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Being An Account Of The Curious Adventures Of Mary Jacky Faber, Ship S BoyLife As A Ship S Boy Aboard HMS Dolphin Is A Dream Come True For Jacky Faber Gone Are The Days Of Scavenging For Food And Fighting For Survival On The Streets Of Eighteenth Century London Instead, Jacky Is Becoming A Skilled And Respected Sailor As The Crew Pursues Pirates On The High SeasThere S Only One Problem Jacky Is A Girl And She Will Have To Use Every Bit Of Her Spirit, Wit, And Courage To Keep The Crew From Discovering Her Secret This Could Be The Adventure Of Her Life If Only She Doesn T Get Caught

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    The audio version of this book does exactly what an audio version should do it not only gives voice to a darn good story, but it carries the reader listener into the heart of the story The audio version helps interpret the dialect that the story is written in, which also helps give Jacky her character in a palpable way This book is made for audio it has action, adventure, and emotion, all of which are vividly portrayed by the narrator I forget her name right now, but I ll look it up All this adds up to a fabulous audiobook that should win fans whenever it is popped into a CD player.The story is a rip snorter, too Mary is a poor orphan living on the streets when she decides to take the only talent she has, the ability to read, and to sign on to a ship Disguised as a boy, she is able to transform into Jacky and to pull off the deception for several years even while living in close quarters on a British naval vessel She has courage, even though she doesn t think she is brave She has sass and a toughness that keeps her going under dire circumstances This is a great YA novel for teens who like action and or historical novels.

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    I loved this book REminds me of the True COnfessions of Charolotte Doyle, btu for an older reader From School Library Journal Grade 6 8 With the plague running rampant in London in 1797, Mary s parents and sister are soon counted among the dead Left alone and penniless, the eight year old is taken in by a gang of orphans and learns survival skills However, when their leader is killed, Mary decides to try her luck elsewhere She strips the dead body, cuts her hair, renames herself Jack Faber, and is soon employed as a ship s boy on the HMS Dolphin When the vessel sees its first skirmish with a pirate ship, her bravery saves her friend Jaimy and earns her the nickname Bloody Jack Told by Mary Jack in an uneven dialect that sometimes doesn t ring true, the story weaves details of life aboard the Dolphin Readers see how she changes her disguise based on her own physical changes and handles the call of nature, her first experiences with maturation, and the dangers to boys from unscrupulous crew members The protagonist s vocabulary, her appearance and demeanor, and her desire to be one of the boys and do everything they do without complaint complete the deception This story also shows a welcome slant to this genre with an honorable, albeit strict Captain, and ship s mates who are willing and able teachers If readers are looking for a rousing, swashbuckling tale of pirates and adventures on the high seas, this title falls short However, it is a good story of a brave ship s boy with natural leadership abilities and a sense of fair play and humanity.

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    Mary Faber, a young guttersnipe living in eighteenth century London, cuts her hair, pulls on some pants, and signs up as a ship s boy on the HMS Dolphin On board, Jacky Faber soon acquires a reputation as a brave and fearless pirate fighter It s a grand adventure for both Mary, and the reader.Though much of the book is taken up with Mary s efforts to camouflage her femininity, AND her struggle to hide her feelings for another ship s boy, there s plenty of action and treachery to keep things interesting I m curious about the next chapter in Mary s life, so I plan to continue with this series.

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    This book is about as much fun as Harry Pottera coming of age story for a child with the odds stacked against her And yes, BONUS, the heroine is a girl I found it to be an engaging read with a novel setting and story line for me I m so happy I picked up on the series

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    3.5 stars It s easier bein a boy, cause when someone needs somethin done like holdin a horse, they ll always pick a boy cause they think the dumbest boy will be better at it than the brightest girl, which is stupid, but there you are I liked this book a fair bit, but there were a couple of ways in which it disappointed me As the quote above illustrates, there is a bit of commentary on the role of women during this time period The basic plot is quite liberating for Jacky she impersonates a boy and gets herself a job She s a sharp enough observer trained by her time on the streets of London to figure out how to pull it off without getting caught right away However, Jacky spends time than necessary, in my opinion, bawling and dripping snot Because apparently that s what girls do I don t know about you, but my mother was the reserved one of my parents You could make my dad cry fairly easily, but Mom was the Iron Lady I remember that she gave me hell for crying too much at her mother s funeral She believed in crying in private, on your own, not in public for all the neighbours to see The writing style, though somehow strangely appropriate for this tale, didn t really thrill me Perhaps that s because I am far older than the intended demographic for this series I found it a decent book and a relatively quick read, but I sincerely doubt that I ll be pursuing the series any further.

