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It S True AfterYear Old Ben S Father Announces He S Gay And The Family Splits Apart, Ben Does Everything He Can To Tick Him Off Skip School, Smoke Pot, Skateboard Nonstop, Get Arrested But He Never Thinks He Ll End Up Yanked Out Of His City Life And Plunked Down Into A Small Montana Town With His Dad And Edward, The Boyfriend As If It S Not Painful Enough Living In A Hick Town With Spiked Hair, A Skateboard Habit, And Two Dads, He Soon Realizes Something S Not Quite Right With Billy, The Boy Next Door He S Hiding A Secret About His Family, And Ben Is Determined To Uncover It And Set Things Right In An Authentic, Unaffected, And Mordantly Funny Voice, Michael Harmon Tells The Wrenching Story Of An Uprooted And Uncomfortable Teenaged Guy Trying To Fix The Lives Around Him While Figuring Out His Own From The Hardcover Edition

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    In his old life, Ben did drugs and hung out with the wrong crowd He was never afraid of getting caught In fact, he wanted to get caught just to spite his gay father, Paul Paul came out to their family about thirteen years too late, and after his announcement Ben s mother moved away After seeing various therapists and attending numerous counseling sessions, Ben is forced to move to Montana with Paul, and Paul s boyfriend Edward But it takes time for a city boy to adapt to a country setting and according to Edward s tenacious mother, lots of hard work as well.Everything about this book was very good, just not perfect For example, most of the characters were extremely well developed, especially Paul They dealt with situations in certain ways that made the book seem realistic, instead of simply getting along without any problems Sometimes stereotypes were utilized, like with Kimberly, but it did not interfere with the story.The plot was also surprisingly original the conflict was not resolved the way I foresaw, and most of the time the story was funny and entertaining While nothing blew me out of the water, I still enjoyed the quaint country feel from the setting and the hot button issue of gay parents the author addressed.I would recommend this to reluctant male readers, or anyone looking for a story where the main character has two parents of the same gender.

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    A very funny and wise book about a teen named Ben whose father comes out of the closet, breaking up his marriage in the process Ben is not happy and acts out in an effort to give Dad a little payback But the tables are turned when Ben s Dad decides to move to a small town in Montana, with his new boyfriend, Edward Edward grew up in this town and the family moves in with his elderly mother, who is a tart tongued tough old bird, not averse to handing out whacks for bad behavior But despite an inauspicious beginning in his new town, Ben discovers the value of hard work and the girl of his dreams Perhaps the ending is a bit too upbeat, but I loved Ben s funny voice in this YA novel.

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    SummaryWhen Ben reaches the age of 17, his father tells him that he is a homosexual, which causes his wife to leave him After this Ben spirals out of control by smoking, drinking, and taking illegal drugs In an effort to save him his father and his lover, Edward, take him to Miss Mae s house Miss Mae is Edward s mom who is a very tough woman who teaches Ben how to live and how to show respect The book has a great amount of suspense especially from the moment Ben starts feeling sorry for their neighbor, falls in love and actually starts to like their new home.ReviewThe Last Exit to Normal was a book that I thoroughly enjoyed The beginning started out with a lot of action and just the fact that the story had a homosexual dad made the story interesting The fact that a teenager was smoking, taking drugs, and drinking was something that really pulled my attention Even though all these things didn t seem realistic, the author did a great job of making the story realistic But the best part started after Ben moved to live with Miss Mae Their fights and conversations were hilarious and always made me crack a laugh The relationship between Ben and his girlfriend is also interesting Their first date was basically him saving a man from death, which becomes one of the great reasons of why he is accepted in the town The story doesn t focus on one part rather than everything from him not being able to cope with his dad and how he has to try and save Billy, his neighbor who is being abused Overall the book is great The only thing I didn t like was the ending I felt like it happened extremely fast and was just a way for the author to end the book The fire, a teenager going to jail, and Ben living happily ever after just didn t seem realistic But that doesn t take away from the fact that this was one of the books that really caught my attention and I wasn t able to put it down until I got to the end.

