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Explore The Many Fascinating Nineteenth Century Traditions Associated With Death And Mourning The Widespread Influence Of England S Queen Victoria Perpetuated Displays Of Grieving As She, Her Court, And Loyal Subjects Remained In A State Of Mourning For Over Forty Years Over Color Photographs Display Jewelry, Photography And Painted Portraits, Children S, Men S, And Women S Clothes Poems, Letters Of Sympathy, Armbands, Procession Badges, Hair Receivers, Announcements, And Horse Drawn Vehicles That Were Specifically Associated With Death Customs Symbolism In Written Phrases, Flowers, And Objects Is Presented And Many Examples Are Shown Over Pages Of A Victorian Hair Jewelry Catalog Are Included, Showing Hundreds Of Designs That Could Be Ordered As Keepsakes, Often Using Your Own Hair Today S Collectors Of Friendship And Mourning Memorabilia Can Expect To See Antique Items That Not Only Speak Of Comfort And Solace In Times Of Need But Continue To Appreciate In Value Morbidly, horribly fascinating People would pose their dead loved ones in life like positions for death protraits Interesting note, Mourning dresses were the first off the rack clothing articles to be sold to women I kept exclaiming out loud, Why would they do that The book starts off with a short introduction to the Victorian period when thanks to an increasing middle class, affordable photography and the mother of all mourners, Queen Victoria death became obsessively romantic and fetishized.Aimed at collectors, the book is lavishly illustrated with photographs and gives a brief survey of related mourning items such as funeral invitations, memorial stationery, deathbed photos, tear catchers , celluloid mourning pins, mourning clothing and hairwork jewelry It also includes a reproduction of a book published in 1875, The Art of Hairwork, which shows how human hair jewelry ewww was made.This book is also a good starting point for those interested in learning about the customs and fashions of the time To nitpick There are some rather obvious mistakes in this book that could have easily been caught by a good copy editor words running together, miss matched topic headings, etc The picture captions also tend to repeat the text verbatim, which is especially irritating when the text is located right next to the picture that is captioned.