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    Being Dead is a gripping anthology but I found there to be very little originality in it, and the juvenile style didn t seem to fit with the heaviness of the subject matter at all.

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    This book scared the crap out of me but it made me realize the importance of life and opened my eyes to something I never really thought of, be aware that you will cry at some points and be scared at others.

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    I enjoyed this a lot Being Dead is full of short stories about ghosts and being haunted A light quick read for Halloween.

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    Most of the stories in this book are straightforward and well done ghost stories The Ghost is obvious but amusing, Shadow Brother and For Love of Him are creepy as advertised, and October Chill and Being Dead are touchingly sad Dancing with Majorie s Ghost is silly, and not as interesting as the others Drop by Drop is horrifying Not terrifying When you get to the end of the story or near enough to put the end together and realize what s happened, it s horrifying, of the put the book down and shudder variety It took me a month or so to tentatively pick up the book and dare the other stories, which are not horrifying Sowell done, I guess

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    A chilling book of seven short stories, each a little different The cover is enough to give you nightmares I m not a fan of short stories, I am a series girl, but for some reason I picked this one up and so glad I did Drop by Drop is a 60 page tale of a young girl and her family moving to the country Once arriving only Brenda seems to be having visits from something beyond this world Once she realizes just what, or should I say who it is it ll leave you stunned.Dancing With Marjorie s Ghost is an eerie story consisting of nine pages Let s just say husbands will learn from Conrad Sharpe Treat your wives well Shadow Brother this one is 40 pages long Guilty conscience Guilt comes back to haunt in this ghost story.The Ghost 8 pages Would you haunt where you died For Love of Him Ah The anniversary of a death means the dead get powerful This was a good one 18 chilling pages They can suck you inOctober Chill 40 pages long Emily is dying John shows up, possibly sensing the weakness The loss of life As they grow on each other, in the end, John helps Emily like no other can.Being Dead Johnny s day was going great until he got killed Now, he lays dead and is being robbed He can t allow that to happen That s for his mother He must get even This story is 28 pages.

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    Easy read of many short stories about death I think the first one in the last one are the best first one was about a little girl haunting a teenager and the last one was about a paperboy hunting his boss who stoled his paper route money Why these were good stories they weren t as breathtaking as I wanted them to be like the poor girl who was battling a tumor who sadly froze to death so she could be with the ghost she liked.

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    I really enjoyed this book, but I wish there weren t seven stories It was very interesting to be able to get to read a different variety of stories, but it would be better if it was less then seven Overall the book was very intriguing and mysterious, and do recommend if you like to get a little scared.

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    Rarely do I enjoy every story in an anthology, but every story in Being Dead entertained me in one way or another Some stories were terrifying, some touching, and some hilarious My favorite is probably the short and simple story The Gost SECOND time reading it Oh my gosh I love all these stories so much I could remember how all of them were going to end, so I kind of wish I could go back to that state of shock and awe that is so rare when reading a book But I still got to relive all of those moments, remembering how it felt when I first read it, and rejoicing over the fact that I was able to read them again.Drop by Drop So good So chilling.Dancing with Marjorie s Ghost Not my favorite, but still cool.Shadow Brother Very disturbing, and also heartbreaking.The Ghost LOVE.For Love of Him A tragic and strangely touching little story.October Chill This is an odd one, which I think could ve been explored in depth Would ve made a very cool full length novel.Being Dead An awesome way to end the anthology.

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    This collection of short stories, some scary, some not, investigates that mysterious boundary between life and death Vivian Vande Velde uses surprise, intrigue, fear, and even a little humor to entertain her readers The first story, Drop by Drop, is by far the stand out a teen girl, depressed at having to move with her family into the country, discovers a ghostly visitor upon their arrival The ghost, a little girl, makes herself known only around water When she appears, she is also drenched in water, and the teen narrator must figure out why The ghost is legitimately frightening, and Vande Velde uses this story to probe into literary ideas of perception and unreliable narrators Following stories are less frightening, but young readers will enjoy the twists Vande Velde employs, tapping into reader s deep desire to be shocked and surprised.

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    Melissa WickelhausShort StoriesBeing Dead by Vivian Cande Velde contains seven short stories about death, ghosts, cemeteries, and other such dark things One story follows Brenda, a teen who moves to country with her family and is haunted by the dripping wet, bloody ghost of a young girl riding a bicycle After a few days of being tormented by the ghost, Brenda realizes that her involvement with the young girl is much serious than she thought Another story tells of a man who never treated his wife right, and when she dies he claims that if only she could come back for one night, he would dance with her until she was happy Then the ghost of his wife comes back and she dances with him out of the house and to her grave he never turned up None of the stories are overly scary, but should appeal to most horror fans.