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I saw two roads stretching before us If we take the easiest, it will appear the best at the beginning, but darkness will fall at the end, never to be lifted If we take the other road, it will be hard and difficult to travel It could cost the lives of some we love Worse, it might cots others their very souls But only through these great sacrifices will we find hope The Queen of Darkness and the Warrior constellations are missing from the sky because the gods returned to Krynn and are locked in the ultimate fight of good against the evil Our protagonists won a battle but they are a long way from winning the war, and it seems that their odds turn from bad to worse Please note that my rating disclaimer still holds for the second volume of the Dragonlance Chronicles.The forces of darkness command armies of draconian and the hosts of dragons, the forces of good are essentially reduced to a band of companions including half elf Tanis Flint the dwarf Sturm, a paladin aspiring to the knighthood in the ancient order of Solamnia twin brothers Caramon and Raistlin combining the strength of muscle of the former and the power of magic in the frail body of the latter Tika a feisty ex tavern girl an elflord Gilthanas and his sister Laurana badly infatuated with Tanis Elistan, a cleric of Paladine, and a cleric of Mishakal Goldmoon with her husband Riverwind, and, last but not least, Tasslehoff Burrfoot of the kenderfolk The main argument against the Dragonlance Chronicles, frequently repeated in several reviews, implies that since the whole plot was conceived during a RPG session, it renders the whole thing worthless or, in the best case, it places the series on the level of bad fan fiction I d like to remind you that the Malazan Book of the Fallen, which many believe to be the best contemporary epic fantasy, also resulted from hours of game play between friends Thus, it is not the about where the ideas of the book comes from, but rather about the idea and how it is executed The truth is that the Dragonlance Chronicles are badly written The main characteristic feature of this prose is the absolute abuse of adjectives and adverbs that does not leave a shroud of doubt whether given character is good or evil All the good ones are gentle, have strong albeit delicate arms, soft and sweet voices, grieved faces, are lithe and delicate with quiet gallantry whereas all the bad ones laugh in an unpleasant way, have sinister looks, rasping voices and so on and so forth I will be the first to admit, that compared with Malazan the Dragonlance is like a child s drawing juxtaposed with the frescoes in the Sistine Chapel Still, it has it charms.Arguably, the first book was very character driven and told us how the adventuring party was formed What do you do once you compose your adventuring party You break it up, of course even Professor Tolkien knew that The companions separate pursuing the new quests they need to find the dragon orbs three of those artifacts survived the Cataclysm and need to be recovered if the dragon armies are to be defeated There is also the mystery of the fabled dragonlance to be uncovered.While the tale is plot centred this time clumsily, as huge chunks of the story are omitted and readers will be lost, particularly at the beginning of the book, and then again when starting part II , there is still character development, especially when it comes to Sturm and Laurana We finally get to meet Kitiara overall, the romance subplots are much pronounced in this instalment , have the chance to visit fascinating new locations the elven city of Silvanesti, a city of Tarsis the Beautiful, the gnome mountain of Nevermind, and an ancient tower of Palanthas You will also, undoubtedly, be thrilled to read aboutthe first, last, and only timewhen Tas was struck speechless and sad to say goodbye to some for whom fighting for things bigger than your life is worth than life itself The Dragons of Winter Nights is my ultimate guilty pleasure a gripping adventure, not too profound, some melodrama mixed with silly humour and a heart warming message You can always ask for but sometimes this is enough Disclaimer My rating is purely sentimental Dragons of Winter Night is a read down the memory lane If I were to rate it on the basis of my current standards and preferences, it would score 3 stars the most.Also in the series 1 Dragons of Autumn Twilight3 Dragons of Spring Dawning They Won Their First Real Battle In The War For Krynn, But The War Has Only Just Begun For The Companions Friendships Born In Conflict Will Be Torn Apart Hope Will Rest On The Shoulders Of A Disgraced Knight And His Two Inexperienced Companions Worlds Long Divided By Hatred And Prejudice Will Either Band Together In A Last Struggle Against Darkness Or Perish For All Time i read this in secret, because i was embarrassed, but now i am embarrassed that i was embarrassed and basically it s a vicious and hideous neverending cycle of guilt and shame there are far important books i could and should be reading there are works of Great Literature on my shelf, glaring at me balefully while i devour these dragon books like a geeky ten year old boy whatever, man anyone who doesn t see the appeal of dragons and adventure and elves and dragons and shit just