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Fifty By Fifty Fifty Novels by Fifty Bestselling Authors in four big boxed sets – look for the next one coming soonWe got you going with Volume 1 but now Volume 2 has arrived to turn up the heatLet a whole new set of hot alpha males steam up your eReader They will get what they want Passionate unrelenting and insatiable these men intend to do everything it takes to keep you coming back for So pour a glass of wine and cuddle up with this box set The door to the helicopter is open and that goddess inside you is saying YESWhat’s insideCat Haus Part 1 Billionaire Bad Boys by Cat JohnsonHe's a billionaire She's a hooker Things are bound to get interestingThe Billionaire's Son by Arabella QuinnJulia stumbles into a world of secrets powerful billionaires danger and clandestine sex clubsClub Soria by Emilia KincadeMaya's life is falling apart She retreats to Thailand where she meets a dashing and dominating reclusive billionaireThe Billionaire's Contract The His Submissive Series Part One Part Four by Ava ClaireLeila Montgomery just landed her dream job The catch? Her sexy billionaire boss is looking for a personal assistantand his private submissiveSex Research BDSM Billionaire Romance by Skye EagledayWhen Shauna’s Professor violates research ethics by urging her to become his submissive—will the virgin Shauna risk her future by answering her own questions about sex by crossing this forbidden line?The Vigilante's Lover by Annie WintersA small town girl is mistaken for a spy and kidnapped by the dark knight of a Vigilante undergroundMy Rockstar Billionaire by Amy AdayA curvy girl trying to get over a breakup while in a tropical paradise meets a hot mysterious stranger who has secrets Dark Velvet by Lisa CarlisleAttraction turns dangerous when the poet discovers the sculptor's dark secretThe CEO and the Girl from the Coffee Shop by Terry TowersWhat happens in Vegas stays in Vegas right? Not alwaysLetters of Intent by Angelica Boone and Hayden VossMysterious admirer jeopardizes Abigail's future with the firm but maybe that's what she needs A Beautiful Dark Obsession by Anna AntoniaSophia Carter has loved Alexander Monroe Draven II since she was a girl but he became an obsession too dangerous to keep Now he's backUnwillingly Yours Meant to Be Yours by Marian TeeBoring nerdy college student Jaike's accepted the inevitable she's destined to belong to Greek heir Dom Derek Christopoulos but will she be his only Sub?

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    I was given this ARC in exchange for an honest review While I didn't recieve all the stories in this bundle just yet the ones I did read were HOTTT When reading these stories I highly recommend having a fan near by or a cold glass of water or heck even your man Trust me your gonna need it I will definitely be recommending this smokin hot and sexy bundle with lots of hot alpha males to all my friends I can't wait to one click and read this whole book again on release day

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    I received an ARC of this collection for an honest review Based off of the available books to read in this anthology I would rate this with 4 stars Most of the books are quick reads with hot and sexy scenes The characters are strong and well developed This collection of books are well written and have cliffhangers that make you want to continue reading the series for each book I like the anthology and would recommend it as a great readCat Haus Cat Johnson 4 starsWhat happens when there is a collision of gambling debt and a cat haus? This book made me think of Pretty Woman but on steroids You get a good background story and characters are developed well It has steamy scenes I will continue to read the series to find out what else happens with John and CateDark Velvet Lisa Carlisle 4 starsVampires of a different kind Antoine a master sculptor and Savannah a grad student Sexual tension and secrets revealed What will they do with all the desire they have for each other? I enjoyed these two characters It was a quick read and I look forward to seeing what happens when the castle heats upClub Soria Emilia Kincade 3 starsMaya finds out by a text that her boyfriend has been cheating on her Then she decides it is time to move on She makes the decision to take a holiday to visit her sister in Thailand While on holiday she goes to an exclusive restaurant and catches the eye of Javier the owner and he invited her to the club He shows her pleasure she didn't know existed Will she continue to stay or will she leave?Letters of Intent Angelica Boone and Hayden Voss 4 starsAn office affair of secret correspondence to a hot and steamy meeting in a supply closet Love found in an unlikely place Abigail doesn't know the mystery man in the supple closet but she wants to find him Very entertaining and I must read the seriesMy Rockstar Billionaire Amy Aday 5 starsI enjoyed this book and was sent into a dreamworld of Ricky and Belle Nothing like going to a tropical destination and finding a hot alpha Belle who has an opportunity from her employer to visit a paradise and a rockstar that wants to be just himself They meet sparks ignite and let the fun begin No strings no attachments and oh some hot sexy scenes Then the time comes when they go their separate ways but neither one can stop thinking about the other What happens next lets take a look at book twoThe Billionaire's Son Part 1 4 Arabelle Quinn 4 starsCharacters dynamic CHECK hot and steamy scenes CHECK and a hero of sexiness CHECKMystery secrets sex and money all rolled into one What else could you ask for? I enjoyed this book and i am looking forward to finishing the seriesUnwillingly Yours Marian Tee 3 starsI could not get into this book and I feel that there was too much emotional playThe Vigilante Lover Annie Winters 4 starsMystery murder loss and freedom Great story line High tech gadgets and a cliffhanger Grey meet Bourne meet 007 what do you get? A Vigilante Lover

