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Man, I am so tired of reading every graphic novel I should have read but didn t in preparation for a course I start teaching in a month, but it was all completely worth it to read Skim It s the kind of good that makes you realize as you re reading it that you re only getting a tenth of what s going on, and then when you put the book down it starts unfolding, like you re still reading it, and man is that a warm, strange, velvety feeling to have going on in your head I don t think I ve ever read a graphic novel that so brazenly exists in subtext, that acts out the outsider y repressed nature of its protagonist so artfully, absolutely refusing to divulge all the layers of its meaning on a first pass This is the most satisfying, absorbing reading experience I ve had in a long time Now I just have to decide if I want to break it into two parts when I assign it, so we have some space to absorb it slowly, or if I should make the students read it in one go, just to feel the rush of what the hell was that amazing thing that I felt when it was over.This is the best graphic novel you haven t read yet, kids Don t make me judge you for not picking it up. Heartbreakingly Funny, Moving And Vibrantly Drawn, Skim Is An Extraordinary Book A Smart And Sensitive Graphic Novel Of The Highest Literary And Artistic Quality, By And About Young Women Skim Is Kimberly Keiko Cameron, A Not Slim, Would Be Wiccan Goth Who Goes To A Private Girls School When Skim S Classmate Katie Matthews Is Dumped By Her Boyfriend, Who Then Kills Himself, The Entire School Goes Into Mourning Overdrive As Concerned Guidance Counselors Provide Lectures On The Cycle Of Grief, And The Popular Clique Starts A New Club Girls Celebrate Life To Bolster School Spirit, Skim Sinks Into An Ever Deepening DepressionAnd Falling In Love Only Makes Things WorseSuicide, Depression, Love, Being Gay Or Not, Crushes, Cliques, And Finding A Way To Be Your Own Fully Human Self Are All Explored In This Brilliant Collaboration By Cousins Mariko And Jillian Tamaki An Edgy, Keenly Observed And Poignant Glimpse Into The Heartache Of Being Young When I started down the wonderful path that is reading graphic novels last year, This One Summer by Mariko Jillian Tamaki was one of the first works I checked out So to have now finally read through Skim from cover to cover is beyond gratifying for me Skim is Kimberly Keiko Cameron, a not slim, would be Wiccan goth who goes to a private girls school When Skim s classmate Katie Matthews is dumped by her boyfriend, who then kills himself, the entire school goes into mourning overdrive As concerned guidance counselors provide lectures on the cycle of grief, and the popular clique starts a new club Girls Celebrate Life to bolster school spirit, Skim sinks into an ever deepening depression.And falling in love only makes things worseSuicide, depression, love, being gay or not, crushes, cliques, and finding a way to be your own fully human self are all explored in this brilliant collaboration by cousins Mariko and Jillian Tamaki An edgy, keenly observed and poignant glimpse into the heartache of being young Side note I love it when the blurb really gets the core of the book right.Skim s quick glimpse into an angst ridden, strong willed and intense young adult made me reminisce and feel grateful for making it through those years unscathed But I also feel like the main themes that are prevalent in Skim, like the ever present arc of mortality that s circling the girls at school, were somewhat fittingly skimmed over I didn t feel like I had a solid grip on what the creators were trying to convey.So I was disappointed that this graphic novel didn t manage to leave a lasting impression, or hit any particular right notes for me, save for a page here and there I didn t feel invested because, as I mentioned, the topics that intrigued me the most, such as girlhood, coming of age, and depression weren t explored to the fullest we remained on the surface of things without budging.Though I was left me unmoved for the most, I ll end my review on a brighter note by sharing some of the pages that managed to spark something inside meNote I m anAffiliate If you re interested in buyingSkim, just click on the image below to go through my link I ll make a small commissionSupport creators you love Buy a Coffee for nat bookspoils with This book is interesting Did I really enjoy it Not really that much I did appreciate all the high school angst and the characters Everyone seems to be turning on you and being your friend all wrapped into one There are the popular girls and parties with them and then the Asians get kicked out Black and White art The art was ok The story was ok I was not impressed really It could be just me. Love the angsty, nostalgic vibe of this graphic novel Skim follows Skim, a girl in high school who practices witchcraft and thinks a lot about life and death She s sad a lot, perhaps depressed, and that s where Mariko and Jillian Tamaki draw strength in this graphic novel the way they capture this sadness with