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In London, Young Daughters Of Viscounts Pined For Handsome, Titled Husbands, Not Careers And Certainly Not Careers In Magic At Least, Most Of Them Didn TShy, Studious Persephone Leland Would Far Rather Devote Herself To Her Secret Magic Studies Than Enter Society And Look For A Suitable Husband But Right As The Inevitable Season For Coming Out Is About To Begin, Persy And Her Twin Sister Discover That Their Governess In Magic Has Been Kidnapped As Part Of A Plot To Gain Control Of The Soon To Be Queen Victoria Racing Through Mayfair Ballrooms And Royal Palaces, The Sisters Overcome Bad Millinery, Shady Royal Spinsters, And A Mysterious Irish Wizard And Along The Way, Persy Learns That Husband Hunting Isn T Such An Odious Task After All, If You Can Find The Right Quarry

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    Usually the London season is a backdrop, not the entire plot of a book This may be the most boring Regency I ve ever read, and that s with a kidnapping, secret magic, and a plot to take the throne So much potential unrealized.

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    I wasn t especially enthusiastic about this book Sometimes it s charming, and I smiled a few times at clever bits most often including the main character s precocious little brother Charles , but it suffers from a couple of fundamental problems which keep it from being a book that I would strongly recommend or keep to read over and over.First, it has the surprisingly common problem of being a book set in a world with magic, but then not having all that much magic in it Any number of things could have made the book interesting scenes dealing with learning magic, passages describing what it feels like to practice magic, silly bits with the sisters playing jokes on each other or Charles with magic, something substantial about Persy and the man she ultimately chooses to marry sharing magic So many missed opportunities, in contrast with so many rather uninspired and redundant passages about going to teas and balls.Second, there is the common plot line of misunderstandings and misery due to lack of communication, which is just about the only reason that the story stretches out to 300 pages It would take a lot at this point for an author to give that story a twist or write it in a way that would excite or impress me It s not that I don t believe that Persy would be insecure and keep the secrets she keeps I think that s reasonable for her character and likely would be reasonable for many real people I just feel like I ve read 101 variations of that plot line already, and this one isn t different enough to get me to invest.Most significantly, the dramatic plot in this book does not hold up to any sort of intense scrutiny The girls governess is kidnapped, and all of her family including some practitioners of magic know it, yet weeks pass during which they do absolutely nothing, and it falls on two teenage girls and their little brother to save her A Very Bad Man coerces powerful wizards into using their power to force the queen to be to accept his Regency, and the powerful wizards can t do anything to or about the muggle instead of giving in to him One of said wizards gives in to the blackmail because the Very Bad Man is threatening to tell his family s secret, which is that his older brother raped a 14 year old girl I sympathize with the notion of family loyalty, but I m not all that enthusiastic about trying to cover up a rapist in the family that sounds an awful lot like denying the victim justice and protecting the rapist than rightfully or lovingly protecting an aging father from a broken heart Put like that, it would seem as though I really disliked the book, which isn t quite fair But I didn t like it very much, and I wouldn t recommend this book to many adult readers who sometimes choose books from the YA shelves it s just a little too fluffy and emotionally adolescent to have broader appeal The aforementioned problems with the plot including the issue of the rapist are glossed over to such an extent that they aren t obtrusive at all ultimately, the reason they are such a problem is that they are so barely there that the serious plot outside the romantic storyline is, as I said, implausible and doesn t hold up to the pressure of much content or attention I think it s a charming enough book that it would be appealing to many teen readers, but it s the equivalent of a romantic teen comedy, not an emotionally powerful romantic drama.

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    This was a great teen historical with just the right amount of magic and a great romance The romance was by far my favorite part of the book, I really fell in love with Lochinvar Seton Another cute aspect of the story was the twin s little brother He was adorable and provided a fresh perspective I must admit I skimmed some of the royal intrique portions of the book, but the romance than made up for any slow points Great read for lovers of YA and historical romance

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    Set in Regency England, this book follows twin witches Penelope and Persephone as they embark on their first Season After their magic instructing governess is kidnapped, the two begin to investigate her disappearance, while also dealing with the social obligations of the ton They eventually uncover a plot that threatens the royalty, their governess, and their own lives.First off, I really enjoy Regency romance novels I love Georgette Heyer I know most of the words on the Regency Lexicon website Basically, I was going into this book with some expectations I was also interested in how a YA Regency novel would read.Honestly, I have no idea why this is classified as YA Yes, the characters are 17, but that s the standard age for a girl to have her first season in the Regency era So basically, any adult romance novel with a character entering her season wouldn t be significantly differently There s nothing about these teens that give them a significantly teen voice, if that makes any sense I suppose there is a coming of age element and Persephone works through self doubt and lack of confidence, but whatever.I also think the book doesn t significantly explain Regency terms or phrases Supposing that this is your first Regency novel, some of the terminology would be unknown to the normal YA reader In terms of plot, the magic element of the story wasn t incredibly exciting Harry Potter Regency style, this is not It was also difficult to tell who was speaking at times, especially because the twin characters names nicknames are so similar Pen and Perse Annoyingly, the characters also seem to forget about their kidnapped governess for various lengths of time when they get caught up in their social activities This bogged down the stories at times.Still, I can see how it could appeal to some teen girls, especially those who like their romance squeaky clean and enjoy historical novels The author includes some nice descriptions of Regency life that may pique a reader s interest and lead them to other better examples of the genre 2 1 2 stars I wish GoodReads allowed half stars

