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    Memories of my early childhood man did I love Major Matt Mason This book was a gas The writing is iffy at best but wildly, and I mean WILDLY imaginative moon rabbits, moon worms, nothing beings and all the great Major Matt Mason vehicles Pure love.

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    I remember wanting this one when I was a little tyke, but instead picked up the Invaders BLB Don t know why So I was glad to find this fairly cheap on eBay a few weeks ago Unfortunately, it really wasn t worth the wait Mind you, this was an extremely well written and fast paced BLB But the story involves giant oxygenated rabbits jumping all over the moon, which I think even as a kid I would ve looked at and called bull % That plot point ruined a very good story The artwork was pretty good, and they got most of the gizmos that were also toys to look like they were supposed to look, and even remembered to color Sgt Storm s spacesuit red But it was a letdown on the whole Kinda glad I picked the Invaders now

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    A pleasant read for kids that includes some good science and fiction for kids.

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    I remember this book like it was yesterday, and it still holds up Suspense, terror, space, and my pre cursor to Dune s sandworms.