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I m giving this book three stars, but before we get into the review proper, I must ask what happened to Weis and Hickman Looking at this book and comparing it to the original Chronicles or the Legends trilogy, it is like reading completely different authors The language is much simplistic, as if there is a fear of using too difficult of a vocabulary I know I read their earlier books as a kid, but it is not just nostalgia talking here, I pulled out my copies of the older books and there is a significant change in the vocabulary level I can t help but wonder what happened Has their writing quality gone down with age, or have they realized that many people such as myself discovered Dragonlance at a young age It does serve as a solid introduction to the fantasy genre and as such they have embraced this as a philosophy towards the series and are now writing it geared towards a younger audience Perhaps I m too cynical, but this series as a whole feels a bit of a cash grab, perhaps they just don t care anyOkay, enough of the depressing guesswork, let s focus on the book Unlike the first two novels in this trilogy, this one is a story that I think actually adds to the original series to a certain extent Raistlin was mysteriously absent throughout the third book of the Chronicles and many readers wondered what all he was up to Well, here is our chance to find out and though it is obviously a fill in the gap sort of story, it is much better done than the previous two outings Perhaps Weis well known regard for the Raistlin character made her care again with the cynicism I promise I will stop Here we find out exactly what Raistlin was up to in Neraka during Spring Dawning, we get to see his inner struggle over choosing sides in this conflict and we get a bit of a mystery over a mysterious assassin.Overall I preferred this book to the other two On the plus side, the story is far interesting It focuses almost entirely on Raistlin, which keeps the story focused as a whole and far less rambling than the previous two outings it s also a bit shorter, which may also account for the focus There are cons though As I focused on above, the writing quality is still down Also, a good portion of the story does seem like they are trying to add to Raistlin s importance in the final novel of the Chronicles trilogy including him in scenes that he was absent from and making some of companions of the lance luckier moments in the last book become his achievements I don t particularly this as it takes away from the other companions accomplishments On a spoiler ish note, view spoiler do we really need another Fistandantilus battle It seems like there s some sort of quota Weis and Hickman have to meet Ah, writing another trilogy Raistlin in it Well, better have a fight with Fistandantilus Seriously, I ve lost track of how many times they ve confronted each other throughout the Dragonlance series Also that mysterious assassin I mentioned earlier Don t expect much from that plot line It s dismissed early on and only brought up briefly again towards the end hide spoiler This is by far the best book in The Lost Chronicles trilogy The first two, especially Dragons of the Dwarven Depths, feel like filler books, written to flesh out the gaps between novels This book, however, feels like its own story, and it truly adds depth to an already complex character.Raistlin Majere is the protagonist of this novel In the Chronicles series, Raistlin isn t one of those characters that you either like or don t like More typically, you like and dislike him at the same time Appropriately, he wears the red robes But in Dragons of Spring Dawning, Raistlin disappears, only to come back at the right moment to help his friends well, mostly to help himself but is now wearing the black robes, to his twin brother Caramon s dismay In this novel, the last of The Lost Chronicles, the reader follows Raistlin after the maelstrom, after he uses the dragon orb to escape, leaving his brother and his friends to die or so he thinks We finally get a clear understanding of why Raisltin does what he does, which adds depth to his character in The Chronicles but also in the Legends trilogy, where we get backstory about Raistlin and Fistandantilus Raistlin generally comes off cold hearted and callous, especially towards Caramon In this book, we get to see Raisltin s inner turmoil, the true love that he has and hides for his brother, and even the fondness he still holds for his childhood friends Flint s death is particularly moving in this book, as we see that Raisltin really was there to say good bye, whereas in Dragons of Spring Dawning, there is no indication of Raistlin s presence The fact that Raistlin keeps his presence hidden even from his brother and friends cloaked in his invisibility spell makes his good bye moving since it is unnecessary and therefore