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This Book Is An Erotic Fantasy For Adults Only It Contains Explicit Content Here Is The Story Of One Man S Quest To Truly Tame And Domesticate His Wife Makenna And Allen Are Basically Newlyweds, But Even So, He S Noticed Something His Wife Has Morphed Into A Nightmare She Complains About Everything She Whines And Argues At Every Turn, And He S Tired Of It When She Berates Some Of His Personal Projects, Allen Decides He S Had Enough Locked In Her Collar And Stripped Naked, Makenna Will Learn What Makes A Perfect Marriage Allen Will Teach Her She Isn T A Dog, Though She Will Learn To Scamper About On Her Hands And Knees She Isn T A Cow, But He Will Suck Her Nipples And Force Her To Come Allen May Not Treat Her Like An Animal, But He Will Treat Her Exactly Like A Pet His Property It Just Takes A Word To Punish His Wife Shock Whenever He Utters That Word, Makenna Feels A Jab Of Electricity Each Time She Disobeys, He Punishes Her Unfortunately For Her, She Is A Stubborn Girl, So It Might Take Multiple Rounds Of Punishment Before She Really Understands How Things Will Work From Now On When Makenna Married Her Husband, She Thought She Would Be In Charge She Thought She Could Take Command Of Their Relationship Now That He Has Her Collared, He Can Keep Her At Home As An Adorable Pet He Will Teach Her Tricks She Will Roll Over, Play Dead, And Beg She Will Learn To Lick Whenever He Demands It, And Her Body Will Always Be Available For Him However He Wants It Obedience Will Be Her Most Important Lesson Though From Now On, She Will Belong To Her Husband As His Pet Wife

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    This a longer version of a shot story since it has 69 pages which I really liked to read It was a very hot read.It started with an intro about people warning him not to marry her, but he does any way And he likes it at first till she is changing Making it even worse when she lost her job She becomes angry at him again, but this time in his workspace After that he decides it has to be different from now on He is done with her behaviour So he tries something he invented on her, a shock collar Every time she is rude to him or doesn t do as he says, he says the word shock and she gets one This way he trains her into his perfect pet and sex slave.He let her do things she didn t want to do before, like sucking his cock and taking her anal It is such a turn on to read about it How she doesn t want it, but can t say no But when he does it with her she can t help but loving it and showing she loves it Hot When she does things he wants her to do the right way, he gives her as a reward an orgasm Of course she likes that a lot and it is very hot to read about.He also learns her typical pet things like fetching the ball and roll over When she asks him after some weeks of training when she will have learned enough and when she can do without the collar, he tells her that is never going to happen Because he likes her the way she is now.Finally she accepts it that this is the way she likes it the best too.This is such a hot story that I didn t mind the typos which were in it a few times I am looking forward to read from this writer.

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    Por que la gente sigue fantaseando con mascotas que hablan No lo entiendo como se pretende poseer otro individuo racional No estoy de acuerdo con el tema de la historia, pero esta bien contada.