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Billy Winston’s family is going to see him happy and in love if it’s the last thing they doNo one deserves a happily ever after quite as much as the second oldest Winston brother and his lady love Claire McClure aka Scarlet St Claire Cruelty and circumstance tore them apart almost twenty years ago Secrecy and bitterness kept them separatedBut you know who's tired of their separation and stubbornness? Everyone Especially Billy Winston’s family And now they're going to do something about itWell meaning interference means the star crossed lovers can’t stop tripping over each other in the hills of Tuscany the catacombs of Rome and the waterways of Venice Billy and Claire find themselves thrown together and at the mercy of the Winston siblings’ shenanigansBut will their forced proximity bring them together? Or push them even further apart?This second chance romance brings back the entire Winston gang playing cupid in one last story of love hi jinks and family collusion BEARD NECESSITIES is a full length contemporary romantic comedy and can be read as a stand alone but it’s probably best read after books 05 2 3 5 and 6 of the Winston Brothers series

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