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Oh my, I got to read all volumes Some historians are concerned that this series is used as a textbook of roman history pointing out there are some critical errors in the interpretation of historical records and the author s biased view Nanami Shiono, the author, admits herself that she is not a historian, so this book should be enjoyed as a fiction Having said that, she wrote this epic based on a massive amount of historical literature including those written by ancient historians such as Livy s History of Rome, Polybius s The Histories and Plutarch s Parallel Lives Even if biased, the author saves her readers time and effort to read those literature to get a glimpse into rise of the ancient Rome I am lucky that I haven t been to Italy yet Without reading this series, my impression of all the great ruins would be just Wow, parts of such an old civilization can still be seen after than 2000 years But if you know how the Roman Forum was built, the ruins must look totally different. Amazing Great book Goals Open minded Problem solving abilities Roman Empire The political system in Ancient Rome really surprised me Not even modern society can achieve what Ancient Rome has achieved. The Greeks Surpassed Them In Learning, The Celts In Bravery, The Germans In Strength, The Etruscans In Technology, And The Carthaginians In Commerce But It Was The Romans Who Built The Greatest Empire The World Has Ever Seen Already A Bestseller In Japan, China And Korea, Acclaimed Japanese Historian Nanami SHIONO S Fifteen Volume Series Now Available For The First Time In English Takes Readers On A Thousand Year Odyssey Beginning With The City S Mythical Founding By A Humble Shepherd Raised By A She Wolf CONTENTS A Note To Readers Of The English EditionPrefaceIntroductionChapter One The Birth Of RomeChapter Two Republican RomeChronologyReferencesAbout The Series And Author