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Countless Black Women Would Rather Attend Church Naked Than Hatless For These Women, A Church Hat, Flamboyant As It May Be, Is No Mere Fashion Accessory It S A Cherished African American Custom, One Observed With Boundless Passion By Black Women Of Various Religious Denominations A Woman S Hat Speaks Long Before Its Wearer Utters A Word It S What Deirdre Guion Calls Hattitudethere S A Little Strut In Your Carriage When You Wear A Nice Hat There S Something Special About You If A Hat Says A Lot About A Person, It Says Even About A People The Customs They Observe, The Symbols They Prize, And The Fashions They Fancy Photographer Michael Cunningham Beautifully Captures The Self Expressions Of Women Of All Ages From Young Glamorous Women To Serene But Stylish Grandmothers Award Winning Journalist Craig Marberry Provides An Intimate Look At The Women And Their Lives Together They Ve Captured A Captivating Custom, This Wearing Of Church Hats, A Peculiar Convergence Of Faith And Fashion That Keeps The Sabbath Both Holy And Glamorous

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    I found this in my local public library with a bookplate as a donated book The cover is quite eye catching but that is only a teaser The book first shows a photo of the lady and her hat an important hat to be sure Then the next two pages are the story the lady chose to tell about her hat These hat stories always include bits of wisdom and lovely memories of family and friends This was a joy to read and to view these ladies and those all important hats I believe any woman reading this book will understand so much about being a woman, life, loves, strengths, and sometimes the heartbreaks that make us who we are My favorite hat was the one worn by Deidre Guion who stated her hat was reminiscent of the Mae West era and a whole lot of hat There is no denying either of those two statements about the hat she wore to her grandmother s funeral There is also a story about a request to a funeral director to have the deceased wear her hat in the casket the funeral director is a hat wearing lady and understands that somehow,someway she will make this work These are special stories of special women and I am sure you will love this book as I did.

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    We just know inside that we re queens And these are the crowns we wear This book was a real pleasure, both the photos and the brief recollections of the women in them These women can WEAR them hats It s a broad group of photo subjects, ranging from 22 to at least 78 in age, professions ranging from teachers, to Urban League presidents, to secretaries, to state representatives Each has a story about why they wear hats and why they chose that one for the photo shoot Some are hilarious, others touching Getting a glimpse into COGIC culture through the three subjects deliberately chosen for that purpose is an extra treat Each subject is eye catching and mind catching I may just get my wife a hat.

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    I was looking at books with low circulation, and this one jumped out at me My aunt met her best friend through mutual hat admiration, and, while I m not a hat wearer, I love them on other people This book fell open at the perfect quote Before we left for the party, my mother said we looked adorable I said, Adorable ain t what we re shooting for Each black and white portrait is accompanied with an individual story about hats and life experience This book is fascinating and beautiful and gutsy just like the women in the luscious black and white photographs.

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    This is a beautiful book The subject has fascinated me for a long time and this unique book provides a personal insight from African American women on the importance of hats an instance where fashion has much much inner meaning in addition to the outside beauty I think also that hats throughout time, in many cultures, have been an element of women s lives that marked their own choice, personal style, and a true statement when women had few statements to call theirs.

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    We just know inside we re queens And these are the crowns we wear Felecia McMillan JournalistMichael Cunningham s stunning black white photographs and Craig Marberry s gift and ability to find the voices stories of the women in the photos combine to give a beautiful view of black American women.

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    Crowns Portraits of Black Women and their Church Hats Young and Mature Queens show off their headress in this book This book showcases beautiful pictures along with short biographies of the hat wearers and also goes briefly into the history behind the significance of hats in the black community.

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    This book, though not necessarily a book in the traditional sense, gives a great insight into the lives of African American women The many women shown in the photographs are all different and each with their own lesson to teach us This is a good coffee table book just to flip through.

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    A brilliant visualization of a religious social phenomena Humorous and serious while being very respectful and insightful I may kick this one up to a 5 star rating after I ve let it sit and soak in for a few months.

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    I borrowed this book for my wife from an African American Episcopal priest that I work with I watched her reading it and with occasional laughter but always a smile and decided I need to take a look too Great book with some great hats, not the kind you ll find on a skinny old white woman.

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    These photos document an era that is passing, that of the elaborate hats that African American women wear to church I found the hats to be amazing The ladies expressions tell you a lot about themselves as well.