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When Frederica Beauchamp Boards A Ship For The Americas, She Dreams Of A Life Filled With Adventure, But She Gets Than She Bargained For When Her Passenger Ship Is Attacked By Pirates The Heartless Men Kidnap Her And Force Her To Serve Their Captain A Fate That Might Be Worse Than Death, Since Though He Does Not Have His Way With Her, The Captain Delights In Baring Her, Shaming Her, And Thrashing Her Bare Bottom As Punishment For Every Imagined DisobedienceAfter The Pirates Bring Aboard An Injured Man Found Floating In The Sea, Frederica Tends To His Wounds And Learns That He Is Gaston Galette, A Survivor Of A Shipwrecked Vessel Gaston Seeks Her Help To Overthrow The Vile Captain, But When Their Plan Goes Awry He Is Forced To Use All Of His Wiles To Save Them As The Na Ve Girl And The Seasoned Sailor Navigate One Perilous Situation After Another, He Informs Frederica That The Only Way They Can Survive Is If He Is In Command, And That If She Thinks Things Can Be Otherwise, She Will Be Taken Over His Knee For A Bare Bottom SpankingAs He Watches The Proud, Willful Frederica Bow To His Authority, However, Gaston Worries That Her Growing Hold On His Heart Will Be His Downfall He Knows He Cannot Take A Woman With Him When He Returns To His Ship And Crew, But When Frederica Accepts His Lustful Dominance Completely, Submitting To Him With Grace And Beauty No Other Woman Could Match, Gaston Realizes That He May Never Be Able To Let Her GoPublisher S Note Rescued By The Buccaneer Is The First Book Of The Pirates Of The Jolie Rouge Trilogy It Is An Adventure And Erotic Romance Novel That Includes Spankings, Sexual Scenes Including Elements Of BDSM And Humiliation, And If Such Material Offends You, Please Don T Buy This Book

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    So, I was overcome with coverlustyet again.This is probably best described as historical erotica I don t have outrageously high standards for historical content in erotica But this was just not good It s one of those historical s where you get the impression that the extent of research on the time period the author did was to read other a couple of other historical romances of the same time period Historical erotica can be good Seriously, check out Jess Michaels or Charlotte Featherstone The sex wasn t even all that good At least had it been fantastic sex that could have made up for the rest of the content or lack thereof.I d skip it if I was you.

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    I was given this book by Normandie Alleman in exchange for an honest reviewRight to start of with is that I love Normandie s books I have read a few of them and they never get old, they are always different and fresh and this one sits right up there with the rest of my reads from her..The thing for me is why this one is so freaking good is I don t normally read these types of books e.g pirates,historical they have just never really appealed to me but with this book it was so different, I can kinda understand the appeal with pirates lolI got an email from her and she sent me the plot an when I first read it I was like hmmm not so sure because of what it was but I was like okay Joanne you have read her work and loved it so give this a try and so I did and I am just glad that I did.In this book we have Frederica who is annoyingly naive at times as well as stubborn and when she is put to it she can argue like a pro and also makes the points come across when they are making not one bit of sense but the thing I liked is that she wanted a life and a adventure for her and her friend who is like a sister but she just wanted and you can t knock a chick for wanting for the better, well that is before her ship is attacked down from the pirates and she is taking against her will.Will she ever be free What is to come of her future Would she rather be dead then face what the nasty captain has in store for her Of course with these types of books there is always a good guy well a hot sexy guy that makes you wanna jump his bones and that s when Gaston comes into this tale enters Gaston with his hot wet body he is like one of those guys that think he is the LORD but not in a bad way so to speak, he is cunning and ruthless.What s he got up his sleeve Will he open his heart for a chance of love I can say that for something I don t normally read that I really enjoyed this.This first part of the trilogy was a great start and left me wanting and I can also say as a spanking kink that is huge for me the spanking in this was perfect It left me feeling like I wanted a spanking and I made sure I got one lol.Thanks for letting me read and review this book and the huge build up to a great trilogy to come

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    This was my first Normandie Alleman story, and wow was I impressed She really puts together a great story Frederica , taken captive by a Jolie Rouge pirate ship, is tenacious and strong willed, a woman who can do anything she sets her mind to.Gaston, a good guy also a pirate , set adrift in the sea, meets Frederica aboard the pirate ship, and talks her into helping him attempt a mutiny This was a wonderful mixture of high seas action and drama, mixed with island romance and hot sex, further combined with a fun engaging plot that kept me turning the pages And the spankings I loved them too There was such an interesting contrast between the harsh punishments doled out by the pirate captain, the bad guy that takes our heroine captive , and the firm chastisements given out by Gaston.I loved the interplay between these three main characters, and adored the sexual awakening the beautiful, young Frederica went through.This was action packed, romantic, sexy had great emotional character development, and some awesome spankings What a fun read I can t wait for the next story