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    Excellent story I tend to like those gender bending characters in general, but Jacky was especially well done So many female action heroes tend to be modeled as boys in skirts ass kicking, bloodthirsty heroines out to prove they re not just some weakling girl Jacky is a girl She proves herself worthy in combat, but doesn t relish it She plays a boy because it will secure her food and freedom She challenges gender assumptions when her boyfriend wants to mold her into something she isn t Her little commentary on the lack of protection a dress affords is pretty cool She is bold and smart and thoughtful and resourceful She gets a bit weepy, but it seems justified and in character for the hardships she s suffered Further, I believe that women do outwardly express their emotions , so this was kind of a reaffirmation of her femaleness It s not the only way of being female and thus did still bug me a bit The criticism I thought I would have how can a girl escape notice as a girl was adequately addressed She s pre pubescent when she joins up and there really isn t much difference except in that one spot then and as she matures she does have to take extra precautions in how and where she dresses It required only a mild suspension of disbelief And the action was fun It s a quick read, no lulls but with breathing room view spoiler So, in many books and films and comics, a woman is raped or killed solely to further the main player s character development It is a fast solution to set up a hero s revenging rampage And it is a despicable, dehumanizing plot device that renders the always female victim into a prop In contrast, when Jacky is near raped it was not because she was a woman, she defended herself appropriately, and the men in the book recognized her his right to defend her himself Further, in her trial, when the Captain asks her if she s done anything to lead Sloat on, she says no, she d sought to avoid him page 176 in my copy This is reminiscent of a lot of rape trial victim blaming c mon, that short skirt, saucy walk, existence of breasts, you were asking for it , but she didn t blame herself and told it to them straight Brava Obviously, the author wasn t going to kill off the main character, but it seemed to me and maybe I m reading into it that this could have been handled a lot worse Instead of feeling like some cheap trick, the scene and the whole trial, imprisonment episode was about Jacky s own character development and it sent a strong, positive anti rape message hide spoiler

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    An extraordinary tale about a young girl who has everything and everyone taken from her and still unbelievably rises out of the ashes like a Phoenix to survive in a time of death and hopelessness A great, captivating story with a completely original cast of characters that show great bravery and wildly cunning wit throughout Mary Jack Jackie is a wonderfully imaginative and resourceful individual who I found to be extremely entertaining and couldn t wait to see what crazy thing she would do next It is a coming of age book with a twist that is listed as a YA, but for me it was just an exciting adventure that I did not want to end Katherine Kellgren has outstanding timing and is a perfect fit for Jackie s personality Her distinct character voices and consistent pace always bring a little something extra to the listen I highly recommend this to everyone who would like to take an exhilarating ride on the high seas.

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    I completely loved the first half of this book I loved Mary, I was totally enthralled by her experience on the streets of London and then on the ship and the whole thing was written in such a compelling voice that I really did not want to put it down.But then came the romance, which made Mary quite silly, and the book kind of lost me Don t get me wrong, I like romance, often even the dumb ones, but I felt like this particular romance really made Mary seem much less interesting and much whiny and or stereotypically female and felt pretty awkward, especially in comparison to the quality of the rest of the story.I ll likely read the next book in the series, but I m not nearly as excited about it as I was, and if it continues on this vein, it ll likely be the last one I read.

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    I love, love, LOVE all of the Bloody Jack books She does edge a little into Mary Sue territory at times, but not in typical ways for a female character She s kind of like an adolescent female version of Jack Ryan Patriot Games, etc.

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    Excellent story I love the style of writingI feel like I m right with them on the ship Can t wait to read the others