetness, depth and charisma just like Ilene Beckerman.

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    I read this book about 20 years ago checked it out of the Arlington,VA library I have been talking about it for 20 years, so of course it gets a 5 star rating It changed the way I honor the memories of my dresses I recently saw a Readers Theater interpretation by the Ephron sisters Bellingham Theater Guild and it brought to mind this dear book again.

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    A version of this book should be written by every woman The concept is better than the finished prodict, though, as I wanted stories that were a little fleshed out I think the adaptation would probably a fantastic read Not a great choice to read on an e book.

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    Yesterday I heard a speech by Delia Ephron She and her late sister Nora wrote the play Love, Loss and What I Wore based on the book by Ilene Beckerman In the evening, I saw the play and bought the book, which I read before going to sleep The book is Beckerman s story of the clothes she wore during her life The premise sounds like it might be very boring The illustrations of all the clothes would never be featured in an ad for clothing But there are many reasons to read the book and see the play Basically, it s a memoir of her life based on what she was wearing at the time Beckerman recalls the dresses her mother made her wear and the ones her mother made, partly because it was less expensive than buying ready made clothing. She remembers that soon after her mother died, her father took her shopping and bought her two expensive navy dresses because she couldn t decide which she liked better She recalls the dresses she borrowed from her two best friends and the ones she wore for special occasions, such as a weekend at a college She talks about the way people reacted to some of her clothing choices For me, however, was the way the stories reminded me of some of the clothes I had worn, especially when I was growing up, like the poodle skirt I wore for a month in early 1955 because all my other skirts were plaid with pleated skirts that were hand me downs and totally out of style I remembered the fourteen bouffant half slips I received later that year as confirmation presents, especially the stiff, nylon one I wore all of them at once under very full skirts I remembered the Capezio s my mother wouldn t let me get because they were too expensive, even though everyone else was wearing them I remembered a summer dress mother made for me in 1958 because I loved the way it looked in a picture Based on the play, I remembered my first bra, a hand me down from a cousin, and how proud I was about wearing it I remembered all the outfits my former mother in law sent me She worked at Nelly Don, a woman s fashion house and sent a lot of great items It s too bad polyester went out of style While the story begins in the 1940s, the situations in LOVE, LOSS AND WHAT I WORE are familiar to most women It was an interesting trip down memory lane If you have a chance to see the play, do so With the Ephron sisters writing it, you can be sure it is smart and funny and timely

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    So sweetI read this at night while driving home from my mother s house with a truckload of her beautiful belongings to deliver to nieces, nephews and sisters along the way I many times thought I need to tell Momma about this book She d love it Only to remember she is gone Among those many boxes in the truck are two or three full of her treasured outfits.

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    Fashion always has been part of my life As a teenager I sketched clothes styles and dreamed of becoming a fashion designer for real Once at the Sarpy County Fair I won a ribbon for a red suit I made At the University of Nebraska I learned how to make a muslin pattern so I could make my own designs that would fit me perfectly For a brief stint at the Omaha World Herald, I was the fashion editor, a job that consisted of reporting on the trends Throughout my life, my special clothes, whether handmade or store bought, were treasured memories of where I wore them So I was delighted when a friend handed me a copy of this book I was curious about someone who felt the same as me about their wardrobe through the years This book is so much than a fashion story Ilene crafted a beautiful, brief memoir from her closet that will touch your heart.

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    I read this book while having my hair done, it was a great bridge between the book I had just finished reading Cutting for Stone and still wanted to think about, and the next one on my list This is very short and very enjoyable The author lets you have a peek at her life by recalling her outfits and where she wore them to If she wrote a detailed account of her life I would probably pick it up It reminded me a lot of my mother s accounts of her life she lived in a time like the author where most of your clothes were made for you and therefore they are memorable than clothes off the rack.

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    I bought this on a whim at a library sale because I thought the drawing of clothes were interesting and it looked a bit quirky It is a little gift book style thing that has drawings of clothes from the 1940s through the 1970s one side of the page is the outfit worn and the other side is a description of it, when it was worn, and what was happening in the author s life then It is quite fun at first but then you do begin to feel the heartache amidst the fun what she was wearing upon losing a child, or getting a divorce while also celebrating an event such as a date or wedding or shopping with friends It all is really a look at a life through clothes This book took me by surprise I thought it would be a little fun detour but it turned out to be an incredibly thoughtful invite through an interesting life led with all the highs and lows that make it amazing.