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There s always light after the dark You have to go through that dark place to get to it, but it s there, waiting for you It s like riding on a train through a dark tunnel If you get so scared you jump off in the middle of the ride, then you re there, in the tunnel, stuck in the dark You have to ride the train all the way to the end of the ride Dr DeAngelis, Dancing on the Edge, P 210 The style of this book is so unusual that it s hard for me to completely get a grasp on it Living through the life story of Miracle McCloy is like being forcibly immersed in dark water, thrust into a murky state in which reality is never fully all that it seems, and people as well as situations are capable of changing on a dime Miracle a preteen and later, teenage, girl is up against circumstances in her life that could confound nearly anyone How much of what she is told is true though, exactly Did her father, Dane, really melt in his clothes, leaving her to the care of her extended family When her mother died before Miracle was even born from her body, was there to the story than Miracle is being told These are mysteries that can only be unraveled by reading the entire story, by confronting the myriad difficulties of Miracle s life alongside her as she tries to grow normally in a family that doesn t really allow for that So often Miracle finds herself in the familiar position of being a pariah to all around her, and her mind is only capable of handling these battling elements for so long before itgoes up in flames Miracle s pathway to have a chance at a regular life isn t simple, and it s far from comfortable for the involved reader Author Han Nolan holds up a mirror, of sorts, and as the reader passes by in reading this book, his or her own reflection will occasionally be revealed in that mirror There is a lot to learn from this story about ourselves and the emotional connections both good and bad that form in families, and for that, I think that Dancing on the Edge is a worthwhile read I would give it two and a half stars. This book was amazing, not only because of the amazing plot but because it s about a teenage girl Miracle, who s about fourteen years old and deals with her difficult life It was about a girl who loves dance and trying so hard not give up It s also very sad because both her parents are not there to support her or have fun with her because her mother died right when Miracle was born This usually happens often in America and it s really devastating when you hear it Imagine it, not having a mother carrying you when you were a baby Miracle s dad in this book is probably hiding, I think because in the book they don t clearly state that he is hiding or not hiding One of my favorite characters in this book would be Miracle s grandfather because he took care of Miracle whenever she needed to be taken care of Miracle s grandfather took her in as a relative and I thought that that was a really nice thing to do At least she had the support from her grandfather Grandfather Opal Miracle s grandfather also put Miracle in ballet, where she did a dance and fell in love with Ballet I think that the grandfather put her in there so she could take away the feelings of depression and loneliness for a while I also think that this title goes really good with the overall plot of the story Overall, this book is really good. When I first started this book, I thought, this is ridiculous This book is so stupid I kept reading it and thought Wow This is powerful stuff It s a book of lies, half truths and trying to find out who you are through the lies.Miracle is told over and over how she survived being pulled from the body of a dead woman, but there s so much she hasn t been told, so much she can only feel about her birth She really just wants to be a normal healthy child, so this book is about her finding her way to that and the rest of her family as well.Read it.Read it again Sometimes people in this book talk in a strange way, but it could be that they are southern The man lesson is, don t lie to your kids Tell them the harsh truths It s healthier This book really pulls at me It takes a bit to understand where Miracle is coming from She grow up in a very different reality from anyone I ve known I liked her grandmother Gigi but I think she causes Miracle a lot of trouble facing reality She puts way too much on the girl but it makes me wonder how broken she is too Her father frustrates me beyond words Does he even care about anyone UGH And poor Miracle is stuck in everyone elses shadows My heart goes out to her Her struggle with finding herself and being whole Great mental health awareness read. I didn t particularly like the beginning, and I was very confused The purposed childish southern accent in the beginning was a nice touch though, and was appreciated I did enjoy how Miracle describes her family members quite bluntly How her Aunt Casey always has lipstick on her teeth seriously, that s always embarrassing Am I right girls My taste in it did get better as the book progressed Minor spoilers Stop now if it bugs you I loved when she finally