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Is Raistlin Truly Dead The Answer Lies In The New Dragonlance Novella By Margaret Weis And Tracy Hickman, Which Gazes Into The Future Of Caramon And His Mage Son, And Into The Dark Nether Past Of RaistlinUntold Tales Of KrynnTales Of Sea Monsters, Dark Elves, Ice Bears, Hideous Hydra Headed Serpents, And Loathsome Draconian TroopsFurther Adventures Of The Kender Tas The Innkeeper Otik And Young Tika The Dwarf Flint And Tanis, Leader Of The Companions Caramon And Raistlin, Twon Brothers, One, A Genial Warrior, The Other, A Sickly Magician And ScholarNine Short Stories By Superlative Writers, Plus An Exciting New Novella By Margaret Weis And Tracy HickmanThe Dragonlance Saga Goes On

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    This book is entertaining The stories are okay, but they move quickly, and they fit well into the Dragonlance world I reread The Legacy to refresh my memory in preparation for Dragons of Summer Flame, and I really enjoyed it I m glad TSR republished it in The Second Generation because it s a better story than this collection accounts for I m surprised it was published in this book first, but it s definitely the best and certainly the best representation of Krynnian Magic if I may invent the phrase It s further proof, by direct comparison, that nobody writes DL like Weis and Hickman I recommend this only if you re a DL fan You have to be really invested to read this Still, I did enjoy the stories, especially those with Tas, Tanis, Flint, Caramon, and good ol Raist.

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    It s hard to know if the Dragonlance Tales books are the beginning of the end, or the beginning of the beginning Fandom certainly clings to the Chronicles and Legends trilogy alone as marks of fantasy greatness and only the Dragonlance diehards have time for anything else published under the banner, and yet the legacy is over 100 books that continued to sell for 20 years until the line was finally folded by Wizards of the Coast who have abandoned the once popular property, presumably after the animated movie failed to spark an interest in anyone.I certainly don t have time to read them all but plan to get through some but the Tales volumes certainly suggest that there s something to Dragonlance as a popular playground for cheap, easily consumable fantasy than it gets credit for and it s equally fair to say that the Weis Hickman novels are bigged up through nostalgic imagination though it s also fair to say that I think Weis Hickman are extraordinarily adept at writing a certain brand of popular fantasy and the clever placing of some novellas by that duo alongside a bunch of weaker, but generally entertaining short stories only does a lot for their eventual reputation as the go to Dragonlance authors Sadly they had greater ambition following the massive success of DL but their writing career never flourished in the public imagination outside of the DL brand A shame, since I really liked the Death Gate cycle.The Magic of Krynn is the first of three sets of short stories set on Krynn, not wedded to the original saga but often than not using it as a jumping off point, and than occasionally featuring the original characters from the series The assumption at the time was that people would want to read about them and fill in the narrative gaps the Chronicles left wide open, and they were not wrong As you d expect the stories have varying degrees of success and looking over the list of titles I ve already forgotten some of them mostly easy to pick up they are also easily put down and I consider that both a plus and a minus Don t come to any of these volumes expecting to make a friend for life, but do dip into them for a little light entertainment and you probably won t be disappointed.The standout in this collection is probably A Stone s Throw Away , which is an amusing tale featuring our favourite Kender Tasslehof who ends up in thrall to a necromancer via his magic ring It s suitably light in tone, quite funny but also a little surprising in its conclusion and the concept is original sadly these stories are mostly lacking that as much as they try to convince you otherwise Weis and Hickman s longish centrepiece The Legacy is also well worth a read The estranged Father Son conceit feels dull to read these days but the uncle nephew relationship yes, the possible return of Raistlin is quite captivating and reading about Caramon s sons is therefore not a chore Likewise, information surrounding the magic users tests and why it s such a strange and all encompassing thing, is very welcome and I m and finding it an entertaining conceit Of course, ultimately it s about Palin making a choice between light and dark very classic Dragonlance Finding the Faith is a wonderful little gap filler, telling of the companions adventures in Icefall finding one of the dragon orbs Not life changing but I really enjoyed it both in its own right and as a nod back to the chronicles and the telling of a tale I wanted to read.Elsewhere Love and Ale is a nice lighthearted tale of uncontrolled passions but it doesn t really go anywhere Harvests is Tanis related adventure that offers a suitable amount of bang for your buck, Wayward Children is one of the better conceits surrounding a Draconian Army and their enslavement of a village full of passive natives I won t spoil the excellent twist and The Blood Sea Monster was a sadly wasted opportunity that started tense and interesting but was over a little too quickly For some reason Weis and Hickman also provided a brief account of Raistlin s own magic Test which I found peculiarly unsatisfying Finally Riverwind and the Crystal Staff a narrative poem is an odd inclusion that s badly written and not engaging.

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    Is Rasitlin truly dead If you have to ask, probably notI gotta say, it has been a looooooooong time since I read me some Dragonlance I loved the original trilogy as a kid because I was a full on, geeked out, DD playin lunatic Then I discovered girls And rock n roll Actually, there were several years of overlap Thus my love for heavy metal And swords So it goes.It was fun going back to Krynn and riding along with the characters from the Dragonlance books on other stories taking place both before and after the original series All of the stories are well written and entertaining but the real stand out, for me, was Nancy Berberick s story, Harvests That was some serious story telling, folks She s got the intensity and economy to drive a short story right into your face and MAKE you pay attention Good stuff I just might have to read some of her Dragonalance novels.Not sure if this series would appeal to those who are not familiar with those first three Dragonalance books, considering the plentiful references in these stories to events that took place in those books but the writing s solid and enjoyable.

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    I m not a great fan of short stories, although I did enjoy one or two of these DragonLance based tales Surprisingly, in a couple of the offerings by other authors in this book, I found some contradiction of detail, in comparison with the original Chronicles Personally, I would expect a writer to be completely familiar with the fundamental elements of another author s work before attempting a contribution.

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    This is a good follow up to the Twins Trilogy It was well written and consisted of a series of short stories including answering the question about Raistlin We find out if he was still alive or if he was indeed dead This is a must read for those of us who don t want to let Krynn go quite yet.

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    The stories range from common adventures to really excellent storytelling It s always a treat to go back to Krynn.

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    Some of the short stories were great but others were not that great.

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    It was nice to be able to return to a collection of stories I loved as a child I was disappointed to find that I had outgrown the appeal of some of them, but it s still a pretty good collection Also disappointing that this book is not currently available in Kindle format, so I had to settle for Audible audiobook, which is MUCH less satisfying to me than reading a physical or Kindle book The narration is extremely well done, though, which is nice My favorite story from the collection, The Legacy, definitely does not have the impact and meaning that it once did for me.

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    The collection is mercifully arranged from least strength to most wrt authoring prowess.Interesting to note the flavor of Krynn vs Faerun, older DD novels vs newer ones There s a certainly comfortably forced feeling in the Dragon Lance tales But alas, it is admitted that texts consumed are minimal.All I know is kender are the bomb Bring em to Faerun Also, the art of Dragon Lance Forgotten Realms Bring back the big hair and bikinis

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    3.5 stars Meant for filling the gaps, complementing the big story with necessary side stories But some tales need not to be explained, IMO Some was good, but some was written in different style, and felt forced The old characters were sometimes came out different than the original.