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I didn t think I would like this book as much as I did so I m very pleasantly surprised I requested it on NetGalley because it sounded intriguing and now, I m so glad that I did Historical fiction is a genre I have sort of shied away from in the past because I wasn t a big fan of history in school but I thought this was wonderful and the kind of book I would like to read on a regular basis Actually thinking about it, the few historical fiction books I have read Salt To The Sea, All The Light We Cannot See, Sarah s Key this one were all solid favourites of mine I must go find some books like these fabulous ones Back to this book I REALLY liked it The strongest element to this book was definitely Victoria herself Daisy Goodwin portrayed Victoria in such an enthralling way She was likeable, she was smart, she was funny, she was independent, she was caring, she was brave, she was kind, she was capable, she was thoughtful, she felt authentic and she refused to let people treat her differently because of her gender her age her height her marital status and they certainly did try Victoria also had bad qualities she was stubborn and quite na ve and foolish at times but she was young and those things made her feel real to me anyway Victoria wasn t the only great character, so many other characters were fleshed out and they all felt three dimensional in a subtle way as to not take the spotlight off of Victoria The relationships in the book were also great There were a few great dynamics Victoria her mother, Victoria and Prime Minister Melbourne, Victoria and Lehzen, Victoria s mother Sir John Conroy, Albert Ernst, and to a lesser extent, Victoria and Albert My favourite dynamic was the one between Victoria and her mother It was so complicated and I found parts of it very relatable Everything between the two women felt so palpable the resentment, the yearning, the desperation and it was just so good I liked the actual story too It follows Victoria for the first year and a bit ish after she becomes queen Not only is this a coming of age story but a story about a young queen I thought the pacing was very well done apart from the end I felt like the end was a bit rushed There wasn t enough between Albert and Victoria for me What I would love was if this turned into a book series because I want to find out what happens next I don t know if that s even on the table but I would love to read a few books about Daisy Goodwin s Victoria because I love how she did this book and I really liked her writing Her writing was simple yet parts of it were actually very beautiful and I wish I highlighted parts Sometimes authors try too hard to make their writing sound very complicated but Daisy Goodwin didn t do that I m excited to watch the new Victoria show that Goodwin did too I would recommend this to everyone and I would definitely read something else by Daisy Goodwin I received a free copy from NetGalley in exchange for an honest review I was not aware you were fighting a war, ma am That is because you are not a young woman, Duke, and no one, I suspect, tells you what to do But I have to prove my worth every single day, and I cannot do it alone Their heads were close together, the Duchess s face tilted towards Conroy like a sunflower facing the sun. 3.5 stars Well, this was just pure reading pleasure More historical romance than historical fiction, Victoria swirls around the early days of the English monarch s reign, her struggles for independence and her attachment to Prime Minister, Lord Melbourne that sparked many rumours Although there were times that I wavered in liking the depiction of Victoria as an angst ridden teenager with a crush on a much older man, I lapped it all up Like other reviewers, I would have liked an author s note to explain certain writing decisions in the book. They Think I Am Still A Little Girl Who Is Not Capable Of Being A Queen Lord Melbourne Turned To Look At Victoria They Are Mistaken I Have Not Known You Long, But I Observe In You A Natural Dignity That Cannot Be Learnt To Me, Ma Am, You Are Every Inch A Queen In , Less Than A Month After Her Eighteenth Birthday, Alexandrina Victoria Sheltered, Small In Stature, And Female Became Queen Of Great Britain And Ireland Many Thought It Was Preposterous Alexandrina Drina To Her Family Had Always Been Tightly Controlled By Her Mother And Her Household, And Was Surely Too Unprepossessing To Hold The Throne Yet From The Moment William IV Died, The Young Queen Startled Everyone Abandoning Her Hated First Name In Favor Of Victoria Insisting, For The First Time In Her Life, On Sleeping In A Room Apart From Her Mother Resolute About Meeting With Her Ministers AloneOne Of Those Ministers, Lord Melbourne, Became Victoria S Private Secretary Perhaps He Might Have Become Than That, Except Everyone Argued She Was Destined To Marry Her Cousin, Prince Albert Of Saxe Coburg And Gotha But Victoria Had Met Albert As A Child And Found Him Stiff And Critical Surely The Last Man She Would Want For A HusbandDrawing On Victoria S Diaries As Well As Her Own Brilliant Gifts For History And Drama, Daisy Goodwin, Author Of The Bestselling Novels The American Heiress And The Fortune Hunter As Well As Creator And Writer Of The New PBS Masterpiece Drama Victoria, Brings The Young Queen Even Richly To Life In This Magnificent Novel Thank you to Headline Review and NetGalley