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From Debut Author Matt Tomerlin Comes A Brutal Tale Of Revenge Set During The Golden Age Of PiracyKatherine Lindsay, The Pampered Young Wife Of A Wealthy Ship Captain, Has Left Her Leisurely Life In London To Accompany Her Husband To America So Far Their Journey Has Been Uneventful, Even Boring But When Ruthless Pirates Suddenly Storm The Ship To Plunder Her Husband S Riches, Katherine Is One Of The Treasures They Steal, Sparking A Bloody Chain Of Events That Will Alter The Course Of Piracy In The Caribbean Forever Whisked Aboard A Fearsome Brigantine Named Harbinger , She Must Contend With An Ambitious Pirate Captain Who Wants Her For His Own, A Sadistic Quartermaster Who Firmly Believes That Women Bring Bad Luck Upon A Ship, And A Crew Full Of Lustful Miscreants With No Means Of Escape On The Horizon, She Quickly Befriends A Dashing Young Deckhand And A Cowardly Surgeon As Katherine Grows Accustomed To Life Among Pirates, She Finds It Increasingly Difficult To Resist Her Attraction To Their Wayward Lifestyle And The Thrill Of High Seas Adventure But The Memory Of Her Dead Husband Weighs Heavily On Her Conscience, And Her Rising Guilt May Prove To Be The Ultimate Undoing Of Her Kidnappers Pirate Lovers Will Find No Shortage Of Treachery, Cutlass Duels, Ship Battles, Buried Treasure And Much, Much

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    You know when a book is simply incredible when you re thinking about it constantly This book was absolutely amazing and my mind was on nothing else It tells the tale of a woman whose unfortunate circumstances cause her to end up on a ship full of pirates Tomerlin has unflinchingly written this novel with an interesting and attention grabbing plot It contains some scenes that are somewhat gruesome but they simply add to the irresistibility of turning the pages The main character is extremely admirable and Tomerlin easily created a sense of each of the characters highlighting their unique individualities This honestly is the best book I read in a long while and I cannot wait for the next in the series to be released This is a rare gem and I am so glad I found it Now I m off to buy Tomerlin s novella for my kindle

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    Once I got through the first half, which takes a lot of time setting up the characters, I couldn t put this down The ending threw me for a loop I don t usually talk to books, but I caught myself yelling, Don t do it at the heroine Looking forward to the next one.

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    I picked this book up thinking it was a romance Nothing could have been further from the truth While it starts out as a typical pirate romance,it changes course about mid way through the book I began to have a love hate relationship with the central male character I really wanted to like him but i just couldn t I m interested to see where the next book goes I really liked the story line The gore was a little much for me but not off based for true pirate stories My only negative comment is that there should have been a little research into the injuries suffered by the main character and her stay on the main mast I will definitely be reading the second installment.

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    This is another novel I ve been wanting to finish for a while, but I have been unexpectedly delayed with other reading projects I was expecting a swashbuckling, exciting adventure novel, action packed with sea battles and a little romance mixed in In some ways, The Devil s Fire delivered exactly this, just not quite in the way I was expecting.The Devil s Fire begins with pirate captain Griffith seizing a British vessel, killing its captain Thomas Lindsay and taking his wife Katherine prisoner I found the novel to be very harsh on the female protagonist Katherine to begin with, but I guess this was structured so to build her character for events later on.The novel is divided in POV chapters, some whom I became attached to very quickly, particularly in the case of Nathan Adams Others I detested, primarily Edward Livingston because he was such a terrible person, but his character was fundamental to the story and it wouldn t have been the same without him.The writing style I found to be unexpectedly gritty, and some of the events that occurred were quite horrific and gruesome, bordering on gratuitous at times such that I wasn t overly keen to read chapters where certain characters were present I supposed you could say these events did make the reader appreciate the later events though.A novel that should have been a very quick and easy read, but this was not so Hopefully when I come to read book 2, I will have time to do so, but I don t think I will be reading it for a while This was still an enjoyable read though and I will rate it at 3.5 stars rounded up to 4.