established a relationship with her Grandaddy Opal, and how he truly did love her and was happy she was moving in with him, unlike her first encounters described I am empathetic for Miracle, how she burned her legs and was sent to the suicide ward How she doesn t remember it, because she want to believe another story How she want to think she s nobody to deal with the fact that shes in pain As a person who suffered existential feelings and grew up with a family situation that isn t normal herself, I really connect with her, and almost see a part of me in her. i stopped reading iit 4 a little while but then i remembered it and started right were i left off i am really glad that i did Miracle got her name simply from the fact that she was born from he dead mother Miracle McCloy was raised by her grandma, while her dad was kinda around he was still very depressed Not long after her dad disappeared, her grandpas s house was his by a tornado and ruined Miracle has some mental problems Her grandpa allows her to take dance classes even though she is forbidden, because her mother used to be a dancer She finds out her mothers death was actually a suicide, her mother had jumped in front of the bus and go ran over miracle was raised with no mother and barley a father and still stayed strong and did what she loved mostDance. Miracle McCloy Comes From An Unusual Family Her Father, Dane Is A Prodigy Who Published His First Book At Age Thirteen Her Grandmother, Gigi, Is Clairvoyant And Her Mother Was Dead When Her Miracle Daughter Was Pulled From Her Womb Having Been Raised According To A Set Of Mystical Rules And Beliefs, Miracle Is Unable To Cope In The Real World Lost In A Desperate Dance Among Lit Candles, She Sets Herself Afire And Comes To In A Hospital There, A Young Psychiatrist Helps Her Navigate Her Painful Struggle To Take Charge Of Her Life Includes A Reader S Guide And An Interview With The Author One of my absolute favorites when i was teen A brief recap from my previous reviews of Han Nolan I loved Crazy, than I can describe Both If I Should Die Before I Wake and Born Blue paled in comparison I admired Nolan in both books for trying to write something unique and powerful, but both of them had fundamental problems that kept them from totally succeeding both of them were, in the end, just average I thought this would turn out the same way And indeed, for the first half of the novel, it was pretty mediocre But things turned around quite a bit in the second half of the novel, and that s where I really started enjoying it.The first half of the novel is mostly setup for the second half It s remarkably subtle in how Miracle s character slowly develops Her transformation isn t immediately obvious, but it s certainly there The problem is, it might ve been a little too subtle For the first half of the novel, I honestly had no idea why I was being given this information, why it was supposed to be interesting or important The second half makes it quite clear, but I wish the first half had been interesting in its own right Miracle s family was kind of interesting, but Miracle was largely separated from the action of the story It was clear that we were seeing it through her eyes, but until it becomes clear how profoundly her family shapes her, it s impossible to tell how Miracle is relevant to the story being told.But once we get through the first half of the book, and the story becomes about Miracle and less about her family, things get far interesting Nolan handles Miracle s mental illness with an incredible subtly The vast majority of contemporary writers dealing with mental illness tend to paint it in the broadest, most obvious terms possible, to the point that it s unrealistic Miracle doesn t read like a textbook example of a mental illness, in part because she isn t definitively diagnosed with anything another touch of realism The causes of Miracle s illness were at once clear and unclear we see a lot that could ve caused it, but there s nothing that Nolan definitively points to and says, This is why Miracle is the way she is This is one of the best examples of mental illness in YA that I can think of the only thing that comes close is Wintergirls.Miracle s voice was, yes, a tad bit bland it wasn t as strong as Leshaya s in Born Blue But that s not really the point of Miracle s characterization The thing that Nolan focuses on, instead of voice, is making sure that we the reader have a handle on her entire life Miracle feels like a complete person Her personality, and her family, and her interests, and her superstitions are all very well established, and we even have a lot of understanding of where they came from Other than Jason from Crazy , this is probably Nolan s most developed character, and the novel is a detailed study on her.I wish the first half of the novel moved quickly But once we get to the second half, it s well worth it I haven t described a lot of the novel in much detail, and that s because, due to its nature, the specifics are interesting if you see them for yourself But if you re interested in a Han Nolan novel that isn t Crazy, this is by far your best option.