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    Harmon, Michael 2008 The Last Exit to Normal.The decoder card to the universe wasn t included in the box of cereal God gave humanity At the ripe old age of seventeen, I d at least figured out that no matter how hard you try to guess what happens next, you can t Life wasn t set up that way and we don t like it, so we spend most of our time running around like a bunch of dimwits.Ben Campbell, our narrator, I must admit, is one of my favorite characters of the year He makes this book work for me The story itself It s as simple and complex as life itself Ben moves with his two fathers to a small Montana town after Ben has some emotional problems after the big reveal and its aftermath His father is gay his mother moved out and away The three move in with Edward s mother, Bonnie Mae Ingerson And let me tell you, Bonnie Mae is quite a character Character with a capital C Just one of many reasons why I love this one The book is a coming of age story of a boy coming to terms with his life as it now is It s about a boy learning that it s okay that it s not okay It s than that It s about life and love work and play friends and enemies It s about a boy becoming a hero, making a stand when and where he can.I can t promise you ll love this one I did though But you should definitely give it a try Becky Laney of Becky s Book Reviews

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    I really enjoyed Last Exit to Normal The characters were well drawn I didn t always like the main character, Ben, but I understood his anger and his motivation to do some of the crazy angry things he did The story arc was satisfying because there are unexpected moments, a real plot and character development Ben s anger at his father for coming out as a gay man when Ben was 14, seems very realistic as does his acting out in the subsequent years, the motivating factor for his dad and his momdad as he likes to call Edward moving the family to Edward s home town of Rough Butte, Montana At first Ben thinks the town fits all the stereotypes of rural, small town life but as he gets to know people, he finds friendships, love and respect for many people who he might have dismissed at first meeting.

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    Ben Campbell, resident of Spokane,Washington, has a lot to deal with as a teen His dad has come out of the closet and his mom left He is left with his dad and his new momdad Ben rebels with drugs and other various acts until his dad and momdad decide that relocation to Rough Butte, Montana might help straighten Ben out In Rough Butte, they move in with momdad s mom, Miss Mae Miss Mae makes the story She is a terrific character and I hated saying goodbye to her the end of the story The story deals with Ben dealing with life with a gay dad, moving to a small town, and a neighbor that is a child abuser We watch Ben evolve into a wonderful young man and finally feel accepted Rough Butte turns out to be a town of awesome citizens as well as the usual evil citizens I loved this book and believe Michael Harmon s characterization is some of the very best.

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    When Ben s father announces that he s gay, his mom takes off and his dad shoves Ben into all the therapy money can buy After several years of abusing various drugs and getting into trouble, Ben s dad relocates the family Ben, his dad, and his dad s husband Edward to Rough Butte, Montana They move in with Edward s mother, a no nonsense country widow, and Ben has to toughed up quick He also has to deal with the lingering issues he has with his dad An ambitious novel and one I really enjoyed Ben and his family are complex and there are no easy answers The people of Rough Butte are also complex Some have a problem with Ben s dad and his husband, but others are accepting.

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    This book was not easy to read But the narrator is real, and smart, and has a very interesting view of the world Ben s dad is gay, and upon this announcement his mother leaves Fast forward a few years, Ben and his dad live with his dad s boyfriend Ben has been through some stuff and gets into some trouble so they move out of the city and into some supertiny town in Montana Ben, a skateboarding former pothead, feels than a little out of place But I liked Ben, and I thought he was honest about a lot of things, and the story was interesting.

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    The Last Exit to Normal by Michael Harmon is an absolutely fantastic book It is about a boy named Ben who s father blows apart his family because he s gay They move to Montana and Ben has to adjust to his life there but there is a dark secret in the little town and Ben is hell bent on discovering what it is.

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    I m really kind of surprised this made it onto BBYA I felt like Harmon crammed way too much into the book, between the conflict with Ben s gay father, Ben s angst over his mother leaving, the abused kid next door, the psycho obsessed with Ben s girlfriend, and, oh yeah, two near fatal incidents.