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Anything with Raistlin Majere in it is going to get 5 stars from me. A Mage S Soul Is Forged In The Crucible Of MagicRaistlin Majere Is Six Years Old When He Is Introduced To An Archmage Who Enrolls Him In A School For The Study Of Magic There The Gifted But Tormented Boy Comes To Secretly, For They See Shadows Darkening Over Raistlin Even As The Same Shadows Lengthen Over All Of AnsalonAs Raistlin Draws Near His Goal Of Becoming A Wizard, He Must First Take The Dread Test In The Tower Of High Sorcery It Will Change His Life Forever Weeeeeeeeeeeeeeee it s always a breathe of fresh air when you finally get to read a really good book This book reminded me of my fav book of all time The Name of the Wind by Patrick Rothfuss, just not as good And sorta like Harry Potter of when he goes to Wizardry school I enjoyed the mage s journey and about the magic what is magic, how to cast a spell, what it takes to use it It had lots of character development and interesting plots but not a strong overall plot, I wanted to it.Added it to my re reads fantasy shelf As far as fantasy goes, I became a real fan with Dragonlance, specifically those authored by Margaret Weis and Tracy Hickman Those books are forever and ever and ever this is my inner teenage speak the benchmark for all my fantasy reading Which is not saying very much, or setting very high expectations when the minimum standard is pulp I am certainly a slightly discerning reader now, having read better works, but when it comes to feelings of nostalgia, no other fantasy series have a better claim on mine More succinctly, Raistlin Chronicles 1 The Soulforge is recommended for fans For everyone else, this is probably a 2 star rating for mediocre writing, too much tell, and very little sentimental significance Those who have enjoyed Chronicles and Legends will appreciate the beginnings of young Raistlin Majere in The Soulforge, and the precursors for his life s dark path Fundamental to the salvation of Raistlin s soul is his lifelong friendships and how they come to be forged The Companions, all of whom are featured here with the Majere twins squabbles, comedy, adventures and all to the pleasure of my memory Honestly, I was a tad disappointed to glean very little new information that was not already choice morsels in other Dragonlance books Sure, there are biographical tidbits to be had like Raistlin s aversion to a certain herb and his adolescent crush but his internal development is static Raistlin just becomes a concentrated version of himself later Already familiar to fans are his bouts of self doubts and ambition, bitterness and cunning but by and large, older Raistlin in the future is rather like young Raistlin in the past ooh, maybe Never mind The story is just not that clever, but there is a twisty bit at the end that was unexpected I had fun, and fun can forgive much On to Raistlin Chronicles 2 Brothers in Arms. Dragonlance Chronicles Dragons of Autumn Twilight 1, Dragons of Winter Night 2, Dragons of Spring Dawning 3 Dragonlance Legends Time of the Twins 1, War of the Twins 2, Test of the Twins 3. Here is a good example of what would have happened if Harry Potter turned evil This is a great book to read if you are sick of mamby pamsy wizards and want to read a good book about a sickly kid who turns into someone who is not a very nice person as said by one of the Hobbit like characters in a different book from this series The only flaw is that while it is quite informative about the character of Raistlin Majere the golden guy on the cover , we do not get to see him use much magic I personally would have liked to have seen him go crazy at some point like Willow from Buffy the Vampire Slayer, but instead, seeing that he is only a novice in this book, though a very adept one, we get to see him use his mind and skills at casting illusions All the same, this is a very well written book where you really get to know a lot of the characters. Raistlin, such a deep and complex character Reading how it all began brings me back to the first time I read Dragonlance Chronicles all those years ago. Having not read any dragonlance books prior to reading this one, I approached this with the unique perspective of having no pre formed bias for the characters For those that don t know, this book serves as an origin story for some of the main characters in the dragonlance books, specifically for the physically weak but intellectual Raistlin Overall I found the book to be an enjoyable read The main cast are an entertaining bunch, each personality greatly contrasting the others Though co authored, the