for providing a copy of this book for me to review Victoria is a novelisation of Queen Victoria s ascension to the British throne in 1837 What you may or may not know, however, is that the author of this book is also the writer and creator of the ITV series also titled Victoria that coincides with it I actually watched season 1 of the show first before reading the novel, so it s extremely difficult for me not to compare the two and to be honest, I much prefer the show to the novel That s not to say it s a bad book, because it s not It just lacked a few of the things that I adored from the show and even if I never watched the show, I still feel as though I would have the same issues with the book So here is what I will tell you if you don t want to know anything about the show or the book s plot and don t already know the history of Queen Victoria, then perhaps don t read on The novel only reaches the point of Victoria s engagement, whereas the show continues farther than that until the birth of her first child This, combined with the fact that Prince Albert only enters the novel 80% of the way through, was my main issue If you re a massive romance fan like I am, then you ll probably be reading this wondering when the HECK Albert is finally going to show up and woo you and this is exactly what happened I was waiting and waiting and waiting and then it only leads up until their engagement ARE YOU KIDDING ME THEIR RELATIONSHIP IS LITERALLY WHAT I M HERE FOR Don t get me wrong, the first 80% of the novel is still important, as it follows Victoria s ascension and relationship with Lord Melbourne, but it dragged on for far too long and, in my opinion, should have only taken up 40 50% of the novel MAX, and the rest to be focussed on Victoria and Albert, their relationship, and how they rule together and start a family I would be fine with the novel how it is if it were the first in a series, but Daisy Goodwin has stated that her next novel will follow an entirely different main character and it will take place after Prince Albert dies SO THE WHOLE REASON I WANTED TO READ THESE BOOKS IS COMPLETELY OUT OF THE PICTURE WHAT THE HECK I did love seeing Victoria ruling by herself, standing up to all of her enemies and coming into her own, but Albert was such a HUGE part of her life and I really, REALLY wanted to read about them together, so I was super disappointed In terms of the content, it s pretty historically accurate for the amount of information available and Daisy Goodwin relied on a hefty biography of Victoria s life so she knew what she was talking about, even if some aspects were embellished for the sake of TV drama So yes, I recommend this book if you want to know about the Queen s early reigning years, but I don t recommend it if you re purely here for her and Prince Albert s relationship I would definitely recommend the TV show over the novel in any case The acting is superb, the costumes and settings were incredible and PRINCE ALBERT IS IN MORE THAN HALF OF IT, SO THERE S THAT He comes in at the end of episode 3 and there s 8 episodes in total in the first season, so get on that Overall I gave it a 3 out of 5 stars I absolutely loved this book The attention to detail, the character development, the overall splendid writing and Drammatic plot earned a 4 4.5 star rating Not only is it spot on factually, the writing is just simply great Who would have thought that a royal would be raised under such strict conditions I mean, having to hold one s hand anytime you go down the stairs Can we say paranoid much I am German, and absolutely loved hated The depiction of Victoria s strict German mother in this I felt like I was actually reading someone s diary at certain points in this novel I wasn t as interested in this specific monarch largely due to the lack of drama compared to her predecessors Plantagenets, Tudors, Stuarts , however I walked away feeling like I really learned quite a bit and gained much of an interest in this era I read this novel before the miniseries came out and I am thankful for it as I have a better understanding of the events that are not necessarily as broken down and explained when converted to the silver screen I had never read a book by Goodwin before and see that she has several published prior to this one and will be going out and picking them up as she has just gained a new fan Well, that was all fluff and nonsense that went on waaaaaaaaaaaaaaay too long The Lord Melbourne romance was not appreciated by this reader, especially without an author s note with reasons why that was written into the story and if it had any basis in historical fact. Jar Pick 2 I did something that I don t usually do I watched the tv show before I read the book I know SHAME but I didn t know there was a book until I was halfway through the show Victoria is about the early years of Queen Victoria s reign It spans from her 18 birthday until she proposes to Prince Albert Queen Victoria is one of the most consequential monarchs in history but in the early days it was rough She was only 18 when she claimed the Throne, she had a German mother Germans weren t very popular with the English , was unmarried, and for some reason the fact that she was short seemed to be a problem No one thought much of her Everyone around wanted to control her and bend her to their will Victoria is fiction and since I know very little about her, I don t know how much of