intimacy, poignancy, and subtlety I know I had an emo phase as a preteen and had lots of angsty moments throughout my teen years and I still have those moments, lol and this book helped bring me back to those emotions Jillian Tamaki illustrates this angst well, with sweeping yet detailed black and white drawings that show how lonely Skim feels in her life The Tamaki sisters incorporate a range of important themes, like sexuality, suicide, and isolation with a fine touch, while focusing in on Skim s heart and how these themes affect her, both immensely and tangentially.Despite enjoying the subtlety of the novel, I wanted a stronger plot as well asof a progression of Skim s character leading toward the story s end The story felt fragmented to me, and while on one hand I can see the appeal of that fragmentation it s very slice of life, a bare and uninterrupted look into an angsty teen s life I found it difficult to stay engaged in the story or invested in the characters with not much happening Toward the end of the book, I felt unsure about if Skim had grown, or what changes had manifested within herself or her life or anywhere Again, perhaps thismeandering plot was the point of the book, but I wantedcharacter growth or clear meaning A unique graphic novel I d recommend to those searching for a slice of authentic teen angst Mariko Tamaki later wrote Laura Dean Keeps Breaking Up with Me , one of my absolute favorite books and graphic novels of all time, so perhaps that represents growth as a writer or just my mediocre taste preventing me from liking Skim all that much Excited to readof her work in the future, as both graphic novels contain an emotional authenticity I really appreciate. This reminded me a lot of Ghost World, being about a misfit girl, nicknamed Skim, and her best friend, whose paths are starting to diverge There s not much story here, but to me, that felt true to life in high school I, like Skim, watched from the sidelines, and when something does happen to you, it can be overwhelming and life changing, as when Skim s teacher kisses her I liked the sly humor the coven meeting that was also an AA meeting, the costume party with all the girls except Skim and one other girl dressed as figure skaters and ballerinas, the carless geek dates And I liked the gently melancholic undertone, visually represented through the fall setting This is a quiet and subtle story, which reminded me of my own high school years I liked it a lot. I mean, there s heartbroken and then there s all the stuff that comes each second after that, depending on who broke your heart There s something purifying about this book the monochromatic color scheme, the fine lettering, the whispered polyphony of words and images The reader drifts, leaf like, through a chilly autumn at a Canadian all girls school in the early 1990s The ex boyfriend of one of the popular girls had just killed himself, sending the community on an upward but actually downward spiral of frantically life affirming positivity As the world winds itself tightly around this dead stranger, we meet Kim queer, biracial, goth, loner, would be wiccan, a human in the process of untangling herself It s amazing how, when you don t feel something everyone else feels, it just looks like nothing Like watching people dance to a song you don t like Every experience of grief is different, and some aresocially endorsed than others We watch from a great distance as Katie, the girl whose boyfriend died, stumbles along in a way that no one understands She can t accept the brand of consolation forced upon her by her clique and they, in turn, eventually can t accept her But she has everything in life surely she doesn t need our sympathy And why would she, when we ve never spoken to her At one point, Kim reflects on a school production of Our Town due to a shortage of roles, she took the role of the night, but some in the audience thought she was the moon The story closes retaining this ambiguity is Kim one with the darkness of detachment and rumors, or has she inadvertently become a light by which that darkness is reduced Mucha nostalgia de mi poca adolescente con esta novela gr fica Qui n no odia A TODO EL MUNDO cuando es adolescente Absolutely fantastic One of the most honest comics I ve read in a while. I love this book, a graphic novel for teens, with a twist that might make it difficult for teachers to use it in some schools I m a teacher, so this matters, what might get censored , but I would push to use it In a private Catholic girls school, Skim for Kim, but they meanly nicknamed her Skim, which she explains she is NOT i.e., she s a little chunky is bff with Lisa, and are sorta wannabe goth girls, into Wicca, and that is already for me unique in YA stories The moody relationship swings seem spot on, as does the dialogue, and the complicated secret Kim hasokay, I ll tell you She has a crush on her female English teacher Feels very real, emotionally Deals with issues of suicidal tendencies of yet another girl, feels real I liked it very very much The art from writer Mariko s cousin Jillian is amazing Highly recommend