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    It gives me back my faith in this genre This charming mix of magic in nineteenth century England One can t take it for serious But as a light, enjoyable story it was worth my time.It was funny I laughed reading banter between siblings And who wouldn t want to have Charles as a brother A love story was sweet, clean and with a little spark.I didn t mind that was totally predictable, view spoiler I knew very soon that Lochinvar was a wizard hide spoiler

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    I really enjoyed this book it wasn t perfect or an all time favorite, but it was still a pretty great read.Pros 1 Romantic So, the romance was predictable, but it was still very fun to read Lochinvar was suitably noble and passionate D2 The conflict wasn t too unique someone gets kidnapped, girls try to save kidnapee and uncover larger serious situation However, the magic, era, and setting pulled it off successfully and made it interesting Cons 1 Persy would get very annoying with her constant self criticism I understand and pity her low self esteem, but her talking about it all of the time was frustrating.2 Persy and Pen had a strange relationship with their brother Like, they were usually joking, I think, but they would mock him and call him an idiot for no reason at all I think he was a pretty great little guy, and sometimes they seemed to pick on him than necessary.Overall, although I have some complaints, I really liked this book It s the kind of book I d like to own so I could have a reread once in awhile Also, it was very clean The romance was all good, and the swearing was very minor just a few D and H.

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    I loved the idea behind the book I even liked the plot I HATED Persephone, the twin this book focuses on Her self denigrating attitude gets old REAL fast. within the first 50 pages or so AND IT DOESN T STOP EVER Most of the storytelling is her self loathing monologues talking about how ugly she is compared to her IDENTICAL twin , how lame she is, how she ll never be good enough I wanted to scream through 90% of this book I kept reading hoping she would gain her confidence she didn t. well, maybe like 5 pages before the end , and to see of Penelope.Apparently there is a follow up book planned, if not already written This one will follow Penelope as she continues her studies mercifully away from her sister I won t hesitate to pick that one up, whenever it comes out I just hope Penelope doesn t pick up some new annoying personality trait along the way.

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    Reviewed by Tasha for TeensReadToo.comPersephone and Penelope Leeland are the twin daughters of a well known English viscount and are getting ready to be thrown into their first season While you couldn t tell the girls apart by looking at them, if you talked to them you would know that they are completely different All Penelope can talk about is the upcoming balls that the girls are planning on going to and the numerous gowns that she is going to wear She loves all thoughts that have to do with future dances and possible husbands Then there is Persephone She would much rather hunker down and devote her time to magical studies She really doesn t want anything to do with finding a husband or dancing the night away in a dress that she can hardly breathe in Just as the season is about to begin, the girls governess disappears It s up to the girls to figure out what happened Along the way the girls will discover that the kidnapping has much to do with the plot to take away Princess Victoria s power Encountering many interesting people, including a mysterious Irish wizard and a boy who might just be husband worthy, the girls set off to solve the mystery I am a huge historical fiction fan as well as love books that include magic Putting the two together created an amazing book that I instantly fell in love with I thought that the story was completely original and absolutely spellbinding I was highly impressed with Marissa Doyle s ability to captivate my attention throughout the entire book I don t think I actually put the book down once which is a big thing for me I thought it was really neat that the main characters were twins who really didn t have much in common The girls differences thoughout made the book so interesting and it was really evident that they depended on each other for different strengths Another really special thing about this book is that the story sticks The story keeps ringing through my head and I m still loving it I was really impressed with Ms Doyle s debut novel and absolutely cannot wait for the sequel which will be out sometime next year why oh why does it have to be that far away It has definitely become a new favorite of mine, and if you haven t had the opportunity to read BEWITCHING SEASON I highly suggest you run out and get it now.

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    A good book to pick up for several hours of enjoyable escape.Inspired by Austen and the Regency writers, this novel is set in England at the time when Victoria was Princess In addition to the romantic appeal of seasons, balls, beaux and female friends or competition , a layer of mystery is added by the introduction of magic.The interesting and relatively original plot as fairytales go offers a sweet narrative that has some substance too Friendship, honesty, honour and courage are all given their moments of glory, and good characterisation draws empathy for the main characters and evokes a little of the I wish it could be me feeling inspired by classic fairytales While light and sweet, it s not simply a mouthful of fairy floss, though you never doubt there will be a happy ending.Recommended for female teens and pre teens looking for a fun, light read Sadly I can not recommend the sequel.

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    Though technically not a Regency, it follows the same rules as teenage twins move in and out of London Society This book contains a twist the Misses Leland have magic powers and their governess has gone missing and it s up to the twins to save her and rescue the country from potential disaster.It sounds kind of silly the way I wrote it but this novel is incredibly good at the magic elements are subtle and believable There s humor a pesky little brother , two lively twins, a hunky boy next door and intrigue Though technically not a Regency, it follows the same rules as teenage twins move in and out of London Society This book contains a twist the Misses Leland have magic powers and their governess has gone missing and it s up to the twins to save her and rescue the country from potential disaster.