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When hearts collide there are bound to be sparks But when a duo turns into a wickedly passionate menage there's unstoppable fireworks In this brand new collection of steamy menage stories all of your secret desires and wicked fantasies will come to life Grab your copy of our exclusive box set and surrender to the burning desire of these deliciously naughty tales Tangled Hearts features all of your favorite boyfriends including alpha male bikers powerful shifters and dangerously obsessive men that will take your breath away Use the preview feature to read the full description of each story and let the sinful fun begin Taking Heat by Emma YoungRoxy Marshall's life isn't glamorous Her dead end job at Hungry Pete's Diner isn't much to brag about either All of that changes when she finds herself naked and alone with the local biker gang's leader David Boss Rivera But when David's wife Brooke emerges and asks to turn the sinful twosome into a racy threesome sparks start to flyThe Wolves Next Door by Catherine ValeWhen plus size single Julie moves into a strange town nothing could prepare her for the dangerously handsome strangers next door who want nothing than to claim her as their own The Alpha's Secret by Tabitha ConallPrivate investigators and werewolves Gavin and Liam find their mate Bridget while on a case But in spite of the mating lust riding all three of them Bridget resists the urge Something stronger than the mating lust keeps her from committing Meanwhile Gavin and Liam discover treachery in her past Can they unravel the clues to both mysteries so all three of them can come together at last?A Ghostly Menage by Eve LanglaisA haunted house Ghostly touches A romance to make you shiver in a good waySeducing the Sergeant by Mina CarterGenetically patched and with a distinguished service record Combat Sergeant Wynter Ferris is as hard as nails and twice as tough as most of the men she leads But after being assigned to a weredog unit where partners and Camden and Rennick serve the rules of her world changeAll the Way by Giselle RenardeWhen Josie invites her high school boyfriend Kaz to stay with her family over the holidays there are a few things she doesn't anticipate like Kaz admitting he's never been with a woman after all these years But after her husband Rob attempts to give Kaz a little training in the hot tub with Josie by his side who will Kaz fall for?Her Two Bosses by Rachel ChaseWhen charismatic CEO Vance Harper and billionaire philanthropist Cort McCall take charge of the struggling nonprofit where Alexa Knight works her two new bosses fuel forbidden erotic fantasies that become shockingly real when both men decide they want her too What Happens in Vegas by Terry TowersAfter a passionate Las Vegas night with two NYPD officers Dane and Graham Porter Genevieve Fennel returns to New York hoping to shrug off the wild fling and a relationship that imploded just weeks before But when there's a break in at her boutiue and the sexy as sin Porter men are sent to her rescue it becomes clear that fate has other ideasInescapable by Saskia WalkerA witness protection safe house A steamy ménage As danger closes in Seth and Adrian must learn to share and protect the woman they love

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    Overall I give this collection 4 stars the stories that I really enjoyed made up for those I didn’tThe Wolves Next Door Catherine Vale35 StarsThe story was good I liked the menage between Caine Ryan and Julie the men were really sexy and the scenes between them where steamy I liked the way the relationship developed between them This is MFM although the men know they need to mate the same woman there are no MM scenesI’m taking off points for the grammar issues there were just too many to let it go One minute she’s a BBW the next she’s a slim silhouette in the window One moment he’s a goldenbrown wolf and a few minutes later he’s a gloriously dark wolf I generally overlook a few spellinggrammar issues in a story but when descriptions of characters and scenes contradict each other it takes away from the story and it happened quite a bitSeducing the Sergeant Mina Carter35 StarsI'm really not big on Sci fi stories so for me this one was just ok There are some really good MM and MFM scenes that I enjoyed There was a weird time warp thing going on between chapters where days would just mysteriously go by I would consider this a lust story I didn't feel a love connection The surprise element added at the end of the book was just kind of weird for me I know I was supposed to get a warm fuzzy feeling from it but I didn't maybe because it was resolved so quicklyWhat Happens in Vegas Terry Towers5 StarsSometimes what happens in Vegas follows you home