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Secrets Everyone Has One Some Are Bigger Than Others And When Secrets Are Revealed, Some Will Heal You And Some Will End You Kate Sedgwick S Life Has Been Anything But Typical She S Endured Hardship And Tragedy, But Throughout It All She Remains Happy And Optimistic There S A Reason Her Best Friend Gus Calls Her Bright Side Kate Is Strong Willed, Funny, Smart, And Musically Gifted She S Also Never Believed In Love So When Kate Leaves San Diego To Attend College In The Small Town Of Grant, Minnesota, The Last Thing She Expects Is To Fall In Love With Keller Banks They Both Feel It But They Each Have A Reason To Fight It They Each Have A Secret And When Secrets Are Revealed, Some Will Heal You And Some Will End You

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    5 Do Epic stars We all have to fight to make the most of the life we re given One of my co bloggers friends told me about this book when it was first released It was her favorite book of last year and one of her favorite books of all time I knew it would be good, but I dragged me feet when it came to reading it Why you might ask I knew the subject matter would be sensitive for me so I put it off Then I put it off some When I saw it was available on audio, I thought now is the time to take the plunge A shout out to the female narrator Lidia Dornet she nailed Kate Voiced her perfectly I m so happy I did For a story that was so sad at times, it had the best messages of DO EPIC and BE BRAVE It was depressing at moments, but at the same time strangely positive I don t want to spoil the story for anyone so I m just going to take some time to talk about the characters Kate is one of the best heroines I ve ever read about She is that girl you want to be She s positive, always looks at the bright side of things no matter how bad they get, and she is funny This girl made me laugh so many times I love that she was never afraid to be herself She never wanted to change to fit in or to be anything other than she was She is a character that inspires I read lots of books and meet lots of characters but there are very few I can say inspire me to want to be better To want to make positive changes in my life When a book can have that effect, it s pretty special Not only was Kate a wonderful character, but there were a slue of other amazing characters in this book Keller was great of course And I loved her friends Shelley, Clayton, Pete, Duncan and the entire band of Rook But there was this one character of the story that stood out to me above others From the beginning he was an instant favorite just like Kate And his name is Gus Gus has been Kate s best friend since childhood They have a special relationship One of hugs, I love you s, constant skyping and dude s Gus is touring with his band while Kate is living her college life journey but he is still a huge part of her life and the book I am ecstatic to read his story that was just released I love emotional books I don t mind when they make me cry, make me feel and get under my skin But I love that this book also made me smile so big, made me laugh, and genuinely made me happy and look at life in a different light This book had all of that It made me break down and cry It devastated me at times But it was SO worth it Bright Side isn t just a story you read, it s a story you live So grab a cup of black coffee, listen to some good music and get ready to Do Epic This book will be going right on my favorites list and I highly recommend it to all.

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    4.5 StarsDude, I can t even.It has been days Days I just can t, but I gotta But I can t I must Numbness Feels Overload It s impossible Here I go.I m going.Okay.So.Maybe it would be best if I started at the beginning It all started as a goodreads recommendation.from Donna Donna The person I want to hug Punch in the face Hug Punch Damn you You owe me valium and ice cream After the recommendation, I read the synopsis Intriguing I also loved the fact that it only had three reviews I absolutely love new unknowns It s like a secret My secret I decided to give it a go.I went There s no going back These feelings can t be unfelt.I feel.Kate Sedgwick may be one of my favorite female characters of all time Let s face it, female characters usually have the tendency to be.well, they sometimes suck They re annoying I usually prefer the male characters I don t play well with others Wait Before you revoke my woman card or force me to burn my bra and roar, it s kind of a common occurrence with female heroines They frustrate They annoy I m sure the nations leading psychologists might theorize that my issues with female characters probably stem from a place of jealousy Damn straight They never deserve the guy My guy I tolerate them because without them, there d be no story.Not Kate I than tolerated Kate I adored Kate I loved Kate I was tied to everything she felt, experienced Her character is unforgettable This story is unforgettable I feel.Then there s Gus who I hear is getting his own book , and Keller, and Clayton, and Stella, and pretty much every character in this book.I Can t Even.The love between Gus and Bright Side The love between her and Keller I felt everything The love was intoxicating Suffocating It hurt It healed.Sure the plot was predictable, but nothing Nothing, prepared me for the emotions I started crying during the last half, sobbed my way through the final chapters, but somehow I ended the book with a smile The hurt and emotions didn t cause me to break I endured I survived Each emotion was coupled with humor, wit, an amazing story, and unforgettable characters Laugh Cry Heal Embark on this incredible journey.DO EPIC More reviews at

