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The British Crown Has Placed A Price On Jacky S Head, And So She Returns To The Lawson Peabody School For Young Girls In Boston To Lay Low But Laying Low Isn T In The Cards For A Spunky Lass Who Finds Trouble Even When She S Not Looking For ItA School Outing Goes Awry As Jacky And Her Classmates Are Abducted And Forced Into The Hold Of The Bloodhound, A Ship Bound For The Slave Markets On The Barbary Coast All Of Jacky S Ingenuity, Determination, And Plain Old Good Luck Will Be Put To The Test As She Rallies Her Classmates To Fight Together To Avoid Being Sold On The Auction Block In This New Installment Of The Bloody Jack Adventures

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    All I can say for this book is that this is the most awesome book I ve ever read, and that I would give it a 7 star had it been possible, but alas it s not, so I ll have to be content with the 5 star which seems pitifully little now The book start of real fine, with Jacky going back to Boston, to all her dear friends, Amy, Annie, Slyvie, Rebecca, Peg, etc, etc, and they have a very happy and cheerful reunion Here s a quote Jesus, Mary and Joseph It s Jacky But of course, we mustn t forget about the high and mighty Miss Clarissa Worthington Howe of the Virginia Howes, with her prettiness and haughtiness, her incredibly accurate spit aim, her perfect teeth which has left a perfect semi cirlce mark upon Jacky s arm in their last fight, her band of haughty friends, which all had perfected the Look, by the way, and their pure hatred for dear Jacky Mary Faber, first start off as a Ship s Boy, to Midshipman, to Lieutenant and even Owner of her ship, the Emerald and command a crew of 20 or so However, Jacky has a problem AN ORDER TO ALL OF HIS MAJESTY S SHIPS A Warrant is hereby issued for the arrest and containment of one Jacky Faber, a Female, and her crew aboard a ship calling itself the Emerald, this ship having been taken unlawfully from His Majesty s Prize Court by said Female.She has in her possesion a Letter of Marque that was obtained under Fraudulent Circumstances and has been revoked by Order of The First Lord of the Admiralty She has been harrying ships in and about the Channel.She is to be considered a Dangerous Pyrate, and a reward is offered for her Capture Alive, Two Hundred and Fifty Pounds Sterling.Dead, One Hundred Pounds.Either she, or her Head, is to be delivered to the Admiralty for trial or disposition My God, how could there be a character so lively making a book so irresistibly interesting That and another wanted poster she soon found in the New World Publick NoticeHear ye, All ye Citizens of the Americas Desired by the Gov t of His Majesty, King George III of England, the Quick Apprehension of the Notorious PyrateJacky Fabera Female, Aged about 16 years, on Charges of Piracy on the High Seas, Theft of Royal Property, and Other High Crimes and Misdemeanors.The Miscreant is Distinguished by having an Anchor Tattoo on her Belly and a Pecuiarly White Left Eyebrow due to a Scar Beneath She is extremely Small and Slender, weighing Approx 90 Pounds, and has been known to Disguise her Person as a Boy by Donning Male Clothing So, to shorten things up, Jacky M Faber, former Lieutenant of His Majesty s Royal Navy is charged with Piracy and to be bring in Dead or Alive to the Admiralty either by British citizens or American citizens She managed to escape the hangman and his noose by hiding in her old school, the Lawson Peabody School for Young Girls, and all was peaceful, until a well schemed school trip which brought the doom to the unfortunate young ladies of the school.They were all brought aboard the Bloodhound, a slaver ship that bounds for North Africa where the crew will load off their cargo and be blessed with the money these cargoes fetch.That is, not if Jacky can help it Jacky intend to save herself and all her classmates, but it seems the rough conditions of the Hold of the ship, and the equally if not rougher rough relationship between the girls, seems to make her rescuing plans impossible Finally, the girls could put their head together, and work out a fine plan and were keen on breaking out of Hell, but the folks back in Boston seems to believe them dead

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    I know, I know. Everyone is probably gasping with shock and there may have been a few heart attacks This is the first Bloody Jack book that hasn t gotten a five from me It simply the lacked the excitement and action that I enjoyed in the previous three It also lacked male characters which is a must for a Jacky adventure as she normally flirts with and outdoes all the fellows in all she does. In this, the fourth installment of the Bloody Jack series, Jacky Faber has a price on her head and goes back to the Lawson Peabody School for Young Girls to hide A minor little picnic field trip goes totally wrong tho and 32 young ladies are abducted and thrown in the hold of the Bloodhound Their captors aim to sell the young ladies as slaves in North Africa Here s where the book started to drag The entire novel mostly takes place in the belly of the bloodhound The girls never leave the belly of the ship till the very last little bit The entire novel follows 32 girls, their spats, their crying, their bellyaching, their stories, and their hunger strike as they plan and plot their way out of the slave hold When I first read the summary of this book, I was thinking. Oh goody A ship full of young girls. I bet with Jacky on board, they take over and become pirates Not so I also feel the novel was made 150 pages longer than necessary by adding bedtime stories Jacky tells and recapping her previous tales I m quite disappointed in this one.

