books pdf Kaz the Minotaur (Dragonlance: Heroes, #4; Heroes II, #1) By Richard A. Knaak –

After The Death Of The Legendary Knight Huma, Kaz, A Renegade Minotaur, Wanders The Land Of Ansalon, Hunted By His Own Kin For Escaping The Servitude Of The Dark Queen And By The Knights Of Solamnia, His Former Comrades, Who Have Declared Him An Outlaw Reissue

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    Another masterfully done novel by Richard A Knaak

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    3.5 This is a solid sequel to The Legend of Huma I like that Knaak took a secondary character and developed him into the protagonist of his own novel The plot is pretty tight although there are some obvious moments and some aspects of the story line that too closely parallel some of Weis and Hickman s story lines Still, it s a good story, and I enjoyed reading it I was glad that there s a kender in this novel although he s not as well developed as Tas then again, Tas s development takes place over the course of six novels I recommend this, of course, to Dragonlance fans Even if this is your first DL book, you can appreciate it You don t need to know anything else about the world, even about Huma whom Kaz refers to throughout the book , to appreciate the plot of this novel Still, it ll mostly be entertaining for fans of the series as a whole and for readers who already enjoyed Kaz s first appearance in The Legend of Huma.

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    When I read The Legend of Huma, I fell in love with Kaz and his loyalty, so when I learned about this book, I snatched it up and read through it in about a day There is nothing like curling up with a paperback and just letting yourself become immersed in a world, and the book from the Dragonlance Universe with the exception of a few novels let me get lost within them.The book opens with Kaz being handed a raw deal His Minotaur kin are hunting him because of a dishonorable crime, and his friends, the Knights of Solamnia, are hunting him, and he does not know why When Kaz does the honorable thing and confronts the Knighthood, he uncovers an evil plot that is working to undo all the work of Huma.This is a great read, and I would suggest that any fantasy lover read it, if they have not done so already Richard Knaak did a wonderful job with this book.

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    KAZ THE MINOTAUR picks up where The Legend of Huma ends with Kaz as the main character The great Minotaur has supposedly been betrayed by the knighthood he has grown to respect There is a price on his head, and he doesn t know why In addition he is being pursued by a group of Minotaurs for a dishonorable crime that he supposedly committed during the war Being chased by many and wondering why, Kaz does the honorable thing and goes to the knighthood and makes a horrifying discovery The Minotaur finds himself thrust into feelings of dejavu and discovers a sinister plot that threatens to unravel everything that Huma strove to build The plot is rich with great characters that become important to the reader, and the story is exciting with a superbly twisting and changing plot Kaz must rise above the persecution and once again embrace the ideals that Huma taught him, and in doing so he becomes than he ever imagined he could While not quite to the level of The Legend of Huma, this book a truly a great read and offers the reader a wonderful opportunity to experience a finely crafted fantasy tale.

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    Well, I read Huma already reviewed and I freaking LOVED Huma That was such a story, powerful and human Realistic in the sense that it draws away the gilding and legend, and presents you with a young, scared, doubting man who has to overcome so much And never waver even in the face of stupidly bad odds.So when Kaz is released, I snatch it right up Kaz was a wonderful character truly, he was Huma s Gamgee He pushed when he had to, and he never left Huma s side Not even at the end And like Gamgee, its right that Kaz moves on to his own adventures, his own life.So we follow our confused minotaur buddy as he mourns his friend and stumbles through a world that truly has no place for someone like him a caring warrior poet in the body of a monster.We find some of his best friend s knightly courtesy and overall humanity shining through his bulls face Kaz wears his coat of arms and his knight s honor on the inside But its there for you to see and enjoy.

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    a brilliant book, kaz the minotaur is such a great character, so full of honour and so different to the rest of his race but then he was huma s companion during the war and downfall of takhisis the book keeps the reader on tenterhooks right through, very exciting and one is really hoping that kaz survives against all odds and of course as usual the kender character in the book, this time called dilbin is as lovable as usual and so fearless Love this trait in the little people and their sense of awe in the face of fear

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    Kaz, as a minotaur on Krynn, faces multiple challenges of perception both from his own people and other races It is the continual test of his honor and commitment to the memory of lost friends which spurs him on in his quest to heal the land and restore the Knights of Solamnia to their past glory following the war of darkness and its ruinous consequences The power of his heart, than magic, eddies through this novel.

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    The wandering minotaur will touch your heart and become an instant favorite Who doesn t love a good story about a misunderstood whose efforts only lead to the salvation of the world as we know it But really, Kaz steps up again to save Krynn at great pain to himself, which is expected as a hero of Krynn.

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    Kaz the minotaur is the sequel of the Legend of Huma This second book follows the adventure of Kaz after the last dragonwar Kaz is trying to settle down, but he is forced back into action to confront a familiar evil from the past More about the Dragonlance Minotaurs series here