Download eBook Is it Just Me or is Everything Kak?: The Whingers' Guide to South AfricaAuthor Tim Richman –

Is It Just Me Or Is Everything Kak The Whinger S Guide To South Africa Is A Funny, Acerbic And Deeply Satirical Attack On Everything That Makes Modern Living So Painfully Painful Casting Aside Political Correctness, The Authors Are Fed Up With Car Guards, Bank Fees, Minibus Taxis, Danny K, Quotas, Floor Crossing, Crime, Corruption, Manto Tshabalala Msimang, Telkom, Eskom, SA Drivers, The Vodacom Meerkat, Knysna, Paris Hilton, DSTV Reception, Under Eye Serum For Men, Dual Flush Cisterns That Don T Flush Properly And, Of Course, Jacob Zuma

10 thoughts on “Is it Just Me or is Everything Kak?: The Whingers' Guide to South Africa

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    a satirical poke at South Africa 2007 and other things that make men grumpy

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    Now, granted, I am not the target audience for this book I m not male, and I m not South African I do have a South African mother, which made the book a bit relevant than it would be to the average non SAer, but nonetheless THIS BOOK WAS HORRIBLE.Absolute KAK And here s why.Between the 3 fat shaming references and 5 uses of the word retarded the authors, and everyone, should know better by now I wasn t impressed Nothing here was particularly funny, and much of it wasn t even South Africa specific I also get the impression that the authors are racist, and don t even realize it If you want to read the one entry that was worthwhile, turn to page 91 and read the paragraph on Preadolescent sluttiness Skip the rest and save yourself the trouble You re welcome.

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    A fun look at pet peeves of South Africans, and those who live elsewhere and long to moan with us Very good chuckle material

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    I loved it So nice to read rants on things that irritate the hell out of me too Very good for a relaxing giggle.