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Volume Two of the Raistlin ChroniclesThis book takes place about four years before the War of the Lance and soon after Raistlin takes the test The story not only follows Raistlin and Caramon as they join a mercenary army The Mad Baron but also their half sister Kitiara as she starts her climb up the ranks of the soon to be Dragon armies.It s a stand alone book and the only reason I didn t rate this as five star.If you ve read Dragonlance then you ll understand how much I loved coming back to this world, having new adventures with these old friends.World building, plot, characters development, action, description, plotting it s all great.And Raistlin is my favorite character in all of fiction.Dragonlance isn t for everyone but I love it and this was a really good addition. Popular Ebook, Brothers In Arms By Margaret Weis This Is Very Good And Becomes The Main Topic To Read, The Readers Are Very Takjup And Always Take Inspiration From The Contents Of The Book Brothers In Arms, Essay By Margaret Weis Is Now On Our Website And You Can Download It By Register What Are You Waiting For Please Read And Make A Refission For You This story both fills in the 5 years prior to the scheduled reunion of the companions for both the Majere Brothers and Kitiara The story for the brothers is a little weak, but the story helps to understand the transformation of their sister.One of the things that disappoints me about the tales, preludes and other works added to the very successful Dragonlance universe is that they filled in the gaps with every little thing that ever came close to the heroes had deep significance and provided the basis for a story When you put all of that back story into place against the original work, it seems much less driven by the characters actions and decisions than it originally did I mean, EVERYTHING had some special substance to it and the characters are just bouncing around between all of that While the Raistlin Chronicles hasn t been so bad in this regard, I was a bit disappointed to have had Kit involved in finding and stealing the metalic dragon eggs and the rise of the draconians, though this isn t explicitly mentioned as an eventual consequence in this work It is still possible to read the book in chronological order without spoilers.Overall, it was an ok story, but lacked the polish of the first in this series. I d say I recommended this for Majere completists, but honestly nothing significant happens that we haven t already learned about in previous installments Sure there are details here but they are mainly lard Why bother throwing in some new, half developed characters and other filler elements Probably just because the authors new it would sell and make them an easy buck. Me visiting a Dragonlance fan ok, give me everything you have about Raistlin Turns out he has it s own chronicles, yes I really really really enjoyed it Just a fun and relaxing read. This one teeters on the 2 to three star range There is some good creativity and parts to this book, and it is certainly interesting to those familiar with Chronicles and Legends Nonetheless, it is a bit of an orphan book Weis writes the story with another author, and I assume that is where all the military detail stems from This book is heavy on the training of troops and other military insights, as that is what the brothers and their half sister Kitiara are engaged in Really I would call this the Majere Chronicles, if it weren t for the inconvenient fact that their sister goes by a different surname The book gives a very interesting and ironic look at how both brothers and Kitiara follow a similar, and yet completely different path It really is a look at their first years apart As I mentioned in the review related to that book, the first book in the Raistlin Chronicles I would call the prelude book to Chronicles, this one is of a stand alone story that fills in some of the detail in the 5 years the companions are apart Weis gave her stamp on it since she is big on Raistlin, but I don t feel that she had as much of an influence on this book, and it really doesn t belong in the same grouping as the first book which I think was originally conceived as a stand alone novel This is probably part of the reason why there are only two novels in this odd Raistlin series Still, it is interesting for fans of the series and whets one s appetite to reread the original trilogies in the DragonLance series. This rating may seem a little harsh, but it s mainly in comparison to the other Dragonlance books I ve read which I have really enjoyed and also because I feel like this book failed to live up to both my own expectations and its own potential.I expected a series of adventures with Caramon and Raistlin, wherein we would cover the five years between Raistlin s test and the meeting of the companions at the beginning of the Chronicles series Instead, we get only the beginning of their adventures as mercenaries, in an overly and rather dully drawn out conflict which is constantly interrupted with the much less interesting story of Kitiara s quest for power in the newly formed Dragon Armies.And Weiss gives us another annoying kender character, who I guess is a little better than Tasslehoff, but WHY I don t care about a half kender, I care about my angsty bros I mean, this series is called The Raistlin Chronicles, and I found myself actually skimming at some points for even a mention of the titular character That s not a good sign.So, unfortunately, I can sum up my feelings for this book in one word disappointing. Two stars seems harsh but compared to the other Dragonlance books, this one really dropped the ball Yes, I liked it, I guess I was kinda bored I just re read the Chronicles Triology, and they blew my mind Then I re read the Legends Trilogy and discovered new twists and understanding and emotions, and it was great But The Soulforge and Brothers in Arms are let downs compared to the original six I mean, the War of Lance is a world wide war, with lots of twists Both of these books are just childhood back stories Naturally, one person s childhood should not be as exciting as a world war, so I didn t want to judge The Soulforge too harshly But Brothers in Arms was the prequel to the war It was the warm up It had the potential to be The plot was basic, the characters were painfully predictable In Chronicles, they surprised me In Legends, I was excited to see what they would do In BiA, I was bored It should have been shorter and condensed, and they maybe I d give it a better rating But the longwinded prose that said too much was just bad. I m confused herewasn t this series supposed to be about Raistlin and Caramon Why is there a large portion of it devoted to their sister This book was a big dissapointment for me, especially since I enjoyed The Soulforge so much Ms Weis writes better on her own than she does with Perrin Honestly, I d rather see the series left hanging if they re going to keep following Kitiara, rather than the twins. Awesome to go back and read this knowing whats gonna happen Dragonlance was my first literary love and I love it still.