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When Willow Spencer receives an intriguing letter from her best friend she heads to West Virginia with only a suitcase and a lust for adventure Agreeing to live with a man you’ve never met and be nanny to his three children is a little dangerous and a lot of crazy In other words? Just what she needs A wild child at heart Willow leaves life as she knows it behind without a backwards glance But when she arrives at the rundown trailer deep in backwoods territory and meets the rough practically mute mountain man who seems immune to her flirtatious charm she begins to doubt her decision and her sanityTHIS BOOK WAS PREVIOUSLY TITLED BONED ON BLUECREEKThis is the second novella in a planned series It is NOT a full length bookDisclaimer this novella is for adults only It contains explicit sex rough sex sex with strangers and sexual situations some might find offensive including dubious consent

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    After reading the previous book in this series I had some expectations from this book Where they meet? And I'm not saying that in a bad way Penetrated On Ponetown was porn but this one didn't have any sex scenes until the end of the book so if you're expecting some scandalous sex you're in for a wait Willow comes from the same hippy community as Clover so she has a very free and open attitude about sex But she sure didn't know what she was getting into when she took the job to be a nanny to three children in the middle of nowhereand everything is even harder when she starts to be attracted to Teddy the children's father Teddy's wife died a few years ago but he can't move on He's attracted to Willow but doesn't want to cheat on his wifeso he denies himself and rejects WillowBecause this book was actually a novella so pretty short I couldn't really connect the way I wanted with the characters or get to know thembut all in all it was a great read and Moxie Darling has a great way of writing hot sex scenes P ARC generously provided by the author in exchange for an honest review

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    First to all the readers who have read Moxie Darling's firstling Penetrated on Ponetown this book is differentIf you thought it was missing something Boned on Bluecreek has all of itI never expected that a book with so few pages could hold the whole package Oh how wrong I was Do you want to be proven the same? Read it It's absolutely worth the 99ctThat said Boned On Bluecreek isn't pure erotica Believe me it HAS all the good stuff but it has drama and romance as well I feel like the title doesn't do it justice Although it has the typical story line of a free minded young woman meeting a brute from the backroads there is also hurt mourning loss frustration and pent up sexual energyLike I said it has it all sighIf you want a uick read about loss mending hearts and hot sex here you go You can read it in half a day and you'll be SAD not mad that it's overA fair TW warning though view spoilerthere is a sort of rape scene included hide spoiler

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    325 Rating I don't think I liked this book as much as the first in the series but it was still an enjoyable short read A lot less sexy than book one Looking forward to the third book being released Hoping its Jim's story Note At the time this review was posted this book was available to borrow through 's Kindle Unlimited program To see other books available to borrow through Kindle Unlimited or SCRIBD check out the Subscription Addiction group

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    Willow was a short intense erotic romanceWillow is Clover's friend and both of them have a similar approach to lifeWillow thinks of Teddy as a challenge but can she cope if her heart is involved?This book balanced the steamy bits with some pain suffering and a sweet storyYou want to know what happens next how do they work things out but the length is a little frustrating I liked both characters but wish the books were longer I would love to see this author try a contemporary or romantic mystery

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    I'm really liking this series and the broody country menWere the first book was taboo and full of dirty sex this one was sweeter with a longer build up and then the dirty sex

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    55 Intense Frustrating Hot StarsI don't even know where to begin with this one so I guess I'll just delve right in I laughed in a good way I felt like punching something looking at you Mr Stubborn and I was in love all in one sitting The characters for this book had so much depth and backstory sprinkled throughout the entire reading making them way believable and lovable If you read the first book in this series you will recognize some familiar faces as well which I thought was pretty neat and nostalgic The book is technically short it's a novella but not in a way that hinders the experience whatsoever Moxie Darling does such a wonderful job of packing so much detail and depth into her writing that the length shouldn't even be a factor when deciding to read her books Plus she has this incredibly uniue knack for bluntness in her writing that sort of throws you for a second only to have you wanting to jump back in and indulge in so much More writing should be like this although then I'd have way too much to reading to get to I'll just have to settle for patiently awaiting books by M Darling I noticed that there is a third novella for this series coming in October and definitely can't wait to get my claws er hands on itTeddy Barlow is a rugged and helluva good looking man in his own way Pretty much looks like Charlie Hunnam in my mind which is fine by meWillow is just perfect there's not much to say there She's the kind of girl I like takes charge and knows exactly what she wantsI definitely recommend picking this one up if you're looking for a fun and hot read It's was only 099 on when I grabbed it not too shabby at all

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    Check out my review here is the seuel in the Backroads Trilogy and can be read as a stand alone Having read the first novel in this series by Moxie Darling I was expecting this one to be full of out of the box steamy scenes and a light romance I was dead wrong Though this seuel had a handful of kinky scenes there was a back story behind them that tugged on my heart stringsWe meet Willow who has been hired by single father Teddy to care for his children She has a connection to Clover from the first book and I really liked how their friendship was portrayed in this novel Like Clover Willow is very free with sex and easy going though not as into a three way relationship was her friendTeddy’s welcome to Willow is less than kind and we uickly find him to be brooding and silent; not an easy man to get along with The attraction is almost instant and so well written you immediately get the feeling it could be than just sex with the two charactersThere are moments that had me smiling any moment with the well written exceptional children and there are moments that had me want to tear my hair out any moment where Teddy denies his feelingsAgain Moxie Darling managed to write a uick steamy read with an in depth dramatic love story that had you begging for by the last page I seriously wish it was longer and I CANNOT wait for the third in this series

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    I received this Novella from the author in exchange for an honest review Ok so it's no secret i am a huge fan of Moxie Darling and her deliciously detailed dirty novella's so obviously going into this i was expecting smut a story in the background but mostly smut definitely not something that bothers me because i didn't start reading these expecting to get lengthy angsty drawn out romance Also there isn't as much sex in Willow in comparison to Clover but the sex in this was possibly even HOTTER So now onto the story Willow the female heroine Clover's friend which FYI if you haven't read go read this instant and a rugged single dad named Teddy Willow is going to the family to fill a roll similar as a nannyteacher Teddy wants nothing to do with Willow but Willow is definitely open to the idea ; They argue back and forth there is some inappropriate but deliciously sexual touches and some jealously Similar to Clover there is a taboo of sorts view spoiler there is a rape y kind of scene just to fair warn some readers hide spoiler

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    I was given this book for an honest review This was a short uick that was just what I needed this is the second book in this series Willow Spencer decided that she needed an adventure so she headed to the hills of West Virginia to live with a man that she has never met to be a nanny for his three kids her friend Clover from the first book told her about the job and she jumped at the chance to leave the hippie commune that she and Clover grew up in When she first met Teddy Barlow I didn't like him much and I thought he was rude Teddy was looking for some help taking care of his kids and Willow saw him as a challenge to her Willow likes sex and she was jealous that her friend was getting it from two men I liked how the kids took to her The first time she tried to seduce him didn't go her way I think she didn't realize how broken he was over his wife death This book was not as hot as the first one in the sex scene department but it still was a pretty good read The book was well written with no errors in grammar or spelling and I am looking forward to the next book in this series

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    I received a copy of this novella in exchange for a fair reviewWhile I only gave book one in this series 35 stars I am happily giving book two 45 stars I wish that the characters and story were a little developed as I could see this being a short novel not just a novella I love the story line about life in the back woods I also love the stubborn woman trying to fix the broken man While the kink in book one did not work for me book two defiantly made me hot and bothered I would recommend Moxie's books to any one looking for a uick hot read I am anxiously awaiting the arrival of book three