story maintains a consistent voice The reader gets a small taste of the vast world that is Krynn through references to distant lands with several races Each race comes with its own stereotypes and rivalries with other races Weis does a great job in establishing the interpersonal relationships between the characters and the characters remain consistent in their personalities Every so often there is an unexpected twist a scenario that Raistlin is thrust into where the reader is allowed a glimpse into the true nature of the young mage Raistlin s inner journey into wizarding manhood is evident in his constant search for knowledge and power Though quite talented, the hardships of his life is not lost He is generally frail and sickly He is also cold and untrusting His twin brother Caramon serves as a mirror of that which Raistlin wishes to be have and therefore further increases his lust for power Though I am unfamiliar with the general dragonlance tale, I thoroughly enjoyed its origin story. The origin story of Raistlin Majere, of Chronicles and Legends fame This book covers Raistlin s early life, from childhood through his test at the tower of high sorcery Fans of this fascinating character will enjoy this look at his rise from obscurity 3 stars. Il primo a non si scorda mai Questo vale sia per Dragonlance che per Raistlin la mia prima e unica cotta letteraria Trama La storia inizia quando Raistlin, a 6 anni, incontra il mago Antimodes e viene inquadrato come il figlio di una famiglia disastrata La sorellastra medita di partire, la madre mentalmente instabile e il padre non c mai perch lavora a lungo e lontano Lui e il suo gemello crescono trascurati Quando, in adolescenza, finalmente tutti i tasselli vanno al proprio posto, Raistlin si riscopre estraneo in casa propria l intimit con la madre viene meno il padre non lo capisce n ci tiene a farlo Kitiara partita Caramon rincorre le ragazze e lavora stagionalmente Raistlin in ogni momento studia sodo per sottoporsi alla Prova che lo abiliter come mago o lo uccider , ricevendo in anteprima il supporto di Lunitari La trama in realt funge da contorno per la definizione del carattere di Raistlin Molte caratteristiche erano gi nell aria per esempio, essere taciturno lo porta a pensare cose pi negative che positive a fissarsi sulle ansie a non capire o ignorare le emozioni altrui Io capisco che questo un fantasy e che la trama sembra riciclata, per un analisi sociale e psicologica come quella qui contenuta ormai cosa rara Mi sono goduta ogni capitolo The Soulforge ha, al contempo, il difetto di non avere troppe pretese e il pregio di avermi comunque rapita laddove nessun altra saga lo ha fatto Raistlin uno dei personaggi pi genuini che io abbia mai incontrato Raistlin un antieroe col quale difficile non sentire affinit I mille difetti canonicamente parlando della sua personalit lo rendono, paradossalmente, flawless Impeccabile Il libro termina in maniera sbrigativa ma d altronde Le Cronache di Raistlin prevedono un seguito, quindi per ora me lo faccio andar bene finch non leggo anche Brothers in Arms The Test itself shattered his health, left him with weakness in his heart and lungs that will plague him the remainder of his life He attributes that to the battle with the dark elf He has to confront and admit the darkness within and I have given him the eyes to see with, if he will the hourglass eyes of the sorceress Raelana Thus he will view time s passing in all he looks upon Youth withers before those eyes, beauty fades, mountains crumble to dust I hope to pierce his arrogance, to teach him patience and to give him the ability to see inside himself, should he turn his gaze inward There will be little joy in his life. Kirjan k nn s oli harvinaisen ep tasainen ja loppupuolella v lill l hes lukukelvoton Nauroin raikuvasti Qualinestin k pi ille, haaskiolle, Antimodeen sviitille Korkeimman taikuuden tornissa ja jonkin pikip in tarkastamiselle Kummallisten sanavalintojen lis ksi sanaj rjestys oli v lill niin v rin, ett oli vaikeaa ymm rt , mit kohtauksessa oikeastaan tapahtuu Ent itse kirja Minun oli vaikea ymm rt , miksi Weiss oli p tt nyt muuttaa aavistuksen melkein kaikkea, mit Raistlinin el m st on kerrottu Ehk h n kokenut, ett uutta kirjaa varten on kerrottava my s uusi tarina, eik vain t ytett v vanhan v lej Muutokset eiv t oikein toimi, eiv tk tuo mit n kiinnostavaa lis kertomukseen Kerronta j hyvin pinnalliseksi, vaikka materiaalista olisi saanut mukaansatempaavan fantasiakirjan Raistlin j lopulta et iseksi ja huonolla tavalla ristiriitaiseksi hahmoksi, jonka nouruudesta olisi saanut paljon paremman tarinan aikaan pienell lis vaivalla.