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The Flames Of War Devour Ansalon The Army Of Dead Souls Marches Toward Conquest, Led By The Mystical Warrior Mina, Who Serves The Powerful One GodA Small Band Of Heroes, Driven To Desperate Measures, Leads The Fight Against Overwhelming OddsTwo Unlikely Protagonists Emerge One Is A Dragon Overlord Who Will Not Easily Relinquish Her Rule The Other Is An Irrepressible Kender Who Has Been On A Strange And Remarkable Journey That Will End In Startling And Unforeseen FashionThe Stirring Climax Of The War Of Souls

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    I did not like very much the first two book of this series, but the final and third book is really great.I ve been curious about where will the story goes, what will happen next and how will it finish Nearly all of this book is interesting and i liked the end part.Even you can see Huma, Magius and Raistlin in this book.As I said before, it is always enjoyable to read Dragonlance novels.

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    I love dragonlance stories, but i kind of hate time manipulation just for the new story line.

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    read most of this book during travels to finland and back this was yet another great novel in the dragonlance world and i loved it of course some of our beloved characters are not alive any, some strangely enough still, or again alive. but i must say this is a much better solution than what salvatore did to revive some heroes Weis introduced new heroes and they play a huge role and are surely here to stay for a while once again great action, the awesome kender that always entertain me greatly, as well as a fierce and gripping end we are left with a solution for the moment, but of course it s clear enough that the next books will continue where this left off all these series of books have the risk of getting redundant or repeating itself Weis does a good job though and the 600 pages flew by i still have some of her books and i m excited to see where this is going and if she can keep it up.

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    This is a good book and a great climax to one of the best fantasy series I have ever read The entire series which is about 16 books I believe isn t one of those regular fantasy good vs evil thing The series is always complex then that showing how the evil side of good and the good side of evil Most of all it shows that if good would win the day then world will be destroyed because it always has to be kept in balance to make the world a good place to live You truly have to read the series to actually understand what I m talking about unfortunately I m not the best explainer in the world Anyways it is WAY better then the Harry Potter Books thats for sure.

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    Talk about a good way to end the series The last trilogy really got me hooked on the story and characters of the previous books along with the new The character of Mina really evolved into a strong enough character to land her on story that takes place after this series The story and characters within the world of Dragonlance seem to live on to this day I don t think you could entirely put an end on it, but if this was consider the last book, then I could be happy I just need to go back and read the rest.

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    I finally made it through the trilogy Whew The second 2 books were better than the first, but this series needed an editor in a bad way It should have been 1 book, not 3 I stuck it out, but I ll be giving Dragonlance a pass in the future The writing is not the worst, but it wasn t great either and the characters were one dimensional There were some interesting tidbits, but overall nothing special There are much better fantasy authors out there.

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    At a certain age, it s easy to look for allegory where none might exist Are the Dragonlance elves surrogates for the Jewish people Is the celestial clockwork of Krynn s metaphysics a lesson in Tracy Hickman s Mormon faith Who cares.Dragons of a Vanished Moon brings Weis Hickman s last Dragonlance trilogy, the War of Souls , to an end I m almost sad to again leave the world these two have created, knowing that this time, it s really over Margaret Weis wrote an additional trilogy of Dragonlance books that follow on from these without Tracy Hickman, and there exists a back catalog universe of 170 shovelware paperbacks with the Dragonlance logo, but this ending is truly the ending of the characters conceived and made Heroes of the Lance some 30 plus years ago.I have no idea what the distribution of duties is when Weis Hickman co author a book Is one of them in charge of plot and the other writes the prose Does one write dialogue and the other exposition Do they trade off chapter by chapter I have read at least two dozen novels by these collaborators between Dragonlance and their other fantasy series, and to me they may as well be a single creative force.The writing is fast, since the story has all the hallmarks of having been tightly plotted and intricately outlined They have a tendency to repeat character descriptions and bits of exposition frequently, which comes off not as redundant but as reinforcement They frequently inject humor sometimes outright comedy into their work through one ridiculous character or another, but that is paused to a large extent here and everyone plays it straight.That the War of Souls brings a fantasy world of magic, elves, and noble knights to the brink of apocalypse is almost beside the point Dragons of a Vanished Moon is fantasy adventure written by masters of that craft, and it is a hell of a fun thing to read.Compared to other current fantasy, it lacks grim and gritty and stays solidly PG maybe PG 13 for violence the narrative is tight the authors don t need to engage in extensive world building though a short appendix describes some fantasy metaphysics and is epic within its footprint it happily plays on the tropes with which it was built elves and gnomes and ogres dragons, of course, and Gods that Walk Among Man It is not edgy, or deconstructive, it is what it says on the cover.For fans of the authors and the Dragonlance world, it s as good as it could be, and I m glad I read it.

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    My excitement in reading this series began to wane a little bit as I progressed through the books The ending is not that powerful though it does provide some nice closure for the original Dragonlance companions Also, the large number of typos errors, which were, at first, easy for me to ignore, became a little grating by the end But still a strong trilogy and a must read for Dragonlance fans Here is my recommended Dragonlance reading list to be read in the order listed The books in parentheses being good, but not essential to understand the later books There are at least a couple hundred Dragonlance books by various authors They are not all good The best are probably written by Weis and or Hickman, the original authors.1 Dragons of Autumn Twilight2 Dragons of Winter Night3 Dragons of Spring Dawning4 Time of the Twins5 War of the Twins6 Test of the Twins7 The Soulforge 8 The Magic of Krynn 9 Kender, Gully Dwarves, and Gnomes 10 Love and War 11 The Second Generation12 Dragons of Summer Flame13 The Dawning of a New Age14 The Day of the Tempest15 The Eve of the Maelstrom16 Dragons of a Fallen Sun17 Dragons of a Lost Star18 Dragons of a Vanished Moon19 Dragons of the Dwarven Depths 20 Dragons of the Highlord Skies 21 Dragons of the Hourglass Mage

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    Not only does this book wrap up the War of Souls trilogy for Dragonlance, it essentially closes the door for Weis s and Hickman s saga that started back in 1984 There was a lot of course correction in this series following the ill received Dragons of Summer Flame as noted in the History of Krynn afterword that explains in detail the creation and ages of Krynn This was a great trilogy, on par with the Legends trilogy with everyone s favorite twin duo, the Majere bros I enjoyed the journey the main characters embarked upon Gerard and Gilthas both were worthy of hero status and there was a lot of really emotional moments in the book that I felt were the best these two authors have written for Dragonlance The world of Krynn has moved on into a new, somber phase and this book captures that sadness perfectly Not everything is wrapped up nicely and there s a lot of unknown going forward for characters, which is fitting It s epic and sad and a great adventure I will say this is a fitting conclusion to the Takhisis saga with the 10 main books in the world of Dragonlance Note There were several a lot, really of spelling and grammar mistakes I did read a first edition book , but for a NY Times bestseller, this could have been edited waaaaay better.

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    This series provides an immensely engaging and satisfying read The surprise of this was pleasant to the point of being unbelievable to one carrying the low expectations brought about by other Dragonlance books The whole wide compendium of these books contains a good deal of stinkers, but War of Souls rises above, and then some.Not only are the plot and characters well conceived, but also the writing itself has a transparency that yields space for the imagination to thrive The authors write well the reader forgets he has a book in his hands One feels a presence among the characters, and within this world of Krynn.Book Three is as good as the others, and I admit to a bit of sadness that the series had to end I d like to find another one out there to replace it It approaches although does not nearly reach Tolkein, Martin, and LeGuinn, at least in the way it engages the reader s imagination.All in all I would heartily recommend this series to any reader of fantasy.