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    Cat Haus by Cat JohnsonThis is told from Cate’s point of view Cate is a prostitute who works at the Cat Haus The owner of the brothel is Gus and Gus has a gambling problem When he loses a big bet he offers Cate’s services to cover his tab This is how Cate meets John the johnI loved the way this story was told you feel like you are inside Cate’s head hearing every thought that she has and every feeling that she feels I look forward to reading the rest of the seriesDark Velvet by Lisa CarlisleThis story is about a young woman Savannah who goes to an art retreat for 3 months to work on her poetry writing skills This retreat is a castle on an island and is where a variety of different artists go to master their skills without the worries of everyday life interferingThe owner of the retreat Antoine is a very mysterious man who takes a liking to Savannah which she reciprocates When they come together sparks flyClub Soria by Emilia KincadeMaya is a young woman who catches her boyfriend of 5 years cheating on him and decides to end their relationshipShe leaves and heads off on a vacation to Thailand where she meets up with her sister who has been living there for the last 5 yearsHer sister tells her of this club and restaurant which is owned by a billionaire recluse They go to the restaurant and Maya happens to meet up with a mysterious man who turns out to be the billionaire He invites her to his club Club Soria She goes and what she finds is not what she expected at allLetters of Intent by Angelica Boone and Hayden VossThis is a short story about Abigail a young woman working in a law firm who has an affair with her married boss JohnThey pass messages along until one day one of the messages are intercepted and a mysterious stranger rocks Abigail’s worldMy Rockstar Billionaire by Amy AdayThis book is about Belle a travel writer who is in the Dominican Republic to write a piece on the area She needs this time to try and get over her cheating ex boyfriend She meets Ricky at the pool side bar and feels an attraction to him She doesn't want to have any relationship but Ricky convinces her to just live in the moment and not to worry about the future for the time being They spend time together but she doesn't learn much about what Ricky does as he keeps deflecting her questionsLooking forward to see what happens in the next installmentThe Billionaire’s son by Arabella QuinnThis story is about Julia an accountant who has been hired by Jackson Vaughn to try and find discrepancies in his business dealings He suspects his son Derek to be behind themJulia meets Derek in an unconventional way and feels and attraction even though she hates himThey happen to meet up with each other a couple of other times and each time the attraction gets strongerAs time goes on Julia finds that there seems to be something strange going on with her boss and when she gets a glimpse she is totally shocked Unwillingly Yours Meant to be Yours by Marian TeeThis story is about a young woman Jaike who grew up watching her submissive mother doing things for her Master all in the name of love Jaike is scared that she herself will become just like her mother so she avoids Derek a natural born DomDerek has been in love with Jaike for three years believing she is his soul mate and has just been waiting for his chance with herWhen the two of them finally get their chance they both nearly let jealousy and fear ruin itVigilante’s Lover 1 by Annie Winters and Tony WestMia is a young woman who has stumbled across some letters from a prisoner called Jax She decides to write back thinking that he would appreciate receiving letters whilst in prison Jax is a Vigilante who has been imprisoned but doesn’t plan on staying that way When he escapes he heads to the safe house to see who has been writing all this time because he is sure it isn’t the person who should have beenThis is the start of Mia and Jax’s journey which is filled with rope play sexual tension and spies

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    These books are steaming up my glasses Especially the fast paced Vigilante's Lover This book and all the others are a must read Annie Winters and her partner in crime Tony tear up the pages with hot dialogue and savvy spy gear Vigilante's Lover is a must

