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Mooi, maar in en in triest Het beschrijft het leven aan het eind van de vorige eeuw in Zuid Korea, door de ogen van 2 kinderen, die langzaam naar de rand van de samenleving zakken, doordat hun vader ze min of meer in de steek laat. 3,5 stars, rounded up I really like how this starts out rather nice, almost normal, with a not that very fortunate family, but still just another childhood book, only Korean this time, as told through the eyes of a small girl Life is hard and all that Then it just spirals into complete ruin But without the melodrama The same disengaged, monotonous voice is used throughout the book, no matter what happens, with some unfortunate translation quirks that may convey an annoying overuse of demonstrative pronouns in the original, or add it to the Norwegian unnecessarily The effect of this weird narrative is creepy Way scarier than that English language horror book I just read, actually. Children are common in Korean fiction but O Chong hui s stand apart They are at once fully children and fully human, and make one think about the difference between children and adults Are children adults in the making or are adults basically superannuated children In this work, a rare novel from a writer noted for her short stories, she presents the small world of two poor children, a girl U mi Most beautiful girl in the Universe who is 12 by the end of the story and a boy U il Number one boy in the Universe who seems to be about three years younger U mi is the first person narrator throughout As the story begins, the children s mother has fled from her abusive alcoholic husband their father and they now live in a new apartment with him and a new woman Like her predecessor the woman runs away, and this time and the man goes off to find her, leaving the children on their own and hoping to the extent he cares that the neighbors will watch out for them But they re not ordinary family people and they re not much help The responsibility for their care falls and and U mi U il, who is frail and listless, cares only about watching Toto the Astroboy on their small TV At first U mi has to struggle to get him to do his schoolwork by the end she must struggle to get him to eat enough to stay alive. I had read my two book club books for this month, and I had about a week remaining, so I picked his short book up from my bookshelf and digested it On the looks of the story, it appears very simple two kids, one an older sister about 11 years old who is looking after her little brother in North Korea when mom and dad both leave them Dad comes back into their lives for a short time, showing up with a mom for them but that doesn t work out and mom leaves and dad shows up very very little after that so they are on their own Little brother gets sick, and he yearns to fly like birds to be free of this very poor life I thought the book was worth my time to read it it hows how a community CAN bring up two little kids when their folks give up on them And for that, i got a lot out of this book emotionally and informatively. No s si es que estoy medio sugestionado en contra de este tipo de literatura, pero a esta altura no tolero estos enredos Los personajes se van transformando, deshaciendo, de una manera molesta, poco agradable Tal vez tenga su valor literario, sin duda, pero no me gener empat a en ning n sentido Ya quer a terminarla a toda costa Lo que se cuenta del padre es, si se me permite decirlo, poco veros mil No digo que imposible, pero tal como est narrado, no es cre ble As que, siendo bueno, le doy dos estrellas, aunque podr a haberme enojado todav a m s. I m a fan of Oh Jung Hee, but this book left me sort of cold I thought the writing and the general feel of the book was very nice, hence the three stars, but I m not sure what to make of the rest of it yet I really need to think on it or do research.I realize this is not a book you are supposed to walk away from with a glow y, happy feeling But the true theme perhaps beside the general Poverty is a soul crushing experience wasn t clear to me Perhaps it is children really are destined to be the children of their fathers I get the feeling there is much political present day Korean allegory that I was missing. This book is quite different from all the ones I read It has the same feel as a classic but it s different at the same time It s full of the past korean culture influence and I had what I wanted a view into the korean underlying life, the one not shown on TV I really enjoyed it even if it s not so happy and all I also liked that it s written frim an 11 year old girl s point of view. Bullet point review poetic writing style less is unknown culture to me striking story heart breaking heart breakingFind my full review at gruesome, in depth, eloquent description of the hardships the people of south Korea went through after they turned into one of the most economically rich countries in the world depressing psychological description of abused children. After The Death Of Their Mother, U Mi And Her Little Brother, U Il, Are Shuttled Between Relatives Until Their Father Retrieves Them He Puts The Children In The Care Of A Young Stepmother, Fresh From A Brothel, Who Looks After Them During The Week While He Works At A Remote Building SiteBut The Stepmother Is Soon Driven Away By The Father S Violent Possessiveness Depressed, The Father No Longer Returns For His Weekend Visits, And The Children Are Left To Fend For Themselves U Mi Attempts To Care For U Il, With Help From Neighbours, But Her Despair Leads Her To Mimic Her Father S Behaviour, Abusing The One Person Closest To Her A Beautifully Written, Deeply Affecting Story Of A Shattered ChildhoodTranslated By Jenny Wang MedinaOh Jung Hee Was Born In Seoul In In The S, When Modernisation Was In Full Force In Korea, She Began Her Career As A Writer And Is Now An Uncontested Master Of This Genre Of Brief, Dense Prose, The Quintessence Of Korean Literature