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    love anything Normandie Alleman, I first discovered her as an author when I started reviewing for Stormy Night Publications The first book I read by her was Daddy Morebucks and I loved it Since then I have become an avid fan of hers reading everything by her She is definitely one of my top 5 favorite authors When she told me she was writing a historical pirate trilogy I was intrigued I usually despise anything historical but I wanted to see if Normandie remained herself when writing this By adding a strong personality and a sprinkle of humor She does just that Frederica Beauchamp has a lot of growing up to do, she is most certainly naive and stubborn She knows how to put up a good argument and point out things when they don t make any sense She boards a ship for the Americas and gets than her fair share of adventure when her ship is attacked and she is taken prisoner on a pirate ship Faced with a fate far worse than death, she is humiliated and used for the captain s pleasure.Gaston Galette slips into the story perfectly, he comes along the pirate ship as a survivor from a ship wrecked vessel and meets Frederica when she is dressing his wounds He learns a little about her in the beginning and already has a plan to overthrow the captain To me, Gaston is that schoolboy that is full of mischief and always had a plan up his sleeve He is careless in all thing except when it comes to Frederica, he feels a need to protect her I loved Rescued By The Buccaneer because it has a strong buildup that will lead you into wanting to read the rest of the trilogy If you are seeking kink, there is some but not a whole lot Book One is mostly the buildup to let you know about the characters and their various personalities I look forward to reading Book Two, Bound By The Buccaneer later this year

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    Rescue ME Gaston Let me start by saying how much I loved these characters I LOVE a book where I can connect and actually get inside the head of the characters Frederica and Gaston really came alive for me It was easy to empathize with Frederica and all the terrible things that happened to her, and Gaston was as magnetic and charming as could be From the moment they met I was rooting for them to get together It took a while for Gaston to come around and for her to stop being upset with him, but ultimately the payoff for the reader is huge and the love scenes are sizzling I recommend as a fresh take on historical erotic romance

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    Rescued By the Buccaneer by Normandie Alleman is a great book that I could not put down Frederica, aka Freddy, cracked me up throughout the book One minute she is shy, virginal, and naive, and the next she is wanton, fierce and brave He trip to the colonies does not go exactly as planned, but she makes the best out of a bad situation I seriously do not know how to classify this book It was funny, romantic, erotic, and adventurous For a short read, I did not feel like there was anything missing.I hope to read from this author She seems to get the right blend of, well everything, to make this book work I give 4 stars for keeping me entertained.

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    If you are looking for adventure, romance, and steamy sex, this is the book for you When Frederica gets captured by malicious pirates, it s only fitting that she be rescued by another pirate She and her rescuer, Gaston, find themselves shipwrecked on a tropical island That s when the love story and steamy scenes escalate I love Gaston s character, and as I was reading I kept picturing Johnny Depp the whole time Of course Frederica is a feisty heroine who gives Gaston everything he can handle I highly recommend this book as a fun, sexy, historical escape I can t wait for the second book I was given a copy of this book for a fair and honest review.

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    Okay I needed a book with pirates for a challenge preferable with BDSM This story was very standard and not particulary good A dime a dozen story fluffy, boring and predictable and disappointing Or maybe it s just me and I like my books darker nowadays Hoog boeketreeksgehalte Niets bijzonders, 13 in een dozijn verhaaltje saai en voorspelbaar.

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    I received this book from the author for an honest review Pirates, adventure and romance were all mixed into this novella Filled with heart racing moments of spanking as this pirate had to reign in this feisty young woman.Frederica Beauchamp, seeking adventure, left the comfort of her diseased parents home to find her own way to the new world But life as we know it does not always work out as we planned and soon she found herself in the hands of a ruthless pirate Captain Humphrey from the Jolie Rouge held her captive in his cabin while teaching her the ways of the flesh This young virgin, not realizing the effect what his ministration had on her body became his sex slave and found herself locked up in his cabin for months She never lost her hope to find what she always dreamed about Knowing that there was so much to discover than what she was experiencing Her skills coming to the rescue every time she needed a reason to proof herself.When they picked up a shipwrecked, from the ocean, her world changed once again.Gaston Galette, found himself at the mercy of this unsavory captain trying to take over the ship since the sailors were already dissatisfied with him But disaster struck and he and Frederica found themselves walking the plank.A man used to be in command, Gaston seemed to be always in control, no matter the circumstances His knowledge and skill saving them both Lost at sea they survived when they came across a island, finding their way and each other where she had learned about her own body by the hands of this pirate captain Totally different form Captain Humphrey.Passion ignited from the moment they met and willingly she submitted to this man she hardly knew When choices had to be made continue with her journey or stay with him we find this young woman defying every rule to proof herself to him.A fast paced story filled with action, adventure and enough erotica to keep you entertained till the very last end Both characters were challenged in their way of life, learning to cope with what life dealt them, finding than they had expected.