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    I was given an ARC of this bundle for an honest reviewCat Haus Part1 5 starsWowi don't know what to sayi didn't think iwould like this story but as the pages go on i got to love Cate and John and i really wanted to hurt GusCate is a whore one tht enjoyes her work but all her life changes when Gus the onwer of the Haus loses her on a betAn awesome story with lots of sex and thrilling characters that makes you want Lisa Carlisel Dark Velvet 5 stars I was given this book by the author for an honest reviewI have to say that i loooooooved Antoine's storyits shortits hot it has action and it keeps your interestI like the way Lisa writes her stories and this one didn't disappoint meThe characters are really complete and the background they both carry gives you a complete image of who they areThe chemistry between the two was hot hot hotI loved the teasing between Antoine and SavanahA great storyClub Soria Emily kincaid 3 starsI don't know what i can say about this storyis it the sister that is always cussingis it the main character that is over reacting from a break up and leaves her house and her job and goes vacation to thailand?Is it the hansome filthy ritch dude that took a stranger took her to his private club and introduced her to bdsm?Is it the little interaction that the characters have between them?i don't knowI can't say i enjoyed the storyBut it has potentialsit could be better for sure and perhaps it can work out to be better if revised by the authorOr perhaps it was just a book i didn't likeAngelica Boone Hayde Voss Letters of Intent 3 starsI really did enjoy this story and the way it wentuntil the time the truth was revealedstalking much?and after 2 sex scenes and how little the characters know one another Abigail felt like she was home?ohh well i have to say though that the all characters were well written and the story was intresting and the sex scenes were hotMy Rockstar Billionair Amy Aday 2 starsAn nice short story that i didn't disliked but i didn't like eitherif i could say something about it it would be mehThe billionair's Son1 2 3 4 Arabella Quin 3 starsWow a really nice story with all the twists and turns and the hot sexi really enjoyed this story and the characters were well writtenThe book keeps you on your toes an you are trying to find out what in the world is going onFrom a romanceto a mystery to a sex and debauchery story all wrapped in oneI truly want to read the rest and see whats going onUnwilingly Yours Part 1 2 Marian Tee 5 starAre you kidding me????Seriously????Ok ok let me get this straightWe have a bdsm communitywith parents having bdsm and kids having bdsm and kids being traumatised by parents having bdsm and they end up having bdsm themselves without knowing fully what bdsm is but their body reckignise their master and they know that they have to submitNow is there something wrong with the above or is it just me?Though i have to be fair with the authorShe is one of the few authors i have read that she uses Greek rightthank you for thati ws really dreading the moment when i read that the male character is GreekAlso i have to say thisthe clisses that are being used in this book arei can't find a word that will not be offendingmy gosh woman why did you have to ruin this book ?Are you kidding me????????what else is going to happen in this book???????this thing with the Doms coming and going in the college and all of them being Doms and knowing what is best for all has me over my head totally pissed offso freakish tempted to drop the book truthfullyand here we go againwoman you are trying to kill us???wow the rollercoasterthe emotional overloadthe laughter and the hot sex scenesBDSM wise the book is no good but daaaaaaaaaaamn the twists and the turns in this storyi really don't know if i should rate it with 5 stars or no starsdaaaamnnnn womanThe Vigilante's Lover Ammie WintersTony WestWOWreally WOWa fast paced story filled with action and spies and bad guys and a mystery that keeps you on your toesand then comes the cliffhangerdamn itan amazing story