personal Finally, the book is interesting It flows from one action to the next, adding detail about Neraka, The Towers of High Sorcery, and, in one of my favorite scenes, the moon gods It adds to all of the major series about the original heroes I highly recommend this book, but I do recommend that you read The Chronicles and The Legends first You could read these between The Chronicles to get the full picture, but there are references to events in The Legends that may spoil that series for you if you read it later If you do read it between, it would go Dragons of Autumn Twilight Chronicles I , Dragons of the Dwarven Depths The Lost Chronicles I , Dragons of Winter Night Chronicles II , Dragons of the Highlord Skies The Lost Chronicles II , Dragons of Spring Dawning Chronicles III , and then Dragons of the Hourglass Mage The Lost Chronicles III Hopefully, this helps someone as I know the reading order can be confusing Between Chronicles And Legends, What Made Raistlin Aspire To Godhood Raistlin Majere Has Become A Black Robe Wizard And Travels To Neraka, The Lord City Of The Dark Queen, Ostensibly To Work For Her, Though In Reality He Means To Further His Own Quest For Power But Takhisis Finds Out That The Dragon Orb Has Entered Her City And Sends Her Draconians To Find And Destroy The Wizard Who Has It In His Possession Before Her Agents Can Strike, Though, Raistlin Finds Out That Takhisis Means To Take Control Of All Wizardly Magic She Has Ordered Kitiara To Set A Trap For The Gods Of Magic On The Night Of The Eye, When All The High Ranking Wizards Will Be In Neraka To CelebrateAs The Forces Of Light, With Help From The Good Dragons, Are Turning The Tide Of Battle, Raistlin Is Forced To Flee, For His Foes Are Closing In On Him As The Dragon Highlords Vie For The Crown Of Power In The Temple Of The Dark Queen, Raistlin Majere Wages His Own Desperate Battle Against Takhisis In The Dungeons Below And Meets Again The Brother He Betrayed The Fate Of The World Hangs In The Balance I have a soft spot in my heart for Dragonlance the first two trilogies are among my favorite and I ve read them each 5 10 times Don t know why I never read the Lost Chronicles but I m reading them now and my anticipation for this one was pretty high so high in fact that I skipped volume 2 to be read at a later time since it s main character was Raistlin I m a huge Raistlin fan my first tattoo was of Raistlin back in 1989 so I m a little biased.This was a fine novel but nothing great It had great characters The plot was average at best should Raistlin help the Dark Queen but be her servant OR oppose the Dark Queen and risk everything Not much adventure or magic The finale was a complete letdown MehI ll give it 3 stars for nostalgia sake but probably the weakest Dragonlance book I ve ever read. As a Raistlin fan, I have been waiting so long to read this I finally got my chance and find myself disappointed Even though the authors mention that it s best to read other dragonlance books before this, you really don t need to There is so much repetition and information given that any dragonlance reader already knows Many of the races and places, and the magic system and characters are described in too much depth for someone familiar with the series I don t remember the previous two Lost Chronicles going over so much background information before getting to the story Oh well, this is about Raistlin after all, so readers can rejoice a little bit.The plot in Dragons of the Hourglass Mage is very simple, and if all of the filler is taken out, it s very short Raistlin does some tasks around Neraka makes a friend with a female black robe, then goes through the events mentioned in other dragonlance novels The events in the novel take place over a small period of time, and I have gained no new information from reading this It s basically a few of the events in Spring Dawning from Raistlin s point of view I didn t like some of the pieces with Raistlin being scared, whiny, and helpless It feels out of character to me However, I did eat this book up very quickly and enjoyed it overall, but I was expecting so much. The final book in the Lost Chronicles series, this story focuses on Raistlin, and what happened to him after he appeared on the steps of the Great Library in Palanthas using the dragon orb It shows us not only how he ended up in Neraka at the end of Dragons of Spring Dawning, but also why he chose to do what he did in the end.Being a book from one of my favorite fantasy series as a kid, and about my favorite character from that series, I thought that I would have enjoyed this one than I actually did Don t get me wrong, it s not a bad book by any means, but something just seemed a little bit off to me In fact, there were times when Raistlin himself seemed to be a little off, and that really pulled me out of the story on a couple of occasions Having said that, there