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The Chronicles Retold From Evil S Point Of ViewThe Story Starts In Neraka, Where Kitiara Uth Matar And Emperor Ariakas Hatch A Plan To Retrieve A Dragon Orb And Thereby Destroy Solamnia And The Companions In One Fell Swoop But The Guardian Of The Dragon Orb, Highlord Feal Thas, Disagrees With This Plan Kitiara Must Go To Ice Wall To Force Him To Accept Ariakas Will, But Her Journey Does Not End There Thrown Out Of Favor, She Conceives A Daring Plan To Enlist The Aid Of The Most Feared Beings On Krynn Lord Soth And The Dark Queen Meanwhile, Laurana And The Companions Retrieve The Dragon Orb And Take It Back To Solamnia Not Knowing That They Bring Their Allies Doom With ThemThe Second Volume Of A New Trilogy From Celebrated Authors Margaret Weis And Tracy Hickman, The Lost Chronicles Details The Famed War Of The Lance From The Perspective Of The Evil That Menaces Krynn The Books Are Written In Such A Way That They Will Be Marvelous Complements To The Original Chronicles, While At The Same Time Accessible And Exciting To New Readers Book 2 of the Lost Chronicles was rather disappointing Rather disappointing coming off from reading book 1 Book 1 made me feel nostalgic book 2 felt dragging at certain places and didn t make me feel like wanting to keep going.The second book focuses primarily on Kitiara and Sturm I would say the former of how she ended up with Lord Soth in her service and the latter of how he ended up with Derek Crownguard and the dragon orb.I didn t particularly like Kitiara so my enthusiasm was already down Sure, it was interesting to see her role within the dragon army but too much was spent her trying to locate Tanis, and way way way too little spent on her locating and winning over Lord Soth It almost felt like it was glossed over fairly quickly Spend one night at Dargaard Keep She just used an hour of it Wasted potential I would say.As for Sturm s side well, I disliked Derek Crownguard Having him so prominent made for rather difficult reading Brian Donner s reflections and thoughts felt like attempts to excuse Derek s behaviour, but it just didn t click for me.There are certainly gems to be found, such as filling in some details of the lead up to Dragons of Winter Night Laurana s side of the story when the Companions were split up were particularly interesting for me.Still, I recommend this to those who read the Chronicles, if only to fill up the storyline gaps, especially for those who happen to like Sturm and or Kitiara Just don t get your hopes too high as per book 1. I m pleasantly surprised by this book because it mostly concerns Kitiara uth Matar, a character I never like in the Dragonlance Chronicles However, Weiss and Hickman do a good job here of making Kit into a solid protagonist Giving their readers insight to Kit s decisions and struggles is smart, considering that her actions are generally despicable Being inside her world, though, the reader is able to understand her better and to appreciate the battles faced by the other side Kit is a strong woman, and she s admirable in many ways She does things that no other character can or even will do She s pretty cool, actually Feal Thas, the dark elf mage, is another character I wouldn t expect to like Seeing why he is so angry and sarcastic, so utterly selfish, allows the reader moments of, if not sympathy, understanding I found him interesting than other characters in the DL world The plot itself moves along well The story builds at a good pace, and the book is full of action The story lines are well developed, and the repeat characters are true to their other manifestations in earlier DL novels I actually found this book exciting than Dragons of Dwarven Depths because the multiple plot lines kept my interest The subplots with Derek Crownguard and Laurana are slightly boring because I can t stand Derek a pompous and selfish good guy will always be worse to me than someone who openly claims she s evil and never tries to be anything else , and Laurana is mostly annoying Still, these subplots shared of the story with the reader and are still connected to the overarching story in a skillful way Overall, this is another solid book in the DL cannon I m looking forward to the last book in this Lost Chronicles trilogy. i finished this one while traveling and it was a perfect traveling book i have read many books in the dragonlance series before and some have been awesome, some did not impress me that much this one belongs to the first category the story is gripping and keeps you attached to the book there are times when you just cannot put it down it was a great joy to have the kender for a quite big portion also in the book our usual heroes are not the center of attention but they take part all in all a great story, i was dismayed when i realised the end of the book is coming up i must have read actually the follow up to that weis obviously did not publish these in