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    ARC given for an honest reviewThe ARC I was given did not have all the stories in it but for the stories I did read my reviews are belowCat Haus Part 1 This was a good story quick read and a series I was interested to see how this story ends so I will have to read the rest of the books The chemistry was hot and the sex scene was good A woman who earns money working in a house only when the owner needs her to do a favor due to him losing a lot of money she goes to do the favor and things start to change from thereDark Velvet This was an amazing story I wish it didn't end The story was one that I was focused on and wanted to see what happens between the two The chemistry was hot between the two Grad student who goes to an art colony and falls for the owner She doesn't know what to do with the feelings she has and then she learns his secret I want to finish reading the series for this oneClub Soria This was a good story I believe this story will be continued A woman was cheated on by her boyfriend so she decides to go visit her sister and they decide to go out When the sister takes her out she ends up with a man for the whole time only to find out she can't leave Letters of Intent This was a good story quick read A woman works for a office and has an affair with a man and they use a spreadsheet to communicate The sex was hot and then got hotter when something changes and it's not the same man that she has been seeing The new man caught onto what she was doing and wanted to be with this woman for so long Great readMy Rockstar Billionaire Where do I start this was such an amazing read even if it was short It is part of a series and I was hooked from the beginning The author knows how to grab your attention and keep you focused Oh man the chemistry between the two the sex scene will make you blush Overall it was a story that kept me going and I wanted to know I wanted to see where things were going to goBelle doesn't date after her last ex boyfriend put her through a lot She takes a job overseas as part of her freelance writer and decides that she just needs to have some fun and forget about Mike When she gets to the DR she doesn't expect to meet Ricky So now she has a week to spend with RickyRicky has a secret but he doesn't want to share it due to nobody knowing the real Ricky He doesn't expect to find someone like Belle and after seeing her he has to keep her for a week Instant attraction and he just can't get enoughThe Billionaire's Son Wow on this story I was hooked and wanted to see where this story went This seems like part of a series I want to see what happens with the characters A woman takes a job that the father asked her to do thinking that his son is stealing from him she accepts and then ends up seeing the son and has an instant attraction to him The sex was so hot between them and the things she doesWowWill have to finish reading this if it is a seriesUnwillingly Yours Part One I loved this story I was hooked and wanted to see where this would go I wasn't disappointed This story is about a Dom Sub The sub has had a horrible past and watching something terrible happen to her mother makes her rethink things The Dom that wants her she won't be with as she is afraid of turning out like her mother She fights and does things to stay away The Dom can't take it any and needs to be with her Such a great story The chemistry sex is just wow with sizzle I want to continue to read this seriesThe Vigilante's Lover Good story with a plot A woman becomes a penpal for a prisoner only responding as if she was his ex lover She didn't expect anything to come of it until the day she is kidnapped Overall I can't complain with the stories that I have read in this bundle With just the stories I have read it is worth reading this box set I mean look at all the stories that you get with it now I didn't have all of them but even still it's a great box set that is so worth reading Great job to all the authors on such great reads

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    Cat HausThe Billionaire's SonClub SoriaThe Billionaire's ContractThe Billionaire's TouchThe Billionaire's PassionThe Billionaire's HeartSex ResearchThe Vigilante's LoverWhat a great start to this series If you've read Fight for Her Volume 4 then you know Jax he's like a hotter version of 007 Jax is in prison and he's writing all of these hot letters about bondage to his comrade Klaus but what he didn't know is that Mia is the one that has been responding to his letters it turns out that all of the bondage talk was secret codesCRAZY Anyway Mia is oblivious to all of this she is just a 20 year old virgin from a small town in Tennessee that lives alone after her aunt died The sparks fly between Jax and Mia but he doesn't believe she is who she says she istypical the vigilante didn't believe anything he just believes everyone is out to get him I wanted I cannot wait to read The Vigilante's Lover 2 I need to know what happens next especially since we are left with one heck of a cliff hangerMy Rockstar BillionaireDark VelvetThe CEO and the Girl from the Coffee ShopVery sexy quick readLetters of Intent Parts One TwoA Beautiful Dark Obsession by Anna AntoniaUnwillingly YoursMeant to Be Yours

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    A gifted copy was provided by the authors for an honest reviewEven though I received this collection as an ARC not all the stories were there What I did receive were very good The stories that did stand out in my mind that were the best were Club Soria by Emilia Kincade My Rockstar Billionaire by Amy Aday The Billionaire's Son by Arabella Quinn which is only parts 1 4 Unwillingly Yours by Marian Tee The Vigilante's Lover by Annie Winters pt 2 will be out next week BUT The ones that I would really recommend reading on repeat are as belowI really enjoyed reading Marian Tee’s story Keep a box of Kleenex handy It has lots of sex emotional Domsub scenes 1010 Jaike and Derek instantly connected but Jaike had a terrible trauma in her past and is afraid to allow Derek in so she allows another man to be her “Dom” When she catches” the other man “cheating” on her she finally allows Derek into her life and lets the defenses down There were so many ups and down but the end was rewarding Hope to get of the Christopoulos men 1010Arabella Quinn’s The Billionaire’s Son is an erotic romance semi thriller set when a lady forensic accountant was hired to prove a theft is going on in a company but really is being used by the older billionaire to set up his sonthe younger billionaire knows his father is a bad man and is trying to catch him before he does something terribleonly now there is this lady forensic accountant involved and they are hooking up behind old man’s back for some sizzling sex This has parts 1 4 when actually there are 8 parts It ends at part 4I was dying to know how this story ends 810 just because not the whole story was hereThe Vigilante's Lover by Annie Winters—this story is unique because who would respond to a letter from someone you do not know where they talk about tying you up and THINGS of the BDSM variety Well that is what Mia did Her aunt just recently died and she started getting these letters addressed to someone else At first she was going to send them back unopened but –she decided to be that person who they were addressed to and she pretended to be “her” and wrote back to Jax De Luca who happened to be in prison She thinks he is an inmate who might just need a release or a “friend” and that he means her no harmand what Mia doesn’ t know is Jax is her worst nightmare Jax is a former spy who is out to clear his name and he is trying to get ahold of someone by using code When Mia responded wellpoor Miahe broke out of prison and kidnapped herthe story took off in so many ways LOVED IT There is a background on Mia that she doesn’t even know about Book 2 is due out next week 1010Cat Haus by Cat Johnson 610Dark Velvet by Lisa Carlisle 710Club Soria by Emilia Kincade 610Letters of Intent by Angelica Boone and Hayden Voss 710My Rockstar Billionaire by Amy Aday 710I would definitely recommend getting this box set and reading it Has a lot of great books and especially for the price WORTH IT

