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To The West Huma Rode, To The High Clerist S Tower,On The Back Of The Silver DragonAnd The Path Of Their Flight Crossed Over A Desolate Countrywhere The Dead Walked Only, Mouthing The Names Of Dragons For The First Time In The Best Selling Dragonlance Saga, Here Is The Legend Of Huma, Fabled Hero Of The Lance His Mysterious Origins And His Oath To The Measure Treachery Among The Knights Of Solamnia His Love For The Silver Dragon The Fated Showdown Between The Queen Of Darkness And The Forces Of PaladineOnly Fragments Of Huma S Story Survived The Cataclysm Of Krynn Until Now

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    1st Dragonlance book I read .and the best edit I can t believe that the author liked my short little review That totally made my day I distinctly remember when I went to the bookstore B Dalton in the old Marquette Mall and purchased this book when I was in 6th or 7th grade It was one of the first real novels I d ever bought for myself, I absolutely loved the story Quite honestly, it is a complete travesty that this book, and to a certain extent the Dragonlance books themselves, have not been made into movies I would love to see this book as a movie

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    A very bland heroic fantasy, lacking intrigue or excitement Perhaps I didn t enjoy this simply because I have very limited knowledge of the Dragonlance world Or perhaps I didn t enjoy it because the plot just plodded along from one scene to the next, with nothing outstanding grasping me I disliked how the minotaur and dragons were both very chatty it really destroys the mystery of those creatures but I understand Knaak was attempting to humanize the minotaur.I found Huma s honor to be bordering on idiotic there are times when even honorable people need to kill that which is obviously evil, and Huma seems reluctant to even do that My biggest complaint is how long winded all of our big baddies are They trap Huma on numerous occasions, yet instead of killing him, they deliver speeches I felt like Scott Evil on Austin Powers Kill him already Magius is the only character of any interest Maybe this is a good novel for a 15 year old, but it lacks the intrigue and plot twists and the blurring lines between good and evil that I have grown to love in other fantasy novels.

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    A hidden gem, and one of my absolute favorites growing up A ton of books were cranked out under the Dragonlance label in the 90 s, and many of them were barely worth the paper they were printed on But a few were very good, and The Legend of Huma was the best of them Knaak delivers an epic, thrilling fantasy story that s simply an enormous amount of fun 4.5 stars, highly recommended

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    8.The Legend of Huma by Rihard A KnaakGenre FantasyPages 379Acquired Prior to 1999Book of Your Shelf YesWhy I have read it Part of DragonLance world rereading all Series DragonLance, Heroies 1 Huma is a knight of legend among all the races of Krynn He came from humble beginnings, fought through great challenges, and finally faced the dark goddess herself and prevailedin a way This is finally the telling of his story, the true story, without all the gloss and shine the ages have placed on it over the years.Huma is a knight of Solamniaan order dedicated to honor, truth, and loyalty Known throughout the world for following their strict code As the Queen of Darkness herself begins a war to conquer to world, nothing seems to be able to stop her The knights fight valiantly to hold her back, but are losing ground little by little As what must be the final battle approaches all seems lost But Paladine, the god of good has a little something up his sleeve, but only if Huma can pass the tests put before him to test not only his mind and body, but his soul And he must be willing to give up much to save the world.I love this entire series, and this story has long been one of my favorites It can be read independently of the rest since it is of a history than a continuation of the world The story is face paced and full of surprises, even to someone who has read it before There is love, betrayal, respect won, and strange friends made It is full of dragons, magic, knights, and the ever present battle of good vs evil.5 5

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    I really liked this book, but many scenes were unnecessary, and I felt like the plot was a little too episodic However, the various tasks that Huma accomplishes do eventually accumulate climactically in an important scene It s a good story with a compelling and interesting main character I found Huma a much layered knight than Sturm in the original Dragonlance series However, I enjoy Weis and Hickman s writing better overall They re not the best writers, but I follow their style easily That being said, Knaak did an excellent job of continuing the world building and explication that Weis and Hickman began If I sound ambivalent on many points, it s because it s a three star book for me good but not excellent Still, I can recommend it to high fantasy lovers and to Dragonlance fans.

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    An amazing story for a dragon lance novel I read a lot of dragon lance and there was always references to Huma and what he did That s the part that made it good for me It filled in the blanks from parts that read in other stories The only part that lacked for me was that there was a supposed to be a big love story between Huma and his dragon who could take human form , but that was of an after thought in this story I retread this book after reading it the first time Just a good read.

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    This was a great exploration of the fabled legend of Huma of the Lance.The lowly Knight who saved the world in the ancient times, so that by the time Sturm Brightblade takes up his own sword, Huma is that world s Lancelot.But Huma isn t Lancelot He is human and frail and weak and terrified He shows that he really IS a legend, because he is unsure and scared and does whatever is needed, no matter the cost.He shows that heroism isn t pretty, but its real.

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    Even though this was my third time reading it, I still enjoyed it a lot I think it is probably the best single book in the Dragonlance series, and even those who dont like Dragonlance would enjoy this book Full review here

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    The only book I ve ever read twice It holds a special place in my reading life, does this tale of dragon riders, unlikely friendship and good vs evil A special place indeed.

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    I forget that the Dragonlance novels are actually very entertaining if a little shallow and predictable The characters are for the most part, straight forward, the only development that surprised me was Rennard s true allegiance It is interesting to finally hear the back story of the most famous hero in the DragonLance universe.