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    This book wrecked me It was incredibly touching and heartfelt Despite dealing with some rather depressing subject matter, it was handled with care I can t say that I didn t cry big fat tears, but I can say that I smiled far than I cried while reading this book It was beautiful.The heroine, Kate, moves from San Diego to Grant, Minnesota for college Right off the bat, I loved her It is easy to understand why her best friend, Gus, gave her the nickname Bright Side She is the type of person that just lights up a room Kudos to the narrator for being able to capture the essence of Kate s character so well.As Kate makes friends in her new home, she never lets her relationship with Gus weaken They talk daily on the phone, while he tours with his band, Rook There is no mistaking the strength of their bond, or the fact that there are feelings shared that extend beyond the bounds of normal friendship.Despite claiming not to believe in romantic love, Kate finds herself falling in love Keller Banks is the hot guy that works the counter at the coffee shop that she frequents for her caffeine fix They flirt tirelessly and find themselves thrown together often through mutual friends Once Kate and Keller begin spending time together, their attraction is evident Before long, Keller has let Kate into the private aspects of his life that he doesn t share with others The two grow incredibly close in a very short period of time Nobody is surprised by their quick intimacy than Kate herself She never planned on falling in love She didn t even believe it existed More importantly, she has a big secret that she s been keeping from everyone she loves, which she knows will ruin everything.Aside from the romance between Kate and Keller, I found myself drawn to the stories of friendship in this book Kate s relationship with Gus was incredible The support and love between them was so strong it was tangible Similarly, her relationships with Clayton, Shelley and Pete were inspiring This book certainly did not lack for a strong cast of supporting characters Each of these characters was endearing in their own way Even the ones that made me mad initially, like Kate s roommate, won me over eventually I loved all of them and am looking forward to reading their stories.In the end, I cried big, fat tears It was sad, but also very inspiring This is one of those books that makes you step back and reevaluate how you go through life It was inspirational and helps keep things in perspective This is a must read I can t believe that I put it off for so long, but I am so glad that I finally read it This book was fabulous

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    First of all I get it.To all the people out there who say they don t like these types of books, books that make you hurt and feel and clutch your Kindle at 3 AM as tears blur your vision and you hope against hope that the character isn t headed towards what you think they re headed towards I get it.Life is hard This world is a tough place Crappy things are happening out there, things that break your heart on the evening news, and sometimes it s easier to just drift along and float above the clouds than to actually sink down deep and risk getting hurt There s enough pain out there why run towards , right But Bright Side is worth the pain In Kate and Keller, Kim Holden has created two remarkable characters, and after you re drawn in through their banter and connection, you do start to fear for the worst You start to fear that you ll be that person hurting and feeling and clutching your tear stained Kindle as you pray that The Almighty Worst won t happen And when it does, it feels less like facing a gust of wind on a winter day than getting swamped by a frozen wave in the dead of January And that s not fun For anyone.But that s what makes us human, right That s what separates us from the rodents and the beasts and the swine, isn t it We are elegant creatures capable of depth and empathy and heartbreak, who clutch Kindles and hurt and feel especially at 3 AM Especially in the hands of Kim Holden.Epically done, Kim.

