download Best 7000 Years of Jewelry: An International History and Illustrated Survey from the Collections of the British Museum By Hugh Tait –

Not a lot of info, but the photos are pretty The New York Times Book Review Said Of This Book, It Is A Mind Boggling Feat, This Survey Of , Years Of Glittering Memorabilia Of Lost Empires, Royal Egos, Superstition And Sentiment This Comprehensive Volume Is One Of The Best And Most Beautifully Illustrated Histories Of Jewelry Available Illustrations, In Full Color So many words, so little info Took me several tries and then a concerted effort to finish it Extremely dry, poorly organized I understand that it s the museum s collection, but it seems like they ought to have just subtitled it western history than have a few vague throw ins about other continents and portray it as comprehensive.Some beautiful photographs, but an astounding number in black and white, which given that they re owned seems like they could have been portrayed in color Especially since they were printed on color pages, not like the black and white photos in a book as opposed to the tipped in color pages. A really beautiful and comprehensive book There is a lot of silver and enamel work and carved gemstones, as well as gold items. So far this book is quite interesting, the pictures are superb however it is fairly dry reading I am enjoying it slowly. history of jewelry