Ginny’s fiancé leaves her at the alter well not literally he did pull her aside in the church before the ceremony to tell her it was over nice guy that he was So Ginny decides to take her non refundable honeymoon by herself in Vegas There she meets a smoking hot guy and decides to live on the wild side for once before she gets back to her real life what could go wrong? Well add in smoking hot guy 2 a wild night of MFM sex and morning after regrets but hey what happens in Vegas stays in Vegas right? Well Ginny’s not so lucky because her 2 guys are from NYC just like her who would think in a city that size they’d run across each other but of course they do This story is written in 3 POVS and there is quite a bit of jumping from one character to the next for me that worked well in this book and I enjoyed it There are some family issues a nasty ex wife and the normal moment of angst which thankfully was resolved very quickly it’s a novella after all I enjoyed this story and I felt like the right guy got the girl in the endFringe Benefits Rachel Case4 StarsOverall I liked this story Alpha powerful men and a timid woman who came into her own and let her sassy side take over nice MFM sex scenes I know this is a fantasy however the crisis element in the story was just so unrealistic and I took a point off for that Even though it was a novella I felt the author could have stretched the timeline out things were resolved unrealistically fast It’s one thing to have them basically fall in love at first touch but whatever town they were in had the fastest police force I’ve ever seenThe Alpha’s Secret Tabitha Conall5 StarsMy favorite story so far I loved the idea of Triad mated pairs with two males and one female What a really nice twist the woman actually gets two men for a change Gavin and Liam were super sexy and Gavin is all Alpha Bridget has some repressed emotional issues from her childhood that she needs to overcome in order for them to be truly happy I liked the flow of the story in the end it left me wanting to know It felt like the story wasn’t finished there are a few people out there that need to be brought to justice even though this Triad did seem to get their HEA Apparently there is another book that finishes up the storyline I’ll have to check that out This story has MM MFM and MMF couplingsTaking Heat Emma Young35 StarsI’m not a big fan of FFM FF stories so this one was just okay The MF scenes were just kind of quick and I couldn’t get into the FF ones A couple of other issues in continuity for example in one scene during oral sex she’s sucking on her rosebud which in the next paragraph is her still sucking on her clit they aren’t the same and in another she specifically leaves her panties off and a few paragraphs later there’s an in depth description of her panties in the sex sceneAll the Way Giselle Renarde3 StarsAhh I’m starting to feel kind of mean this one was so so The threesome was weird and the one character who’s afraid of premature ejaculation should be afraid of falling asleep it was bizarre does the guy have sex narcolepsy? What really lost me though was comments like this one “completing their circular triangle” Huh? It’s either a circle or a triangle how can it be both? MM MFM MMF A Ghostly Menage Eve Langlais5 Stars I loved this story This one really touched me and I found myself tearing up a couple of times The ghostly curse angle was a really neat plot twist and I loved how the curse was broken MFMI loved her Freakn’ Shifters series and was glad to see her in this bundleInescapable Saskia Walker5 StarsI really liked this story although it was a little slow at first Caught up in a criminal case requiring witness protection this story allows the author to build a deeper relationship between the 3 characters then in the previous stories and I really enjoyed the development of their relationship Lily was sassy and sexy and her two men were both really yummy in totally opposite ways This is a MFM love storyThere were some issues that took away from my rating The Table of Contents for this book is useless I have Chapters One Fourteen and then One Six with a prologue No Author’s names or book titles At the end of each story the paragraph inviting you to join the authors mailing list also includes the title for the next story which was confusing at first In order to write my review as I went along I had to get the list of booksauthors from because I couldn’t use the table of contents to go back and forth easily Very frustrating There are a lot of grammar issues and some continuity issues some stories are much better than others I wouldn’t mention this if it was just a few in each story as I’m not an English major or editor however in some of the stories it’s bad enough to throw you out of the flow of the story