chronological order i will have to refresh my memory on what happened afterwards Dragons of the Highlord Skies is a really great tale catching up with events that take place during the Dragonlance Chronicles D The book fills in some areas that are lightly touched in the Dragonlance Chronicles but at the same time you no that a lot of the new characters are on a dangerous tight rope as to what happens to them DIt is great to see the characters back in action again with Flint, Tasselhoff, and Sturm doing what they do best and Kitiara starts her slide into getting in with Soth which we all no what happens there DDragons of the Highlord Skies is great catch up full of humour and adventure that is a roller coaster, action packed ride D Brilliant and highly recommended D Way back in the prologue this starts building tension towards what should be a meaty challenge wherein Kitiara tries to win over Lord Soth, one of the most powerful beings on Krynn, and convince him to join the war There should be battles, riddlesmaybe an uncomfortable meal at Lord Soth s table or somethingThe stakes are high, Kit is fearless and lucky, Lord Soth is one of the most fascinating characters in all the books and everything is set for an amazing tale.And it s all wasted in a quick, throw away ending Unbelievable Not since The Historian has a book so lengthy this one is 597 pages been guilty of not spending enough time wrapping up the main story.Even though the promised showdown takes place in frightful Dargaard Keep where people literally die from fright, anything is scarier and of a battle of wills than this Harry Potter even when he s young , other parts in DragonLance, the odd Coraline, Disney s Beauty and the Beast, anything What a disappointment. This is an excellent supplement to the Chronicles trilogy The story is wonderfully compelling This book gives many of the characters features in the story so much depth and interest than they was able to receive in the original trilogy, and brilliantly fills in blanks in the original story I found the book almost as difficult to put down as the Chronicles And while some may argue that the people receiving attention in this book are ancillary characters, I think it is the strength of Dragonlance that allows these secondary characters to have depth in ways the truly inform the story and affect the larger world. Of the ten Dragonlance novels I have read so far, I found this one a little less appealing than the others That s not because of any deficiency in the writing or storylines which are both of the usual high standard it s simply because the book focuses on Kitiara and she happens to be one of my least favourite characters from the series I have given it 3.5 stars as it was than like , but less than really like Raistlin on the other hand is much intriguing to me and I very much look forward to reading Dragons of the Hourglass Mage. I m finding myself breaking my no review policy towards books in a series left and right nowadays I try to stick to stand alone novels so I m just going to ditch the policy Obviously I can t follow it right now This review aims to be spoiler free, but there are some minor plot points discussed All of which are described on the back of the book, but if you wish to know zero details, consider yourself warned.I genuinely enjoy the Dragonlance series, particularly the books by Weis and Hickman I accept that for the most part they are not great books though I would make an argument for The Soulforge but they are consistently entertaining I suspect that this may be strongly influenced by nostalgia I read the original trilogy when I was ten or eleven years old and quite proud of myself for reading such a grown up book at the time and I believe the series set me down the path of being an avid reader It is with great reluctance that I state that I simply do not like this book The Lost Chronicles was an interesting idea from Weis and Hickman though it does feel somewhat of a cash grab , as throughout the original series there were several missing chapters Stories that characters mentioned but the reader never got the chance to experience Going back and filling those gaps several years later seemed an interesting idea I read the previous book Dragons of the Dwarven Depths when it first came out, and was rather unimpressed It seemed to me that Weis and Hickman s writing style was much simpler as if they realized that a good portion of their audience was young adults, and thus decided to write in that style The characters also seemed somewhat off, which made sense given the gap in years since they had written the original Chronicles series With all that said, I enjoyed it well enough and gave it 3 stars It was an entertaining and very nostalgic read, but I didn t bother reading the second book until now and it has been almost 9 years now The same flaws from the previous book remained, but again, this one filled me with some nostalgia The world was the same