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    More adventure and dangerous situations for Jacky Faber Meyer continues to put his heroine in seemingly impossible situations to see her wriggle and plot her way back out I also enjoyed the twists this story takes that relate back to Jacky s days as Mary an orphan living in Cheapside This story also ends on a heartbreaking cliffhanger that had me running for the next installment

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    Another stellar contribution to the Bloody Jack series and a fabulous audiobook performance by Katherine Kellgren This is just pure entertainment Not that there isn t a good deal of history and thoughtfulness involved, but it s just one of the most compelling stories, with vivid characters brought to life not only through Meyer s deft storytelling but through Kellgren s fine acting If you want a synopsis of the story, you can read the publisher s blurb Personally, I loved diving right in without any preconceived notions of where the story was headed except that, of course, I ought to enjoy it I like this story so much, in part because Jacky is back on the high seas albeit as prisoner rather than sailor I also love how a bunch of girls join together in friendship and courage and attempt to overcome their weaker sex upbringing to become valiant and intelligent human beings in charge of their own destiny I docked one star due to the very frustrating inclusion of several storytelling sessions by Jacky I could see maybe one strategically selected and placed storytelling session to see her dramatic flare, but the repeated inclusion of them just dragged down the overarching story being told in THIS book and it almost seemed Meyer was just trying to make the book longer or stall in between action segments The book would have been better without those stories, even if it was shorter And apparently most of the stories are recaps from previous books which I haven t read yet so I could see that being even annoying for those who already know what happens in them Otherwise, this is all top notch storytelling and highly recommended.One caution This book is For ages 12 and up However, I really think parental guidance should be exercised for that age group I think it is really YA oriented Note that the story includes some violence, references to rape and attempted rape of various kinds, incest, and also the heartwrenching horrors of slave ships None of it is particularly graphic, but if you know what it s about, then it s not exactly pleasant to hear even in non overt language These account for a very little bit of the book, but even as an adult I winced when they came up and I know my twelve year old self would have been troubled I m looking forward to my next adventure with Jacky She is now one of my dearest storybook chums

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    This was definitely the darkest of the four books I have read so far, but still well written I once again read it in a day I thought the author did an excellent job of bring out multiple female personalities, in diverse ways I thought the relationship between Jacky and Clarissa played out very interestingly, it makes me wonder how it will be in a subsequent one I loved the part when Jacky explained the goddess Diana to Katy 391 Elspeth Goodwin s character also played out very interesting by the end, even though Jacky is fictional I respected how she dealt with her through the whole book I really started to enjoy Higgins character by this book, I found his detective work fascinating And I like the central role Jaimy played in the book Hughie s character made me cry a couple of times the only thing I cried about but he was still very pivotal to the plot I would recommend all four books Even though the book ended without closure like all the Bloody Jack books the ending didn t make me need to buy the hard copy version of the fifth book, since the fifth title is Mississippi Jack, I ll be able to wait until paperback comes out.

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    Read by Katherine Kellgren And she is an awesome narrator just sayin Had to give this Odyssey Award Honor Winner a chance and I m glad I did I m a huge fan of listening to audiobooks involving accents and I got an earful with this young adult title English, Irish, Cheapside, posh, and, of course, pirate Yay This is actually the 4th book in the Bloody Jack Adventure series Bloody Jack, The Curse of the Blue Tattoo, Under the Jolly Roger , but I didn t read the books after Bloody Jack In this book, Jacky must return to the Lawson Peabody School for Young Girls in Boston to hide because she is wanted by the British for being piracy So, like a good girl, she resorts to lessons and being a lady But a class trip excursion turns into a nightmare when the girls are kidnapped by a slaver to be sold in North Africa to sultans Jacky s pirate experience helps her and her schoolmates as they fight to survive in the belly of the ship Of course, they escape, but a surprise ending means that Jacky s fate isn t quite so rosy as that of her classmates And, dang it, now I have to read the next book in the series to figure out what happens

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    I listened to In The Belly Of The Bloodhound by L.A Meyer because I might as well be obsessed with Jacky Faber.

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    2010 Odyssey HonorThis was the best Bloody Jack installment so far Quite adventurous and not at all annoying.

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    Audiobook version Adventure on the high seas, Girl Power in a time when girls were viewed as helpless creatures, and so much makes this book as good as the rest of the series Not for young children, but for grown ups, this book is just plain fun The narrator takes an excellent story and adds her skill to bring it to a level where I have the book running in the background of my life from the time I wake up until it is finished.As a side note, I LOVE how the author took other books and tied them into this one, i.e Moby Dick and Oliver Twist Seeking out these little blurbs makes it fun, in my opinion.it shows the author was having fun writing the series too

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    Absolutely splendid The progress to the climax appeared gradual than in the first three books but did not remove the excitement from the escape My heart was pounding so hard that I was feeling short of breath It did end as I expected but how else to continue the story I mean, there ARE 3 books in this series, right