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    6 DoEpic BeBrave Stars Reading is my getaway, my sanctuary I have a busy life and don t we all But reading is my Me time I love reading and I have read a lot of books this year so far saying that no insults to anyone here but this has been my FAVOURITE Read of the year so far this book is a book of life and living, friendship LOVE all in one I know that a lot know what the story entails but for those who don t I m going to try my best to keep my thoughts as SPOILER FREE as possible Gah I m speechless ack ummmm I DON T EVEN errr know where to start Ok lets start from the beginning, we have a beautiful bright character that literally loves the world NO wrong word she loves LIFE she loves to breathe the air and she takes every day as a new day she enjoys every moment, everything she does or creates is with purpose to LOVE she takes chances on everything, you know when you walk past a person and you think that guy could do with a friend or that mum could do with a hug and tell them everything s going to be OK well that s Kate she takes life in her stride, she takes chances and she makes people smile she teaches the people around her how to LOVE freely You know the world would be a bright better place if we had Kate s and Katie s in the world, LOL sorry that s my name isn t it no pun intended here JustSaying Bright Side is the most generous loving talented and Beautiful young lady to read, I connected with her straight away For me there was just something that made me think and ,while reading, breathe the way she did She is starting a new chapter in her life though she has moved away from her home and is now at university just about the start her new course in training to become a Special Needs Teacher But she is moving away from her best friend whom she has known and been with her whole life Gus has been pretty much present along her side for every first and every moment they have been together, therefore to begin with life is strange , still good but different Lets talk about Gus for a minuteGus Gus Gustov my heart melted for him, his Intense loving nature, you can t do anything but love him He s the lead singer of the Band Rook and he s starting his career as a musician The Rock Band is a rising and Gus is touring with the other members on the road therefore Kate and Gus s relationship are of phone calls , texts throughout the day and then skype sessions every so often Those Skype sessions were some of my favourite moments at the beginning that s all I m saying there were some serious Sigh moments between them Their relationship is unique to say the leastThere is something that Kate loves than life and that is STRONG BLACK COFFEE and therefore a coffee shop is needed not just Starbucks or Costa Nope she wants a cosy down to earth heartily coffee shop that has normal coffee and that s where she meets Keller First attractions are something that are new to Bright Side she s taken with Keller instantly and their relationship blossoms gradually I m not going to say anything else other than this book is The Book Of Life no joke it touched me than anything I ve read in a long long time Saying that it may not be for everyone this is a No smut read this is an emotional journey and the first half is a slower intimate start where Kim has weaved so many people into Kate s life gradually and somehow surrounded Kate with a circle of friends who become her life I m not going to say anything else other than Kim Holden is an Genius she really is, this is a NA read and although it was a gradual process I had time to get to know each person individually and together it meant in the last half I had a close connection to what was happening and why I was so emotionally involved in the last half Kim s writing is just exquisite and you feel like you re there with each and everyone of them For me this was a life changing book, it made me think and be happy to be where I am that I have a big loving family that I m so very happy to be part of I have a few very close friends that are special to me, if your a real life friend or I ve met here on Goodreads mainly by Blog Besties Shannie Elizabeth and my Girl Layla I love you guys to the moon and back your all important to me in some way or another I have a job where I can care and eventually go back and train when my girls are all in school to become a qualified nurse and do something where I feel like I ve made a difference, it made me realise how very lucky I am to be surrounded by good people, it made me want to LIVE the moments and DoEpics daily READ THIS BOOK Song list for anyone who like me needed to listen as well as read this is the songs I followed on SpotiftyWe Might Be Dead By Tomorrow Soko Thought I Was An Alien 400 Lux Lorde.Pure HeroineEula Baroness Yellow GreenSleeping Witch Royal Thunder.CVIJump Into The Fog The WombatsBug Eyes Dredg Catch Without ArmsDone With Love Teenage Bottlerocket Freak Out Waiting All Night Feat Ella Eyre RudimentalSame Love feat Mary LambertMutilate Me Teenage Bottlerocket Freak Out Lullaby The Cure Greatest HitsAngels The xx CoexistMy Song 5 Halm Days Are GoneSex The 1975Panic Switch Silversun Pickups SwoonSweater Weather The Neighbourhood Nothing Left To Say Rocks Imagine Dragons Night VisionsNorthern Lights Thirty Seconds To MarsPictures Of You The Cure GaloreLet Her Go Passenger All the little lightsEverything To Nothing Manchester OrchestraFavor s Keeper Index Case AugustageinEnjoy Dudes For reviews and blog posts