has no soul or something.this one was far better written than the last, though there were still points where i giggled uncontrollably because of the rampant corny cliches the characters are far better drawn as well, and i am ashamed to say that i actually shed a tear when sturm died he was a good guy, and so much fully bad ass than the whining hero of the story, it s ridiculous i also stick by my initial evaluation of really liking the kender, who reminds me of me at my annoying best, and the wizard fizban i, um, am reading the next one mainly to find out what happens to them the very ambiguous wizard kid is also pretty intriguing, actually anyway the third one will be the last one for me until i move in with chris, because he has like a whole bunch of them or something it s like, um, you know, candy is good for your soul This book has a lot melancholy than this first of course, but I still love it I have read Dragons of Winter Night a number of times since it was first published, and it has always been my favourite of the Chronicles.This time I just finished reading it out loud to my four year olds A long undertaking, and one that was necessarily sporadic Some nights we read, others we didn t, and how much we read was dependent on levels of sleepiness, focus and interest But it was well worth the effort because my kids loved the story, and I can see it helping to expand their imaginations This time through I also nailed down the main reason I love the Chronicles, and why it is still one of the best fantasy series ever inspired by Dungeons and Dragons the way in which it undercuts fantasy s usual racial hierarchies.One of the major problems I have long had with fantasy is the inherent racism that fantasy perpetuates Fantasy generally entrenches the concept of good and evil races which even Dragonlance can t entirely escape , and this, in turn, leads to a hierarchy of races with the Elves as the superior race and some of the monstrous humanoid races as the inferior races This scares me It scares me because when I bring this flaw up in discussion of Tolkien or Lewis or other great fantasy writers, people fight me passionately and refuse to recognize that a problem even exists It frightens me that most people who recognize the issue don t see anything wrong with racial hierarchies in fantasy usually tossing out the old confection it s only a story as an argument It scares me because all of this also entrenches a frighteningly simplistic vision of good and evil A black and white world view that simply doesn t exist and makes us capable of evil because we are sure of our own goodness But Dragonlance makes race an issue, and no race is immune to evil deeds We have bad knights, bad Qualinesti elves, bad Silvanesti elves, bad and good dragons, heroic but racist dwarves, a bastard half elf that no one can accept, tribal barbarians fighting through their prejudices towards the civilized world, a lover and friend of the heroes in charge of the Dragonarmies, and a pseudo evil wizard who saves them all There is very little black and white in Dragonlance, although it still appears in the forms of Paladine Fizban and Takhisis, and unlike other fantasy series even the great ones but particularly others in the DD ouevre see the Drizzt Do Urden series it is filled with far shades of gray.It may seem like a pulpy little distraction, but the Dragons of Winter Night, and the entire Chronicles, is than that It is series that can help to shape a new vision of ethics in fantasy literature And I hope that s something my kids take away from the experience I will do my best to make sure they do. I have read both Tolkien s Lord of the Rings and Martin s A Song Of Ice And Fire to a certain degree of pleasure Both series are remarkable on their own right, however, both dissatisfied me in the end both stories lack verosimility, and Martin s characters showed inconsistencies quite hard to buy though in Dying Of The Light, for example, the story and the characters were flawless but that was science fiction, and we are speaking now of fantasy.I loved far better Stackpole s Age Of Discovery and Abercrombie s First Law, but Dragons Of Winter Night stands, undoubtedly, as the best fantasy book, with the most fascinating characters, of the subgenre, and I can hardly imagine how could someone beat such a complex and wonderful story, and such an elegant writing style.This book is the very definition of dark high epic fantasy at its best. still wonderful to read great character development Laurana is my favorite so far, you can tell how much she s grown since the last book and Sturm why RTC Okay Yes, I still love these books But at the same time I am not blind to their faults It s like loving your husband of twenty years even though he now has a beer belly, has lost most of his hair, leaves the toilet seat up and chews with his mouth open Every stereotype of fantasy is here Every gaming class The battles are bloodless The deaths heroic And only bad girls have sex Although apparently it s fine for male heroes It won t be the best series you ve ever read if you re over twelve Maybe even younger the way our culture is going But in their own way they are one of the most iconic and important contributions to modern fantasy. 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