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    Reading The Devil s Fire is not unlike sailing the high seas You are pitched from the dizzying torrents of murder, gore and battles one moment, then dragged into the roiling undercurrents of the pirates discontent and quarrels the next Katherine Lindsay, a timid young woman from London, must contend with an ambitious pirate captain who has murdered her husband and taken her hostage aboard his fearsome ship, Harbinger As Lindsay grows accustomed to life among pirates, she finds it increasingly difficult to resist her attraction to their wayward lifestyle and the thrill of high seas adventure But the memory of her dead husband weighs heavily on her conscience, and her swelling guilt may prove to be the ultimate undoing of her kidnappers Tomerlin tempers the guilty thoughts of our heroine if one can call her actions heroic with moments of pleasure with newfound friends and her personal growth And make no mistake Katherine goes through an extreme journey of development.Originally I gave this book three stars because of how I felt about the conclusion However this soon changed to four This book stuck with me hours after I had closed the pages or rather Katherine did What was it about her actions that bothered me so I had certainly read a lot of horror before and although some readers may need a sick bucket at hand while reading this, I resisted despite making a rather unwise choice of tomato soup for lunch It soon struck me that the idea of a women indulging in extreme acts of vengeance, in what appeared to me to be quite detached manner discomforted me I read quite a bit of urban fantasy with strong female characters, but few act as coldly as the heroine of The Devil s Fire While I ve always considered myself to be somewhat of a feminist, it is apparent I ve fallen into the trap of accommodating social norms of acceptable and unacceptable forms of female insanity and violence The author has certainly challenged my views of gender.

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    To be fair, I d give the book 3.5 stars but that s not possible so 3 it is All in all I think it is a good book because I ve quickly read through it, not being able to put it down.Some characters became very predictable, others were not even worth my interest I didn t expect the way it ended or how it ended That was surprising but also surprisingly unsatisfying as I felt the novel had built up very good as pages progressed but the end felt completely rushed And while I did enjoy it I mean the woman kinda is a badass which speaks to me on so many levels, condemning a whole crew and leaving the ship aflame while safely returning to land is actually than badass the ending kinda put me off Now, I understand that it s a trilogy and it s probably intended as a cliffhanger but it s also not really a cliffhanger in my opinion So yes, the ending left me unsatisfied.I have no problem with the violence and gore depicted throughout the book at least the author refrained from writing out a rape scene for which I m grateful because that would ve been the point where I would put the book down and never pick it up again but there was a thing that was not okay and it almost made me put down the book killing the kitten in the way Livingston did Or killing an animal like that at all it was not killed to act as food source after all , I m not a fan of such things especially not if they re meant to get back at another character Call me stupid for that opinion but I don t like cruelty against animals and I stand for that.BUT I liked the book nonetheless because it doesn t romanticise piracy but depicts it as cruel as it probably was is I will most certainly buy the second and third book because it s really hard to find a good story about pirates out there.

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    I came across this book whilst searching for books set in the Caribbean for a reading challenge I m doing Not usually the type of thing I read, but it sounded good and turned out to be fantastic I loved I loved the style of writing, and the story was brilliant Well plotted, rounded full blooded and lively characters Interesting characters too as even the good guys were a than a little questionable in their actions but they re all pirates, so what do you expect Even the female lead who started off quite weak and vaid turned into an unbelievably awesome character There were a decent mix of characters to root for and bad guys to hope would come to a grisly demise The descriptions of the ships, the fights, the ports and the seas and islands were wonderfully vivid So clear and easy to picture Some it was very violent and gory and was very well written without being excessive or over the top And a fantastic twist at the end All in all a brilliant book Crossed off a square for my Book Bingo challenge A book set in the Caribbean.

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    Would give it 4.5 stars if it was an option It was one of the enjoyable pirate adventure books i ve read Relatively realistic, it has nothing paranormal fantasy related and it is not a romance finally Be warned though, it is NOT for the faint at heart There is sex, implied rape, violent deaths, and very detailed gore I thought the author did a very good job describing fights and gore in detail, something most other pirate themed novels will kind of skip over.Certainly no happy ending which is a refreshing change.

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    A really great pirate story Pirates attack a ship, the pirate Captain kills the attacked ships Captain and takes his wife prisoner She tries to kill him with a cutlass, bites off his ear and so she s tied to the mast as punishment for 5 days That was only 25% in I won t tell you any as it would ruin the surprises you ll find There is a lot of action in this book, it s jam packed to say the least all the way to the end where it has the perfect opening to the second book wish it were out now.

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    The cover grabbed me, and I m glad it did This is gritty, bloody, realistic pirate fiction Katherine Lindsay is a very memorable character who evolves throughout the story Entertaining combination of Robert E Howard pulp and George R.R Martin s deep characterizations It doesn t wear out its welcome, and leaves you craving a sequel.