Torchwood (Big Finish Torchwood, #2.1) books –

I was delighted There was Jack Harkness being himself in the 19th century, flirting with the Queen Victoria, action, aliens, puns, modern speech and tech right next to old old stuff this story pleased my soul.As always, I am still learning to embrace the noise effects and shouts that startle me, but the music background is great. I was sooo hoping to enjoy this The idea was so much cooler than the delivery Hoping the next installment is better I really love these BF Torchwood releases in general. That chemistry between Jack and Queen Victoria is beautifully done Thank you for treating my ears to this I wasn t sure I would like it but I actually loved it Their lines are great, Victoria is awesome and funny and they remind us of the different canons of new who A bit disappointed by the way they cut it into tracks, it stopped in the middle of scenes sometimes but that s ok A fun Victorian romp, Jack and the Queen make a surprisingly good team here Compared to the previous captain jack audio adventures, this is just straight drama rather than narration, and is the better for it We get a good view of what drives Victoria here, and her concern for her people, and Jack isn t quite as bloody minded here as he can be in other adventures All round good listen. The second season of Torchwood audio plays kicks off with the series first real dud It s set in 1899, well outside the usual setting, and this really ought to be a good thing, stretching what the series can achieve beyond what the TV show could And, to be fair, there are some nice touches with Torchwood s history and some good use of Victorian London as setting, from socialist firebrands at Speakers Corner, to the early Underground.The problem is simply the believability of the plot This concerns Jack Harkness and Queen Victoria teaming up to chase an alien across the city, something that completely broke my suspension of disbelief Assuming you can swallow the inherent ridiculousness of the whole thing, there are some rather good vignettes on the way, and some well written reflections on age and mortality, and it s really only these that allow me to give this three stars rather than two I ll add that the final resolution doesn t really make any sense, either, although it probably didn t help that I hadn t bought into the story by that point.Is this episode going for comedy or pathos Possibly, it s a bit of both, although, if so, the first part has certainly failed, and the attempts at it undercut, rather than enhance, the latter Had this been a different character than Queen Victoria, I d probably have loved this, and if the 79 year old Empress of India traipsing around London armed with a laser gun and accompanied by only a single chaperone seems the kind of thing you might enjoy, there s a decent chance you will feel differently than I did But, for me, this just felt too implausible to work. London, England, The S Queen Victoria, Ruler Of Great Britain And Northern Ireland And Empress Of India, Has Arrived For Her Annual Inspection Of The Torchwood Institute This Year, Everyone Is Quite Determined, Nothing Will Go WrongSeveral Minutes Later A Terrible Creature Is Unleashed On The Streets Of London No One Knows Where It Comes From, What It Is, Or Even Why It S On Earth It S Ruthless, Has No Morals, And Is Quite Unstoppable Captain Jack Harkness Is On The Loose, And Queen Victoria Is Along For The Ride Of Her Life One Of The Best Character Pieces That Big Finish Has Ever Produced AK Benedict Has The Potential To Be One Of The Most Talented And Well Renowned Writers In Big Finish S Arsenal Gallifrey Archive I really hate the royals, but Victoria was well written as an older woman with lots of agency and ingenuity Her sparring with Jack was fun Lou as the bystanders was also entertaining, especially the old lady Definitely worthwhile getting in the sale. I really liked how this one ended Fun adventure Her majesty queen Victoria and captain Jack Harkness team up while chasing down a life sucking alien attacking London, debating the immortality and meaning of life in between Only in Torchwood.