the story is true Daisy Goodwin the author and creator of the tv show paints a captivating and beautiful story of a young woman trying to find her way in the world.while being the most powerful woman in the world If you love the Masterpiece Theatre show than you will love this book If you love sweeping and lavish Historical Fiction then you will love this book A Must Read. shamelessly putting this on my tbr list, as a history student I have sinnedEDIT I d say it was pretty much exactly like the show, minus the downstairs subplot and the fact that view spoiler it ended with the proposal hide spoiler A coming of age story But with crown jewels.Princess Alexandrina Victoria, or Drina as her family calls her, knows that she will be queen one day A complicated line of succession has cleared her path to the throne but she can only hope her ailing uncle, the current king, holds on until her eighteenth birthday Because like many teenagers, this princess is looking to get away from her overprotective mother.When she s crowned she takes on a new name, Victoria, and finally gets her own bedroom She pulls away from her mother and her mother s power hungry personal companion and instead leans heavily on her prime minister, the charming but scandal ridden Lord Melbourne Victoria s relationship with the man she affectionately dubs Lord M grows from a student teacher dynamic into a friendship and then into something There s a lot of pressure on the Queen to find a husband and settle into a family The thinking of the time was that young women were prone to a serious medical condition known as hysteria marriage and motherhood were the only known cure But even being the monarch of a great empire does not mean a young woman can marry just anyone The powers that be have decided it s her destiny to marry her cousin gag Prince Albert Too bad Victoria finds Albert bland and uninspiring.Historical fiction isn t my favorite genre, but this book focused a bit on romance and family drama than it did on history The timeline of the book centers on the two years between Queen Victoria s coronation and her engagement, and not a great deal happens of historical significance in that window I certainly did not feel transported back to the early nineteenth century while reading this It was pretty light on period details I wouldn t say I loved this book, but it was nice enough to read The writing is just ok, and it did have a bit of a YA feel to it My 4 star rating is a lack of finding anything wrong with this book as opposed to finding much right So even though this was a bit of a lightweight for me, my interest is piqued, and I m excited to watch the show when it airs on PBS.I received a copy of this book courtesy of the publisher and NetGalley. Victoria by Daisy Goodwin is a 2016 St Martin s Press publication This is a light and easy spin on Queen Victoria s first days as the Queen, being at the ripe old age of eighteen This fictional version of events reads like a historical romance than a work of historical fiction As the sheltered Victoria tests the waters of her new found freedom and power, she often clashes with her mother and others who attempt to gain influence over her or advise her The Queen holds resentment in her heart for a long time, is often petulant and stubborn, and in some cases manipulative She is lucky to have found Lord Melbourne, who became her secretary, and could handle her in a way no one else seemed capable of She loved him as a father figure, respected him as a friend, but soon developed deeper feelings for him Theirs was a tumultuous association at times, but was one of deep affection and loyalty Lord M was her most trusted ally and did a great service to Victoria all the way up until her marriage to Albert This relationship dominates much of the book It was interesting to see how that relationship developed and changed over time The drama and intrigue at court is also very compelling, and although Victoria behaved like a spoiled child on many occasions and seemed to go through the motions of being a Queen, not taking her responsibilities beyond mere duty, she did have the courage to stand up to people she knew were attempting to handle her or sway her decisions, although she made some awful mistakes along the way Victoria s initial encounters with Albert are funny and their romance got off to a very rocky start, but I absolutely loved the banter between them and Albert was most assuredly a positive influence on the young queen, who benefited from this challenging person in her life because he was than just a yes man By the same token, Victoria was the perfect woman for the extremely serious Albert, who never smiled I enjoyed reading about Victoria s life prior to her marriage She was only a teenager and rebelled like most normal teens do, especially those who are overprotected This led to plenty of machinations and drama, and was on occasion, pretty suspenseful This is an interesting approach to historical fiction, and to Victoria s early life, but the quick pacing and sharp dialogue, kept me turning pages and completely engaged in the story Overall, this is not exactly what I was expecting from this book, but I ended up liking it a lot and was glad the book took a buoyant tone, instead of a heavier one, which is what I was expecting, and is a fresh look at Victoria s life before Albert and the way she finally accepted Albert as her husband 4 stars