[ Download epub ] Doctor Who: The Complete History - Stories 167-169 The Christmas Invasion, New Earth and Tooth And Claw (Doctor Who: The Complete History, #7)Author John Ainsworth – Kairafanan.co

The Christmas InvasionThe Newly Regenerated Doctor Crash Lands The TARDIS In London It S Christmas Sinister Robot Santas Are Attacking The City And A Sycorax Spaceship Is Heading For EarthNew EarthThe Doctor Takes Rose Further Into The Future Than She S Been Before, To New Earth There, They Are Summoned To A Hospital Where Patients Are Being Cured Of Incurable Illnesses, And Encounter An Old Foe, Lady CassandraTooth And ClawThe Doctor And Rose Meet Queen Victoria In Scotland A Group Of Sinister Monks Are Plotting Against The Monarchy And Hope To Create A New EmpireThe Empire Of The Wolf