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    3.5 stars I ve been on an angst fest emotional kick lately so when I saw the blurb for Bright Side, I knew it was a book I wanted to read ASAP Now that I ve finished it, the first thing that popped up in my mind was well, that wasn t what I expected. Honestly, if it wasn t for the last 25% of the book that completely blew me away, I would ve given this book 2 stars That being said though, the heroine is a pretty refreshing character and the dry humor and sarcasm present in the book were things I could appreciate The heroine Kate Sedgwick or should I call her Katie, Katherine, or Bright Side has had a hard life Having a mother who didn t care much for her children, a father who left, and a sister who passed away, Kate should technically be cynical and emotionally closed off to everybody but she isn t For some inexplicable reason, she remains rather optimistic about everything and becomes a bright side to everyone she meets on that later Leaving her closest friend Gus behind, Kate heads off to college and meets the guy she never expects to meet Keller Banks is first introduced as the charming guy who works at the coffee shop near campus When Kate and Keller meet, rainbows shine brightly both recognize that seeing each other ignites something in them.As the book progresses and their relationship develops slowly, both of their hidden secrets that the reader is privy to are revealed and that completely changes their relationship dynamic To start with, the first 65% of the book was just plain boring There were occasional laughs on my part but most of the time I would be asking myself why the heck am I not DNFing this I also had a hard time warming up to the heroine Not that I didn t love how refreshing her character was but sometimes I felt like the author was laying it on too thick with all the sarcasm it became an overkill Additionally, there was a lack of buildup to everything actually Kellar and Kate s relationship moved as fast as a turtle for the first 50% and then all of a sudden this insanely intense chemistry appears and bam, they re finally together There was also little to no buildup in regards to their secrets It s pretty obvious what Kate s hiding because there are big clues in the first few chapters but after that, there is no mention of it again until it s revealed It comes out in a way that seems rushed and on the spot, giving the reader no time to adjust to the event But despite knowing what she was hiding, I still got all emotional and teary eyed in the last 25% witnessing the aftermath Then I pretty much ugly cried when view spoiler all the letters were being read out loud hide spoiler

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    I liked this book I went in blind and it wasn t anything like I thought it would be I m definitely in the minority here and I won t be gushing over how beautiful the story was and such Perhaps I just failed to connect to the heroine or may be I was just a bit torn up because of the whole awkward love triangle going on here I liked both Gus, heroine s best friend, and Keller, heroine s boyfriend I just never really fell in love with either of them Not to say that their character development wasn t thorough but there was just something off for me, I can t quite place it I ll just go with shit happens instead of trying to rationalize it D By the time I was half way through the book I was fully aware of where it was going and how it was going to end The books is written in a journal format and that, in itself, made it rather depressing for me And also kind of boring I wanted to DNF it a couple of times even A lot of people loved this book and found the story inspirational and you might be one of those people This didn t quite hit the spot for me but it might for you One thing to keep in mind, perhaps, is that the book has a major trigger view spoiler cancer hide spoiler