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    Too many cliffhangers instead of complete storiesI received an ARC of this book in exchange for an honest review I have to start out by saying that I didn't realize that most of the books were only parts of a series or I would not have accepted the ARC I also received a separate ARC for The Vigilante's Lover which is a serial and included in this anthology but I knew that it was a serial when I volunteered to read the ARC Putting my prejudice against cliffhangers aside I am basing this review on the writing and not downgrading it because of the cliffhangersThe Vigilante's Lover 5 starsI love how the chapters alternate between Jax and Mia's view point The story flows quickly and kept my attention If you read the blurb for this book on Annie's Winters page it is very accurate Mia has been writing sexy letters to Jax who is incarcerated She thinks this is innocent fun until Jax escapes and comes to her home The writing is excellent and kept me on the edge of my seat I can't wait to read the next one in this seriesThe Billionaire's Son3 starsThis is a very suspenseful story about a forensic accountant who is hired by a very wealthy man to find evidence that his son is stealing from him I didn't find the writing real smooth but I did enjoy the story right until it ended with a major cliffhanger This story contained crude language and very explicit sexual situations I read all kinds of romance from sweet to smut so the language didn't bother me I think there was something about the integration of the graphic scenes into the story that didn't work real well for me I believe this is why I felt that the writing wasn't real smooth I just don't know how else to describe it While I'd like to know how this story concludes I am not willing to pay over 10 to do soIn conclusion I believe that this boxed set is well worth the 99 it is selling for right now My major complaint is that in the description for the book here on there is really nothing to let you know that many if not all I haven't read them all yet are only parts of a complete story Many anthologies are like this but most of them I've purchased have stated this fact in the description Shame on these authors for not doing the same with this anthology

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    I am really enjoying this set of ebooks mostly by new to me authorsI have read 3 stories so far and am loving this set1 Cat Haus 5is about a woman who has completed college but is working as a whore in the Cat Haus She is making great money and usually enjoys what she does She meets John after her boss needs to pay off a gambling debt I loved these two Cate and John and will go on to read their story in the author Cat Johnson's next book2 Dark Velvet 4 by Lisa Carlisle This vampire book was very well done an exclusive art colony is the setting for this book about a graduate art student and the owner a sculptorartist and vampire The author keeps the suspense up and keeps Savannah's needs off the charts as Antoine feels his way to her heart3 Club Soria 3 Emilia Kincade Still reading a 9 The Vigiante's Lover 5 Annie Winters I just loved this suspenseful ride the mystery erotic lure of ropes and bondage and the hot sexy Jax Jax breaks out of prison where he'd been locked up after he was set up by a woman he had fallen for Mia is a young inexperienced twenty year old who started receiving letters from Jax letters that were meant for Klaus Mia is drawn to Jax and the lure of sex and fulfillment after losing her aunt to cancer and she is absolutely alone in the world Jax is on a mission to find out what happened to Klaus who seems to have disappeared and who may already be deadAnnie Winters knows how to write a beautiful story with intrigue anticipation and lots of emotion I can't wait for the next book and you need to read this now so you are ready for the next chapter when it comes out She has selected some beautiful love stories by these other authors to create this fabulous collection Shades of Domination