one I remembered from a kid, and I have such detailed memories that I didn t need to reread the older books to know where I was exactly in the timeline Once , I felt like I was visiting old friends at least in the moments they were actually in the book.Unlike Dwarven Depths, this one doesn t focus on the original companions who don t even show up until about the halfway point, and then only a few stick around as side characters , it instead focuses on Kitiara the twins half sister for half the novel and Derek Crownguard a side character from the original series for the other half I ve always found Kiriara worked best in small doses She is an excellent side character, with some interesting schemes, but can t really hold a story on her own That is very accurate here, where she plays a less interesting character simply driven by jealousy, who seems to give up all her schemes just to try to get revenge on Laurana While Kit always seemed the jealous type slight understatement this gets to the ridiculous point where she gets called out on it by other characters at how she seems to be throwing away all her well laid schemes After a while it just got frustrating.As for Derek Crownguard I think I am not alone when I say that he is one of the most irritating characters in the original series To have the book focus around him so largely is enough to make one lose their patience with the book quite quickly He is still an annoying character who thinks he knows better than everyone and unlike Raistlin who suffers from a bit of that as well clearly demonstrates time and again that he knows nothing He has two companions in this one who clearly sees that he is losing his mind, but pretty much shrug and go That s our Derek Cue laugh track and ignore his growing madness It makes an already annoying character worse as they try to defend some of his actions despite saying that he is obliviously in the wrong Also, some of his actions make no sense from a plot standpoint For example, early on he seeks out Tasslehoff so he can gain information on the Dragon Orbs This makes sense as Tas has glasses that can translate any language, so sure, I ll buy that After Tas gives him the information, Derek is adamant that Tas needs to stay with him, going to great lengths to keep him with his group and becoming threatening any time he tries to leave Why Tas gave him the information After he retrieves Tas they speak to each other maybe six or seven times in the novel, and it s pretty much entirely Derek insulting him While much of the comedy throughout the series relies on people annoyed with Tas, it doesn t make sense for Derek to be so adamant to keep Tas with them for no other reason than to be annoyed by him the subject of translating the book with information about Dragon Orbs doesn t come up again and Tas doesn t really discuss them afterwards So what was the point of that Short answer because they needed some of the old companions to be in the novel They had to find a reason for Tas, Sturm and the others to travel with the knights The Tas situation is introduced simply to get the two parties together I get that the series is a DD based book and sometimes a DM has to go to lengths to introduce characters into a situation, but this is lazy from a novel standpoint and makes little sense.Enough complaining Are there good things in the novel Yeah, the scenes where Kit goes to meet Lord Soth are interesting and the highlight of the book Sadly they last about 30 pages and the book is 597 pages long So that s a very minor plus.I m giving the book two stars rather than one for three reasons First off I reserve the one star for books I truly hate, and while I can t say I liked this, hatred is way too strong of an emotion for it Secondly, the above mentioned Lord Soth section would have made an excellent short story if expanded upon Finally, nostalgia As I stated at the start, I loved this series as a kid, and though I did not care for this volume, I still love the series as a whole now It is one of those series that I ll always love, that reminds me of a nerdish kid who was so proud of himself for reading such a big book There is a third book in the Lost Chronicles series I will read it despite being only okay with the first book and disliking this one Because unlike these two, it answers one of the missing chapters I always wondered about as a kid Whatever did Raistlin do during his missing time in the third novel Hopefully that one will be not only a nostalgia kick, but also a fitting return to the world of Krynn. There s not a lot to recommend about the book it fills in the details on what occurred between the first 2 novels of the original DL series Unfortunately, it turns out that most of what happened wasn t particularly exciting In addition, somehow Weis Hickman managed to recapture the weak writing of the first series perfectly despite having been working on their craft for than 2 decades since writing the first ones.