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What Does It Take To Build And Sustain An Elite And Enduring Program How Can You Create A Culture Of Accountability Within Your Program How Can You Raise The Standards In Your Program And Get Everyone To Collectively Buy In How Do You Transform A Culture Of Entitlement To One Of Full Ownership And Responsibility Discover How To Build A Championship Culture Of Commitment, Accountabilty, And Ownership In Your Program Using The Secrets Of Top Teams Like North Carolina Women S Soccer, Duke Men S Basketball, Alabama Football, Arizona Softball, The New England Patriots, And The USA Men S Basketball Team All Have Built Winning, Magnetic Cultures That Attract Top Talent, Get Them To Play As One Unit, And Win Multiple ChampionshipsLearn The Kinds Of Cultures And Which One Is Best Suited For Your TeamDiscover The Key Components That All Championship Cultures Have In CommonImplement The Step Blueprint To Build A Championship Culture In Your Program