are several scenes in this story that I liked a lot, such as the scenes with Flint, and others that gave some insight into how things later played out in the original Chronicles There were also moments where Raistlin s eternal struggle with himself gave a bit insight into the character, and they make reading the book well worth it in the end, especially if, like me, you like this character for just that reason.Favorite quotes passages You will regret this, Fistandantilus said I will add it to my list, Raistlin said, and he placed his hands upon the cold crystal of the dragon orb Laurana had been a little in awe of him, a little afraid of him She had trusted him, however He had not known why, except that she had seemed to see something in him others could not, something even he could not see He had appreciated her trust, been touched by it He had loved herno, not loved her, cherished her, as a man parched with thirst and lost in the desert cherishes a sip of cool water She is everything you are, my sister, and all that you are not, Raistlin said softly I have to change the darkness, he said. This one was my favourite of the Lost Chronicles books particularly the end, it was great seeing how this storyline fit in with the end of the original Spring Dawning.Overall, with the Lost Chronicles I think I d give Dwarven Depths a 3.5, Highlord Skies a 4, and Hourglass Mage a 4.5 But since Goodreads doesn t let us be so precise, they re all getting 4s.I think in general I would lump the Lost Chronicles in with perhaps the Tales subseries of books not epic storytelling in the wider arc of the original Chronicles, Legends, Summer Flame, and so forth, but rather smaller stories that fill in the gaps.All in all very enjoyable, and it was great reading these More trials and tribulations for Raistlin, possibly my favourite character apart from Tas I m still thinking about the ending and not quite sure if I understood it fully but regardless of that I loved this book pure reading pleasure for me Next one please. Dragonlance was what introduced me to fantasy as an adult I was charmed by the world and the creatures in it especially the kender, a race unique to this setting Over the years, I ve read a lot of these novels and it is always enjoyable to enter this world These books are a kind of comfort reads to me.Margaret Weis and Tracy Hickman are the two authors who have written the core books in this series From the amazing Chronicles, over Legends and Dragons of Summer Flame and finally The War of Souls, they have guided many readers through this, their world When they decided to write The Lost Chronicles, I was ecstatic The Chronicles are my favourite books in the Dragonlance series and to get a new trilogy that goes back and fill out the gaps in those books, are just amazing But then something happened Something happened between the authors and the publisher and suddenly the third book was postponed or maybe even cancelled But luckily it s here and I ve been looking forward to it especially since it unfortunately seems to be the last book from Weis Hickman in the Dragonlance world Fittingly, this is a book about Raistlin.In this book, we join up with Raistlin after he used his magic to leave his friends and brother on a ship going down in the Maelstrom He shows up on the steps to the library in Palanthas and we follow him on his road to evil Or do we Because even though he dons the black robes, he isn t evil through and through We follow Raistlin on his stay in Neraka, visiting Kitiara at Dargaard Keep and figuring out whether he is a follower of Takhisis or Nuitari And maybe most important of all, we witness his struggle with Fistandantilus, the old wizard who helped Raistlin through the test at the Tower of High Sorcery, but at a price Some questions are answered, some gaps are filled and maybe it s clearer than ever where Raistlin s loyalties lie.The book had some great scenes in it my favourite involves Flint at Godshome But overall, it didn t really do it for me The story was interesting but it didn t have that same old feeling Now I know, Raistlin has never been my favourite character and this book is about him and not really any of the other old companions but that s not it really because I loved Margaret Weis two books about Raistlin and his brother It just didn t have enough of the Dragonlance feeling maybe because Weis Hickman has spent a lot of time working on books in other worlds.I can quite put my finger on what it was I just didn t enjoy this book as much as the other books in this trilogy or as a lot of the other books in the setting. This was a decent book, but like the other two in the series, it took half to two thirds of the book before it got interesting It was nice to know what happened to Raislen when he left the group in the original trilogy However, I wish there would have been of a reconciliation ending 3 5 stars.