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    5 STARS out of 5Genre New Adult RomanceMy my my what a read Slow easy beginning, AMAZINGLY beautiful ending I did not give this book 5 STARS it SNATCHED the 5 STARS right out of my hands.Kate Sedgwick has faced many adversities in her young life thus far having a mother who was not so motherly and in addition a sister Grace, to care for all on her own Instead of cowering in fear at the cards life dealt Katie did what she had to do, she grew up fast When the book starts Kate is about to start college in the small town of Grant Minnesota leaving behind her best friend Gus and the sunny skies of San Diego, California As Katie adjusts to Grant she moves into the dorms and makes a new friend along the way, Clayton Whom by the way I LOVE Eventually she decides to seek out coffee to feed her daily addiction Her search leads her to Grounds where she befriends the owner With his help she lands a job that same day It s not long before I realize that there is something special about Katie She has the power to change a person an atmosphere I can t even explain it I guess the best way to say it is that Katie impacts lives You don t meet her without a mark being left Her presence is almost enchanting because the second she opens her mouth she has your attention with her witticisms and sass It s not long before one trip to Grounds changes everything Katie meets Keller Banks an easy going extremely HOT guy working the counter A semi flirty verbal spar over coffee ensues Eventually after spending time as friends Keller makes his intentions clear in a very sweet and swoon worthy way Keller What is this, birthday week This isn t necessary You took me out for dinner last night, remember He shrugs That was from all of us He smiles sweetly This is from me I open it It s a twenty dollar gift card to Grounds Thanks It s perfect Thinking back to our conversation a few weeks ago at the flower shop, I add, Is this blackmail or bribery Neither It s insurance Insurance Yeah That s twelve cups of coffee Twelve trips to Grounds Twelve chances to see you Soon Katie finds herself falling for Keller and as much as she tries to keep it platonic between them he still breaks through her walls and gains entrance to her heart Seeing that her defenses are ineffectual towards him she gives in.After enduring hardships no one should have to face Katie s optimistic outlook in life had her coined as Bright Side by her best friend Gus Gus is very protective of Katie and with good reason she has one of the biggest kindest hearts you could ever come across So when you realize that she is hiding something important you feel a bit slighted Only she s not the only one holding secrets Keller has a few as well.Life changing secrets Just when you think you know someone, they change Or you change Or maybe you both change And that changes everything Keller FAVE SCENE He s not yelling at me, he s yelling with me Katie You have to read the scene to understand let s just say I wept right here There is also a scene with Gus and Keller that I LOVE My ThoughtsHUGE SHOUT OUT TO Donna at The Romance Cover and Jenny at Totally Booked for recommending this to me OH MY GAWD Where to start Kate, let s start there In one word I would describe Kate as jovial, always of good cheer and humorous at heart The second she speaks people listen whether they like what is coming out of her mouth or not She s also ballsy, which I loved She has the lovingly precious friendship with Gus that just melted my heart There is SO MUCH I want to say about him but I won t You need to meet him for yourself, trust me he will not disappoint If I know anything I know this Readers will want MORE OF GUS The Writing The book has a slow start as you go through the everyday small routines of a college girl HOWEVER in these small mundane daily tasks Katie is causing these small tremors in the lives of those she comes in contact with It may be small, like a song choice that pulls a smile out of someone who rarely smiles OR it could be big and courageous like standing up for what s right in a world filled with people who prefer to duck and look the other way At a certain point the book will take the air right out of your lungs rendering you BREATHLESS Don t let that stop you, keep reading.I like Kim Holden s style she s always saying something or maybe I should say relaying something about Kate in her writing when you re not looking for it its genius really Pay attention tell me if you catch it Watch the impressions Kate leaves on those around her Yeah I really dig Kim Holden s writing style Her words are well thought out and served with a purpose Am I the only one who caught that Question is posed to readers My RatingsCharacters Lovable, Sweet, Endearing and HOT Writing Style Strong and Methodical, which most won t understand but it is, EVERY word served a purpose as I previously stated.Plot Storyline A girl leaves Cali to go attend college in a small Minnesota town where she makes new friends and finds LOVE.Steam Factor High Very Steamy on a scale of 1 10 I say 8 BTW, the steam came out of nowhere HIT ME LIKE A HUGE WAVE OF FLAMES Entertainment Level Lo Med Hi I say Medium, the book held my attention, pulled out a few laughs and caused some big grins to spread across my face.Overall I LOVED IT I HIGHLY Recommend you read it Now go forth and read Then come tell us about it on Goodreads For reviews got to www.realitybites letsgetlost.blogspot Like us on Facebook www.facebook.com realitybitesletsgetlost

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    If there was ever a book that proved I have a black heart, it s this one I felt nothing I was bored.

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    So I finished this and I am not impressed.You know that feeling that you get when you read the first line or the first chapter of the book and you just know you are going to love what you re reading and never want to put it down Yeah, Bright Side had the opposite effect I started reading and I was like, okay, maybe this could be good, but the writing is a bit off Then I read a few chapters and was like, okay, where is this going from the beginning I already figured out the premise perfect girl who always sees everything from the Bright Side and helps everyone around her out view spoiler before she dies hide spoiler