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Fifty By Fifty Fifty Novels by Fifty Bestselling Authors in four big boxed sets look for the next one coming soonThese alpha males know exactly what they want and they're going to take it one way or another They're hard hungry and determined and once they get what they want they're not going to let go without a fight Surrender to the power of these tales get lost in the passion caught up in the fever These New York Times and USA Today bestselling authors will hypnotize trouble and transform youSo come on in He'll see you now Still Waters by Joanna BlakeJack is the most dangerous man in the Devil's Riders MC Club He doesn't need anyone or anything Until he meets Janet The feisty redhead gets under his skin no matter how hard he pushes her awayHeidi and the Kaiser by Selena KittMousy wannabe designer Heidi is hired as an assistant to Kaiser CEO of one of the largest companies in the world of fashion and her training proves to be a test of surrenderThe Object of His Desire by PJ AdamsA passionate erotic romance where scandals buried away in the past lead to murderous intrigue in the present in the intensely steamy world of the super wealthy and powerfulEnslaved by Artemis HuntWhen small town girl Beth Tyrell meets her new boss the stunningly handsome and mercurial CEO Chris Morton she experiences a 'I want to be taken right here on your desk' desireThe Exhibitionist by Starla ColeWhen Syria is offered the opportunity to be a wealthy man's escort and exhibitionist she must choose between him and her tumultuous relationship with a male stripperHer Two Doms by Adriana HunterWhat happens when two dangerously obsessive men find themselves wanting from Brooke than just her submission?Owned by Amy AdaySelena explores her sexuality with her hot literature professor but she soon learns that he has secrets there's another side of him that she doesn't know if she can trustHer Wish His Command by Malia MalloryDr Anna Foster has admired Jonah Granger from a distance for years and loved him as well Anna decides to reveal her deepest secret to Jonah her desire to be dominated by himThe Billionaire's Command by Victoria VilleneuveWhen Caroline's company wins an all expenses paid trip to Hawaii she never imagined she'd find a man hotter than the climate But will circumstances get in the way of their new found love?Entropy by Arden AoideJosephine Hildegard has secrets She can't remember them Dr Tesla Sorelle is a brilliant cutting edge researcher comfortable in his world of medical science Until Josephine illuminates everythingSunsets and Kisses by Juliette JayeWhen Julia Marley wins a vacation to Grand Cayman Island she never expects a whirlwind romance with a sexy stranger But will they be able to make it work when they leave the island?

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    I received this bundle free in exchange for a fair reviewThe Billionaire's Command by Victoria VilleneuveCaroline is a former figure skater who ran from not only skating but her abusive mother Mark is a bollionaire in charge of his families resort hotels and a childrens charity that he founded They meet in Hawaii after Caroline's branch of the company she works for wins a competition for the most sales After a brief fling in Hawaii Caroline returns home and even though she doesn't think she will ever see him again she can't forget Mark Mark finds Caroline and turns up on her doorstep one evening This is just the beginning of a slowly developing relationship between Caroline and Mark Wonderful romance with shades of BDSM Loved itEnslaved by Artemis HuntGreat book Beth is a small town girl moved to the big city Chris is her billionaire boss who hires her on the spot when his current assistant walks out on the job Beth looks very much like a previous love of Chris's and he can't seem to resist Beth Chris has sworn to never love another woman after his first love affair ended badly He talks Beth into a somewhat unusual relationship and she finds herself falling for him After years at playing the field and hook ups with a friend Chris finds that he no longer wants to be intimate with the woman he regularly meets Unfortunately for him Beth follows him and sees Chis with this other woman Beth resigns from her job and goes to stay with her friend Will Chris find her and convince her to take him back?Her Wish His Command by Malia MalloryGreat Read Anna has been in love with Jonah since she interned in the lab of the pharmaceutical company that his family owns While Anna's lab is being renovated and she will be sharing lab space with Jonah As the heat builds between them research is disappearing from their lab Security investigates and questions every person that works with the research and the employees of the company doing the renovations With everything else that has happened Jonah's brother Marcus has had attempts made on his life While trying to discover the person responsible for the disappearance of the research Anna and Jonah find loveThe Exhibitionist by Starla ColeGood book Syria has an unusual relationship with her stripper boyfriend Tyson Since he lives in Seattle and she lives in New Mexico they don't get to see each other as much as they would like One night Syria goes to a club with her best friend Mia neither of them are sure what to expect Before the night is over Syria ends up on the stage having sex with Mia while multiple men participate This club is where Syria meets Erik a very rich man looking for a slave He goes to great lengths to get Syria to agree to his proposal After a night with Erik at a very unusual restuarant Syria had to decide between the two men Don't know if this is a series or not but I would like to know about Syria and TysonThe Object of His Desire by PJ AdamsWow Fantastic Loved this book When Trudy attends her brothers wedding she doesn't expect to meet a man Will her soon to be brothet in law makes her blush and even frightens her but she still wants him Will shows Trudy around his family home and makes it clear that he wants her Her brother her ex and will have a secret that involves a woman from their days as college students When this woman from their past ends up dead and Trudy is Will's alibi she is frightened and confused Trudy knows that Will works for the English government but doesn't know in what field In the end the last person you expect is the one that proves to be the most dangerous to Trudy and Will I won't give anything away if you are reading this review then you have to read this book There is murder intrigue and lots of hot and steamy sexStill Waters by Joanna BlakeGreat story Janet meets Jack when her friend Kaylie invites her to the MC that her boyfriend is president of and Jack is the second in command Janet takes one look at Jack and falls for him When Janets parents lock her in her room without food or water for days Jack goes to het rescue only to find out she has escaped Janet has made a list of job openings and when Jack sees it he knows that she is in worse trouble After rescuing her from a rival MC gangs sex slave operation he takes Janet to a cabin in the mountains where they set the sheets on fire Hope this short and incomplete summary makes you curious enough that you have to read this wonderful romance of a dancer and a bad boy bikerOwned Some Like It Rough Series by Amy AdaySelena is a college student When a snow storm closes down classes for the day she ends up recued by one of her professors after het car breaks down Since the road to her house isn't passable she ends up going home with her professor After eating dinner Selena has decided she will seduce the professor she has had the hots for since she first saw him in class Professor Carl Sansom has a dark side and enjoys very rough sex play Even after Selena finds out she isn't the only student with whom he has had sexual contact she can't seem to resist the pull she feels toward Carl Really good read with lots of BDSMHer Two Doms by Adriana HunterWow what a great book Brooke is a woman who has something missing in her life she knows this but isn't sure exactly what is missing A chance encounter with sexy dom Sebastian and she knows she has to have of him He invites her to a club that he owns with his best friend When Brooke watches a scene with dom Jax and Sebastian training a new sub she only hesitates for a moment before meeting with them for a private session They introduce her to pleasure she has never before experienced After that one night of pleasure Brooke wants but she doesn't hear from Sebastian She finally goes back to the club and Jax They don't realize that Sebastian has retrned early from his business trip and watches while Brooke let's Jax continue her training as a sub There is so much to this story you have to readHeidi and the Kaiser by Selena KittI loved it Heidi is working a photo shoot as a photographers assistant and gopher when her boss the Kaiser shows up to observe When she trips and accidently stains his expensive suit pants He demands she clean the stain Heidi is unable to remove the stain from his pants and is punished in the tiny bathroom of the models trailer When Kaiser calls her to his office she is sure she will be fired He offers her a job as his assistant and then punishes her for being late Heidi takes the job she has found that she enjoys The Kaisers' punishments I won' t give anything away with this review there is so much to this book but you will have to read it to get the entire steamy story